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  1. Stiletto

    NYYC Invitational IC37

    I enjoyed the video and off the cuff commentary by Andy - livened up what could have been a very dry & redundant commentary of a yacht race. While I laugh at the no hiking, and the quickness of the class to reduce sail - I appreciate that it levels the playing field and extends the longevity / protection of the fleet. If anything - it puts more empahsis on crew work, tactics and execution and keeps the fleet even more together and more interesting to watch on screen than if a few boats trail due to poor sail selection. Looking forward to more of it!
  2. Stiletto

    Suggestions for activities in Newport RI

    NYYC Annual Regatta is the following weekend. NYYC Leukemia Cup is on the Saturday June 8th so perhaps you can dig around here for a ride or at IYAC the night before if you are looking to go racing.
  3. Sounds like you like rolling the dice on permits so why not make it a homemade trailer like this guy... you could probably find a shady beatup truck for under the cost of renting and feed it oil the entire way north then donate it for the tax writeoff...
  4. Stiletto

    holy christ!

    Not sure - the one I witnessed was early season and not sure it was a full blown regatta. Do seem to remmember the pollen bursting off the trees though. Strange things always happened wit the wind at the high altitudes and the mountains surrounding the lakes.
  5. Stiletto

    holy christ!

    Had one of these roll through when sailing in a J22 on Carter Lake (in Northern Colorado) in 2000 or 2001. We were lucky to be able to get our sails down (roughly) and it ended before we were blown onto the beach. There was another boat that was not so lucky and had one or two crew go overboard. Luckily they had their life jackets on as mountain lake water is very cold!
  6. I hear your pain, but it also depends upon how many pickle dishes the RC has to hand out and also considerations to perpetual trophies. If you have one class - it is what it is. If you have multiple classes and they award a single perpetual trophy to the largest or most "competitive" class or by some abstract determination by the RC - then you are in another un happy situation. Agree that wide PHRF splits always suck - especially as the breeze craps out when you are in the back or a loser puff comes in when you are out in front and cannot see your competition.
  7. Stiletto

    Daysail in Bermuda

    If you have not figured it out already - plenty of boats look for crew for the RBYC Anniversary regatta held on Friday - just head down to the club and look at the notice board - usually you will see a few posts / contacts there. Good luck!
  8. Stiletto

    Rules Question...

    You should have yelled protest and thrown the flag, but in the future perhaps you may need to defend your position earlier. One potential scenario is that you waited to come up until he had an overlap, as you felt that if you came up earlier he would give you the hook and reverse the roles. You had all the rights to take him to the moon, and hopefully would have been close enough to convince him of such else prove your point in the protest room. I see it all too often that while the leeward boat desires the windward boat to head up, the windward boat feels they have plenty of room and opportunity to do so and is waiting for the leeward to prove their verbal point before doing so and taking advantage of the situation as you describe.
  9. Stiletto

    Older well known IOR Boats

    From my knowledge it is a sistership to IMP. I believe it previously was called "Secret Affair" and was raced in the Great Lakes. It was not "Midnight Sun" which was also raced in LIS.
  10. Stiletto

    Older well known IOR Boats

    Hotspur - IOR Holland 40 still racing on Long Island Sound