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  1. Mrleft8

    Failure of leadership

    I'm just waiting for April when it warms up, and this thing just...... Miraculously..... Disappears! (It's been over 90F for the last 5 days.)
  2. Mrleft8

    Why Liberals Are Wrong About Trump

    Mostly they are, yes.....
  3. Mrleft8

    Who would be worse?

    Twain country? Born in Missouri, died in Connecticut...... Mississippi was only a place he passed through while working for a short while. His house in Hartford, CT. was actually quite amusing in many respects. A window directly above the fire place was one thing, so that he could watch the flames in the fireplace while watching the snow falling outside at the same time...
  4. Mrleft8

    I think I found the critical mass of stupid

    I think I found the critical mass of stupid Joker, BravoX2, JZK?.....
  5. Mrleft8

    Who will plant the crops?

    Needs fairly fertile soil though.
  6. Mrleft8

    Who will plant the crops?

    You might want to look into flax. The pluses, aside from pretty flowers, are that you can make your own linen dinner jacket, press the seeds and make linseed oil, and with a bit of burlap you can make your own seamless linoleum kitchen floor!
  7. Mrleft8

    COVID 45: Picture's Worth 1000 Rolls of TP

    WTF was the car "camouflaged" as A pedestrian crosswalk?
  8. Mrleft8

    COVID 45: Picture's Worth 1000 Rolls of TP

    You're supposed to have the canoe on your shoulders, not your head!
  9. This money the people who complained about Obama's policy deserve the money! they earned it the hard way! they voted for it! (And praise the lord, they'll do it again, because Trump has been so good to them!)
  10. Mrleft8

    Work Bench for the Man Cave....

    Drawers are serious dust collectors, and when enough dust accumulates, you can't see anything underneath what ever's on top. Eventually you need to pull everything you can see out, then dump the drawer on the bench top and sift through it for those precious little silver plated Brusso butt hinges that you didn't use on some project 7 years ago... Drawers belong in a wall mounted unit away from any serious dust making machines. (Preferably about waist high)
  11. Mrleft8

    Work Bench for the Man Cave....

    That is one ugly fuckin' rough, and weak bench! Good thing the model is attractive, other than that, this video has nothing to offer.
  12. Mrleft8

    Work Bench for the Man Cave....

    I like a bench made of two pieces of 1/2" Birch (or whatever fine grained wood is available) with a grid of 1/2" pine sandwiched between, then edge banded with 3/4"X1 1/2" pine The corners should be blocked with solid 1/2 stock too so mounting vises is sturdy. I put this sandwich on top of trestle style end supports with lengthwise stretchers (4) top and 1/3 the way down the trestle legs. You could make your top 2' wide (+-) and only use one sheet of ply. I also like it to be at 1/8" lower than my tablesaw top, so it can be used as an outfeed table. Make sure you leave a foot or so of overhang on the ends, and a few inches on the sides/ Prefinish both sides of the top with shellac, or other hard finish and sand smooth. Mounting a multi outlet power strip under the top make plugging in portable tools easy, and you're not tripping over extension cords all the time. Mine is 4X8', because I use it as a layout and assembly table too.
  13. Mrleft8

    COVID 45: Picture's Worth 1000 Rolls of TP

    Funny..... I've seen plenty of Moose, and plenty of Bison, and I've always thought of the Moose as being significantly larger..... Maybe because of the long legs, and the huge rack the males often have.
  14. Mrleft8

    Who will plant the crops?

    It can't take even the slightest hint of frost. Like it starts dying at 36F...
  15. Mrleft8

    Who will plant the crops?

    It's an excellent cover crop. Good food for the bees. and very good "green manure" for the trees I hope to plant there in November. For some unknown reason (bad seed I'm guessing) the crop of pacific gold mustard I planted in that field in December never germinated, so I had a weed patch that needed to be completely re-disced, roto-tilled, raked, seeded, then screen dragged..... And it was 86-90f each day and very dusty.