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  1. Ssssssnnnnakkkkkeee

    And................................ You did what with it?
  2. Just Another Restaurant Mass Murder By Gun

    A nude shooter in a waffle house? This is getting absurd...... Was it a blue waffle house?
  3. National School Walkout

    Because they're 16-18.... Takes a few years to amass a fortune.
  4. AW's are now unprotected by the Second

    The guy I bought this house from had an Uzi, and a fully automatic HK MP5.... If you know who to ask, and have the cash, you can get them.
  5. Will Cohen Flip?

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm........................... anyone Trump wants it to be?
  6. Will Cohen Flip?

    I think they had a misnomer there..... An Oxymoron is a pimple cream for idiots.
  7. Will Cohen Flip?

    The Study of Blackfish (Tautog Onitis)
  8. Will Cohen Flip?

  9. Anyone have backyard chickens?

    He'd crossed it...
  10. Surf Anarchy

    You can still find places where not many people have found the waves..... But they are far away, and few. Bacolette Beach on Tobago was one place, but then some asshole built a resort on the bluff above it, and now it's over run with fat elderly Germans.... Surf? not there anymore. That's the place I saw the hammerhead shark silhouetted in the curl just after my last ride of the day..... It wasn't going to be my last ride until I saw that.... It was fun to run in from the foam shouting "Hi! Hi! Hi!" to the people on the beach though..... In German "Hi!" is "Shark!"
  11. Gas cooktop igniter anarchy

    I'm hard on ovens/cook tops. I use them like I mean it. That's why Grizzly and Jet super store machinery only lasts a few weeks on my jobs.... I don't pussyfoot around things that I depend on. If they don't stand up, they go away.
  12. Gas cooktop igniter anarchy

    Capital. They make the prototypes for Wolfe, Viking, and (I think) South Bend. But they're less expensive.
  13. Anyone have backyard chickens?

    I have a Guinea pair right now, that are basically yard art. They come running when I call, or if the post office lady pulls into he yard, or the UPS man, or the FEDEX guy...... They just hop right in the truck to see what's in there, get chased out squawk and flap their wings, and strut about.... The delivery people don't seem to mind, so I don't kill them. They aren't very social, like chickens can be, but they are great perimeter alarms!
  14. What is a Libertarian?

    I'm more of a Libertine.
  15. Surf Anarchy

    That kid has sticky feet! At my best I wasn't anywhere near that agile.