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  1. You have to understand. If Hillary the crook, and Obama, the illegal alien rapist, gun runner hadn't caused all this mess, there would be no legal bills!
  2. The lettuce on that plate should have at least been rinsed. Personally, I would prefer to not have a slab of outer leaf lettuce on my plate. I'd much rather have a spinach salad with mushrooms, artichoke hearts, and maybe just a bit of bacon, on the side, with a simple red wine vinaigrette....
  3. Fucking Carson looks like he's feeling for a pulse.... And Cruz is checking to make sure his wallet is still there. What a cast of morons.....
  4. I would have called him Uncle Ben.... Just sayin'..... There's a kind of person that some people call "Apples"..... There's another kind of person, some people call "Oreos"..... There's a reason for that.
  5. Bring in tourists with wads of cash, diamond rings, gold earrings..... There's gonna be crime. Live with the locals, wearing a $5 Timex, and a pair of worn (but still respectable) cargo shorts, and unless you go looking for trouble, you should be fine.
  6. I thought Kobe had to come from Japan......
  7. PR won't get as much help as TX. They have no voice. What is likely to happen is that as the place continues to decay, and real estate prices tank, resort consortiums will buy up the prime space, and clear it all out, set up employee housing in the less valuable areas, and turn PR into a giant fantasy island, all inclusive resort, with several distinct flavors. Gambling, Family, Swingers, barefoot cruisers, and geriatrics. It will be served by American Airlines, BA, and Condor. In general it will become what Haiti was in the early 1980s. Very dangerous to wander outside the gates, stay in and get your culture here in Alabbostjerseyfornia. Like McDonalds, it'll be thesame everywhere you go, guaranteed.
  8. Thnx Austin. I found several local places that are raising Wagyu, Not sure how they're working out. My across the road neighbor has Brahmin/Angus cross, and they are wandering, butt headed fools. The calves are cute as buttons, but don't stay that way for long.
  9. That damned tax exempt NFL.... Why..... They ought to have their taxes cut!!!! Sons of bitches!
  10. JMHO, but maybe it's the camera exposure...... That looks more like "well done", than "medium rare" to me.... Paired w/ a S.African red......... What's the wine like? Never heard of it.
  11. And what exactly does that mean? LeBron is mad at Curry? LeBron is mad at Dotard? LeBron is mad at someone else?
  12. Would they handle a North Florida climate? Round here seems most beef cattle are Black, or Red Angus.
  13. When GM bought 50% of Saab in 89, it was a steady down hill roll. I think somebody is reintroducing the brand sometime soon, and it'll be interesting to see if the quality returns. Old 95s and 96s are all over the place up north. I drove a Saab Sonet once.... Fun little car, but it left a patch of rust where ever it was parked.... The fiberglass body hid a very soft steel chassis.
  14. A thick bottomed cast iron skillet (Lodge or sim) seasoned, is essentially non-stick. When I sear meat inside, that's what I use, on the wok burner in the middle of the cook top. Tremendous heat, and a wide flame pattern, so the center isn't scorched, while the outside is merely hot..... With a couple of glorks of olive oil, or a gob of butter. Smoky, but it gets the job done. I by far prefer cooking most meat over hardwood charcoal, outside.