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  1. Hi Ben, can you give us an idea behind why the single wheel setup? Given it's an evolution of the first boat, the focus on lightweight (inc carbon dunny), alternative propulsion etc in the build, I'd have thought not having twin wheels would be a step back performance wise? The cockpit does look comfortable though. (My own 9.3 has only one wheel, which is centred, I like the ability to look over the cabintop.). Nice boom furling idea too. Congratulations on a great looking boat.
  2. Lion: yes, I agree with much of your points when you put it like that. The tri lineage is less, I would place some value in the previous cat success, and hope this transposes across. If the secondhand value is equal that's a bonus also. I've never bought a Gunboat, and probably will never have the funds or aspirations to do so, but I think the experience would be different to getting one of these tris built, and for that, I think is were comparing the experiences ends. Anyone that does put their hand up, is going to accept it's the first of kind, and be prepared to help work out any issues, but I doubt they'd be doing it without designer support. I have met JS on a few occasions now, and he has personally helped me out of a sticky situation with my own boat, more than you would expect many designers to do. I for one am glad there's another alternative school of thought, it adds to the melting pot.
  3. ^^^ I doubt many Schionning owners would classify themselves as 'unfortunate guinea pigs" who have blindly forked out millions. If anything, I think this shows a lack of understanding how the Schionnings operate. Firstly you normally have to build their boats, or commission one to be built at the least, rarely would I picture someone simply forking out a wad of cash to someone like Noosa Marine and waiting 12 months without being involved in the build. Rather, you will immediately be starting a direct relationship with Jeff, whether you like it or not, so there would be little "blind' going on especially on the first of a new design. As to this design, many of the above answers are available in the link given, if people were interested enough to check first. And yes I have put my money where my mouth is. I purchased a small schionning cat secondhand, which provided a comfortable boat for family sailing, with daggerboards, pointing ability reasonable accommodation. rant over.
  4. When I first joined SA a few years ago, and found the likes of IF and TC, were on here I was pretty surprised. I think the SA community is better for you both to be accessible and posting here. I'd never be able to design or build a boat, and have great respect for those who can. As a multi owner, I've picked up some good information over the years from some of the combined SA wisdom. This isn't right thread to ask it, but I agree with the above. It would be great to get more opportunity to learn about design aspects, construction ideas etc, without it denigrating into any of the dances weve all been to before...and if possible without the trifecta mentioned and the other f word (foiling) The mono threads get some good discussion going with the likes of Bob Perry. If you could just get a dinner table with the above, plus Lock Crowther, and Malcom Tennant...
  5. sorry Veeger, I checked the MC site, and went straight to the MC 30 (as I have a 30ft cat) The 30 has a bridle to each side as described, the 38 is conventional. It just places the furler up much higher and cuts down on sail area available as far as I can see.
  6. interesting boat, but why run the furler to a bridle, instead of attaching to the forbeam?
  7. Slartibartfast is still a great boat name.
  8. Perthmini, the boat looks great. I have a mini 40 as well, have you got any specs or dimensions for the foils you ended up with, as I'd like to have a go converting mine if it's not too much drama. The only drawback I can see is that the main hull centerboard is currently glued in between the 2 hull halves ( I used glassed over styrene foam construction)
  9. sailingkid I've just ordered one as well. Maybe a regatta at deakin one month?
  10. congratulations on seeing it through so far, I hope you new get spurred on to take it further.
  11. I've followed this thread since before it became solely the domain of the DL boat, and refrained from any comment. I want the boat to work, for Doug, and as a means of silencing the critics for a while. Everytime there's a new post, I'm expecting it to be to announce it's launch. As an outsider, it looks pretty much ready to go. Do it.
  12. boat #226? so 226 hulls and /or plan sets/or sold deposits in the system sold up to the date of your order? sheeet, that's not a bad start.
  13. I think a prospective factory built F-boat customer has to be pretty patient, it goes without saying. Surely Ian when boat one is launched you'd want to have some well deserved time off and do some test sailing for a week at least? I'm continually amazed by the level of perfection strived for achieved, but at some stage don't you just feel like easing the grip on the reins a little, getting maybe 3 or 4 more bods in to help crank things up and start to appease the rapidly growing cash waving masses? Jeeze, if I could speak Kiwi, I'd consider shifting to the land of the long white cloud to help out.
  14. Krylon seems harder to source in Aus. Local auto paint supplier had some plastic Acrylic primer that I am ássured'' will stick ok and matt black acrylic spray can for the black out. Sorry to hear of your soup Ishmael, thats what we all hope to avoid.
  15. gotto love window threads..the more I get it figured out the harder it seems to get. Ok, 6mm tinted acrylic windows are cut, 3M 4991 foam tape to secure them in, and 3 tubes of Dow Corning 791 sealant on order to seal the edges, along with the recommended primer just to be sure. Final hurdle, what paint do you use for give a black out so you dont' see the tape/sealant combination? If all of the above actually stuck the window in, I'd hate for the paint to acylic bond be the weak link. Somewhere I may have read to use exhaust paint, but could be wrong? (windows are around 700mm x 500mm, onto matt black painted window shadow.)