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  1. House Dems release rebuttal memo

    Trump needs a new prostitute. He's become cumbersome to those of us he's been fucking for the last year.
  2. House Dems release rebuttal memo

    The Tweetosphere is going to be glowing tonight.....
  3. It's Friday.....

    Nah..... I'm not seeing it...... She's got the jugs, she's got the FM pumps, and you can almost see light between her ears, but......
  4. It's Friday.....

    Well..................? Where is he?
  5. If the kid does something now, I will feel in no way responsible. Give kids access to math, and mind stimulating questions, and they won't be interested in blowing away 17 of their classmates, teachers, and friends. There's a whole world out there just beyond the computer screen, that kids never see in this day. Parents rarely take their children on educational vacations. If the kids go, it's Disney during the day, and mom and dad go to Rooftop resorts after the kids are in bed. (BJ and family excepted)
  6. The bare fact is, that to a creative, imaginative, abstract mind.... I can see how the square root symbol resembles a hand gun. And I don't see how mentioning the fact is cause for any action other than, "Yes, It does, now finish your work".
  7. CA and ICE

    Ice is good. It melts, and seeps into the soil slowly, so that nutrients are delivered, but not washed away, as by torrential downpours. I Think covering Ca. with ice would be good for a little while. Our Insane Diego friends might complain for a short while, but the overall benefit to the aquifers, and agriculture would be immense..... Not to mention the green lawns in Bel Aire.....
  8. Drip Drip Drip

    Where does Karl Rove fit into this narrative?.............
  9. It's Friday.....

    Ah..... The 19th hole.....
  10. Nah. Coral Springs cops actually entered the building.... It was Broward (Coward) County Deputies that flaked out.
  11. You split a bowling pin with a shotgun slug that hadn't been blown to smithereens by a .357 Magnum?.... I call BS too.
  12. 4 Broward county deputies outside, armed, and aware...... And none of them entered the building....
  13. Around here, jobs are as scarce as hen's teeth. The general population still thinks Trump is the Messiah. Even the mini Wal*Mart closed down, and the best paying job is $8.50 at the Marathon gas-n-go, if you take night shift..... Not kidding. Who are they blaming? "The Democrats in congress that are blocking all the legislation!".... Not kidding.
  14. Ever shot someone?

    I did.
  15. It's Friday.....

    I figure if she just spends more time on her back, with her feet elevated a bit, she should be good for years..... But where is Trump Golfing?!