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  1. Funny...................... I never thought of republicans as "stupid" as a group before..... I'm beginning to think that if you identify as a republican, you probably are stupid. If not stupid, then willfully ignorant, or perhaps just.................... arrogant.
  2. Twitterer In Chief

    Gotta say..... One of the dumbest ideas ever. Even worse than the fucking pet rock, or mood ring things.
  3. Golfing? On a Monday?.... Oh, right. It's not a work day because some guy who's ancestors came from a shithole got killed by a racist asshole.
  4. Cervical spondylosis with radiculopathy

    Spectacular! Very glad to hear that you're feeling much better!
  5. TV Gold from Miller

    To a small degree. But it is the system it's self which may be more to blame. If the votes cast for Clinton, and Stein outnumber those cast for Trump, there should be a run off. If the number of votes for Trump outnumber the combined votes for Clinton and Stein, then no...
  6. Monsanto is killing you

    American foul brood, or Hive Collapse Syndrome. Glyphosates also appear to be contributing to the increase in IBS, colon cancer, and other intestinal diseases in humans.
  7. If someone called where you live, grew up, had family and friends, a shit hole, or a shit house, would it make a difference? The only difference I see is one has a door and a roof. I'd be mightily insulted by either.
  8. TV Gold from Miller

    To a degree. If we're going to have a multi-party system (Which technically we do, it's just a severely handicapped system) then the winner should have to win not a mere plurality of the vote, but a majority of the vote. IE: If there are 3 candidates Trump, Clinton, and Stein. Stein gets 10% Clinton gets 41% Trump gets 49%.... Trump is not the winner.... YET.... Because he has only 49% to the opposition's 51% So there would be a run off between the two biggest winners.... It works very nicely in some parts of the world.
  9. Monsanto is killing you

    One of the reasons that "Heirloom" seeds are in such vogue.
  10. Monsanto is killing you

    Point taken about those two crops, which also have a host of pests of the caterpillar/ beetle variety, that the inoculated seed (in theory) protects the plants from. While beans and corn do not require pollinators, pollinators (Bees and butterflies) do visit these crops, and subsequently ingest the poison, which renders them dead and unable to pollinate other plants like Sunflowers (Another huge crop), Melons, cucumbers, apples (All fruit trees really), squash....
  11. Shithole Countries

    All that really means is that they weren't paying attention to, or listening to, the POTUS..... Which in theory, they should be doing.
  12. Monsanto is killing you

    You appear to be an idiot. Click
  13. Monsanto is killing you

    Good luck with that. How easy was that? Take a look at all the crop seed and feed that is treated with Monsanto innoculents, and biocides. You think buying a cucumber from the local veggie stand is Monsanto free?. Think again big boy. Chevron, Monsanto, Cargill..... They're all trying to develop crops which do not depend on natural pollinators. How do you do that? Kill off the pollinators, and see which crops still produce. You know about BT I assume.... Bacterium Thurengensis, which kills the enzyme in the guts of worms which eat apples, corn, and other food crops. Theoretically it doesn't affect the critters that eat the infected bugs..... How's that for ya? DDT wasn't supposed to be harmful to humans either.....
  14. Drip Drip Drip

    Did I say that?
  15. I have done some crazy stuff... but

    Not me but.................. My sister and her husband, and a couple of friends were at a "Conference" in Merida, Mexico one week, several years back. They had a night off, so they went out on the town in their rental VW beetle. When they came out of the restaurant, they noticed that someone had stolen one of their hub caps...... Not good. Rental co. will make them pay. So they wobble up the street, and around the corner, and through several vacant lots looking for a VW beetle to steal a hub cap off of to replace theirs. Finally they find one! And they pry the hub cap loose and retrace their steps back to the restaurant parking lot where they were parked..... Only to find out they'd stolen a hubcap off of their own damned car. Tequila.
  16. Drip Drip Drip

    Hope is not fact.
  17. Drip Drip Drip

    Business Insider's CEO and Editor-In-Chief Henry Blodget is a Yale history graduate who previously worked on Wall Street until he was banned for life from the securities industry because of his violations of securities laws and subsequent civil trial, which ended with a $2 million fine plus a $2 million disgorgement and the permanent ban in 2003.[ Gosh.................
  18. Drip Drip Drip

    Not that I know of. Perhaps you have inside information that those of us on earth are denied.
  19. I believe in everything.
  20. Drip Drip Drip

    You do understand that these trials have everything to do with Trump, his campaign, and the people that Trump surrounded himself with, right? If it weren't for Trump, Manafort, Gates et al would probably never have come under indictment. It's working for Trump (And the Russians, and the corporate robber barons) that got these guys in trouble.
  21. Drip Drip Drip

    How many college graduations is this going to disrupt? "Sorry honey, Daddy can't be at your graduation ceremony...... No dear he won't be off screwing his secretary in Vail. Please stop talking that way..... He'll be part of a defense team trying to keep our beloved President, and his cronies out of prison.... Yes dear, that's the truth this time...... Yes dear..... No I've met her, she's a very nice young woman, and I'm sure your father would never do that...... Yes dear.... Of course I re-upped your debit card. Just enjoy yourself, and try not to get anyone pregnant in the next 5 months..... Yes dear, love you too....." CLICK.
  22. Stormy Weather

    Wow her tits are even bigger than the Donalds....
  23. I thought it was the Australians that saved the world in WWll................