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  1. Mrleft8

    kids these days

    Man..... I couldn't break down and clean wenches until I was in my early 20s..... Oh..... Winches..... Never mind.....
  2. Mrleft8

    Confederate Avenue being renamed

    Tell you what. Set up a go fund me site to put up a border wall. When it gets to 5.7 billion. I'll give it to the US Govt, to build that wall. In the mean time, I will draw off that fund to keep myself in the comfortable existence in which I exist..... OK? Good! Set it up buddies! I'm waiting!
  3. Mrleft8

    Stuck at SFO all day

    Polk Street has some interesting tales to tell for an unintentional visitor who has....... Bright eyes....
  4. Buzz feed under the bus. Mueller doesn't want his shit made public until he has it all sewn up. And I don't blame him. Damn Buzz feed should just have shut the fuck up and waited for the real shit to fall.
  5. Mrleft8

    Confederate Avenue being renamed

    I use the ladies room often. If I need to take a crap. and the only stall in the men's room is occupied, I'll look around, see if there's a passle of ladies present. if there is I'll say" heads up ladies! I gotta use your room for a couple of minutes!" and just go in. No one's ever bothered me about it. When ya gotta go, ya gotta go.
  6. Mrleft8

    kids these days

    I got $1 an hour for two kids.... I only did it because Mom was hot, and I could see her bedroom window from mine..... And she had an Amana Radar range micro wave oven that could pop a half a house full of popcorn in 2 minutes...... Too bad the red jelly fish the younger daughter put in to the radar range didn't work out so well.... And thank god the dweeb that Mom was dating was such a pussy that he wouldn't come into the house while I was trying to clean up the mess.... I was always hoping she'd hook up with my father..... But my mother always seemed to be there at inappropriate times.....
  7. Mrleft8

    kids these days

  8. Mrleft8

    Trump just canceled Pelosi’s flight Columnists
  9. Mrleft8

    Dumb question of the day.

    no. that is for the individual to pay out of their paycheck.... a deductible. if they don't meet the threshold, they get it back as credits, or a refund.
  10. Mrleft8

    Stupidest Shutdown in History

    I don't think the guy that you're talking to is smart enough to understand what you're saying. Just give him a hand grenade in a hot dog bun and tell him to chow down.
  11. Mrleft8

    Confederate Avenue being renamed

    Oui M'ssr, et vous?
  12. Mrleft8


    Looks and smells like Coors Light.
  13. Mrleft8

    Trump just canceled Pelosi’s flight

    I think that was a bridge piling..... Clearly Entwistle had the strongest stream.
  14. Mrleft8

    Drip Drip Drip

    Dipshits die every day..... Are they all natural causes, or accidents?
  15. Mrleft8

    kids these days

    My grandneighbors thought that my wife and I were the coolest thing besides Popsicles...... Until they turned 12.... Now we're just obstacles on the path of life. (Or occasional sources of income, and transportation)