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  1. Shooting fish in a barrel.

    I think..... And I'm not even sure at this point with all the spin going on.... That my point was that people have become so inured to bullshit, to a degree where it's actually expected, rather than something out of the ordinary that gets noticed, and called out.
  2. The Other Day the music died

    Ballad of Curtis Lowe, and Simple Man are my favs. WPLR in New Haven must have played Freebird 100 times in a row that night. Couldn't get away from it.
  3. Sometime Life Bites You in the Ass

    Lyme often tests negative if they use the straight line titer test. Get checked for Leishmaniasis, ALS and MS also. The LP (Lumbar puncture) AKA spinal tap, really isn't so bad..... Unless you're a drummer.... It hurts more the next few days, but I put down 1600 feet of strip maple flooring, with one guy helping me after I had mine, and it just sucked. It wasn't sucking so bad I couldn't do it.
  4. Stop eating beef?

    Stink bugs are worse. They let you think you'll have a nice big juicy tomato tomorrow, and then that night, they'll stick their freaking needle dick thing into your tomato, and you'll have what looks like an innocent little bruise. But go to cut that out, and you find the whole inside is turned to gross mush..... Then they start laying their eggs in the less than ripe ones, so you end up with a plant that has what look like saggy orange used condoms hanging off of it.... Then the plant dies. Evil fucking critters.
  5. So who is paying for the wall?

    Which wall?..... The wall to keep Mexicans out, or the new wall to keep Puerto Ricans from coming to the main land and voting?
  6. Sometime Life Bites You in the Ass

    Get checked for Lyme disease, or Leishmaniasis.
  7. Stop eating beef?

    Tomato horn worms are evil. Capable of denuding a full grown plant in a day. I've found some over 5" long. Trichogramma wasps kill the evil bastards, then lay their eggs in the dead carcass, which hangs onto the tomato plant. And yes, when detonated, Tomato horn worms are spectacular.....
  8. Why Trump Won't Talk About Niger

    He doesn't know how to pronounce it, and his handlers won't let him try.
  9. It's Friday

    So last week was a bye week.... Who and where this Friday? I don't see anyone on the chopping block, except maybe Tillerson still, but not really seriously.... Trump may go to Mar-A-Gogo.... But it's probably still too warm for him there.... His make up may run. So I'm gonna say no axe, and Bedminster again.
  10. Stop eating beef?

    Stink bugs.
  11. Shooting fish in a barrel.

    You need to study your Latin more..............
  12. He knew what he signed up for

    History is like ethanol in gasoline. It dilutes, and dissolves.
  13. Me no likey "New Look"

    The biggest problem I have is that the posts aren't...... Ummmmm.................. Refreshing....
  14. Stop eating beef?

    How about animal midwifery?
  15. Puerto Rico

    Tell that to the people living on Puerto Rico that have no other option. "Boil the water you're going to have your kids bathe in" is fine..... Until the kids find a flowing river coming down the hill, and it's 90f in the shade, and 99% humidity.