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  1. Mrleft8

    Promised Tax Cut - Nope

    Gosh................. Imagine that!?
  2. Mrleft8

    Speaking of Kashoggi

    Kushner in jail....... Heh..... That baby face might just be a damned curse for a few years..... I probably use more razor blades in a month than he's used in his entire life.... Unless he shaves his pubes, and legs too.
  3. Mrleft8

    Twitterer in Chief

    I wouldn't play poker with that guy's 5th cousin twice removed. A cheat's a cheat, and they don't get rich by losing.
  4. Mrleft8

    Speaking of Kashoggi

    Speaking of assholes....
  5. Mrleft8

    classic movies

  6. Mrleft8

    Roy Clark DTS

    Yep............... Ol' Roy was a good'un.... Actually had talent, a sense of humor, and a true passion for entertaining....
  7. Mrleft8

    US could lose a war with China

    In a New York minute.
  8. Mrleft8

    Florida Recount 2018

    Becuz I caint spel no bettuh.
  9. Mrleft8

    Keep America Great 2020

    I'll do it for 4 years, as long as I don't have to do the campaign circus thing. The job it's self would be a ball, apparently, but that constant talking, and flying, and driving...... Nah..... You want me, put me in office w/o the circus.
  10. Mrleft8

    Florida Recount 2018

    Sometimes tear stained.
  11. Mrleft8

    Woodward gets it

    Jack doesn't know Jack.
  12. Mrleft8

    Twitterer in Chief

    He does, doesn't he? (Ftfy)
  13. Mrleft8

    Florida Recount 2018

    I live in a fairly red county, and I was somewhat surprised at the reading/spelling abilities of the kids here. Then I read some letters on the county website, posted by the teachers. If the teachers can't spell, why would you expect the students to be able to spell?
  14. Mrleft8

    Trump lies in Trump's mind

    Part of me thinks that Trump knows that he is lying, and doesn't care, as long as it gets him where he wants to be. Part of me thinks that Trump is demented in some form, and just says whatever happens to come out of his mouth, and 10 minutes later, is completely unaware of what just happened.
  15. Mrleft8

    Only the Best People