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  1. Not only YES, but hell YES. Good post and assessment. But its all just words. Much more impact if it ended with "Please accept my resignation as a member effective immediately." Talk is cheap. Walk the talk. After USS supported the vote to not include a multihull discipline in the Olympics, I and many others walked away with our dues until the Nacra 17 class was introduced and new leadership had taken over at USS. My membership will not be renewed unless USS makes a stronger statement and I've communicated that to their office. It's sad that they are complicit in this issue since the chairperson of the sub-committee is a USS official. They knew. Sometimes there is value from speaking as a member...there is always time and opportunity to resign, I just did not feel that it was necessary at that time and wanted my message to stand on it's own. Seductress, yes you are free to quote it in part or the whole if you wish. Thank you.
  2. As US Sailings letter from President Bruce Burton has already been posted here, I have decided to share my response to him. It is my opinion, not necessarily right or wrong, but valid as mine: Dear Mr. Burton: Your limpid commentary and ​modest protestations about Malaysia's transgressions, coupled with your ​assertion that "we will not discourage any sailor on the US Sailing Youth World Championship Team from competing..."​, exemplifies an ethical and moral malaise that is ​both wrong and all too prevalent in today's world. A country, a people,was targeted for religious, territorial, and political effect; ​That is wrong, no matter whether Jewish, Christian, or Muslim. ​You try to equivocate and state that "US Sailing feels strongly that sports and politics should not mix​"​, but once Malaysia brought politics to the table, action was required. The ​insufficiency of ​your response, or ​your ​provision of ​mild rhetoric at the most, is an embarrassment to you, the Board of Directors, and to US Sailing. ​And to me as a member​. You ​go on to ask if World Sailing reacted appropriately, once the situation developed. It is apparent to me that this situation has been a known issue for ​ more than 2 months, so the answer clearly is NO. Note the following from Sail-World: "From information obtained by Sail-World it is clear that the ISAF/World Sailing had been aware of the Israeli visa situation for three months at least and had been trying to resolve the impasse between the conflict with the Malaysian Sailing Association, the Malaysian Government and satisfy the requirements of the World Sailing Youth Championship which allowed open entry to all countries, including Israel...In mid-October, the request for entry was made by the Malaysian Sailing Association to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a government body charged with the issuing of entry visas. The request for the visa for the Israelis was rejected two weeks later, on November 5 by the Malaysian Government on security grounds...A further meeting took place on November 30, but with the same outcome as the November 5 meeting – Visas were refused for the Israeli Youth Team on security grounds...The matter was then escalated to the Malaysian Cabinet..." This information demonstrates that World Sailing was aware of the issue for months, but most importantly, it demonstrates that US Sailing has ​also ​been aware​ and had time to discuss and formulate a plan​. As a leading sailing organization in the USA, your actions count, and these actions show that you chose to ​give this a pass ​instead of rising to stand for what is right in this world: US Sailing chose to hide behind bland blathering ​and simply ​denounce policies ​while also making excuses by stating "The problem is that many of the regatta venues were determined years ago". Well, that's the way it works, but it does not mitigate what transpired. ​The United States has historically been a world leader in matters of freedom, human rights, and ​at it's finest, has acted with moral character. Some people feel that we are slipping. You evidence it. US Sailing needs to change stance, accept a position of meaningful leadership that moves it's head from the self-serving sand, and views and interacts with the world as it is today; develop a backbone. Sincerely...