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  1. Pompeo confirmation thread

    No, I was responding to you. That's how it works in an open forum.
  2. Have a good weekend you sorry sots.....

    You think they're not?..... Better pour your own Guinness, and check the salt shaker for ground glass before you season your cabbage.... Just sayin'.....
  3. Another dead Russian in England....

    It would be interesting to know the exact complexity of the Trump/Putin relationship..... It can't be purely financial.
  4. Will these people never learn? If you're going to piss off Putin, you have to go someplace where people don't just assume that you're taking an afternoon nap if you're ass over tea kettle on the park bench at noon, and that when you call out the window for help, you don't need an electrician next week... Crushed neck..... Must have been one hell of a big guy to do that.....
  5. Trump, attention whore in chief

    Well..... Duh! I'm sorry..... "Well..... Duh!"
  6. A Tale of Two Women.

    In a nucking fuckshell.
  7. Musical Trivia Quiz

    Ian & Sylvia Tyson had a song about a place that they stayed in, in (I think British Columbia)... What did the wall paper live on?
  8. Kind of like taking candy from a baby, idnit?
  9. The curious thing is, that most Americans, when hearing what they assume is a British accent, (Could be Brit, Aussie, S. African, Irish, New Zealand, or any number of European nationals who went to school at Eton and or Oxford/Cambridge) assume that there is some superior knowledge involved. The instant thought is: "Do you know the Queen?" So anyone who can fake a British accent can get pretty much anything they want out of an American just by being obscure, and slightly vague, and a little bit loopy..... Women are particularly susceptible to the Irish accent. I never quite understood that, but used it to my advantage several times.
  10. Brits, Canadians, and Swedes..... Or maybe Finns..... Or Norwegians...... And of course..... Germans.
  11. Another dead Russian in England....

    Time to wipe out some potential witnesses, eh?
  12. Favorite Larson Cartoons

    OK.... I was thinking for a minute that I might be a Godotdamned idiot..... Glad to know I am not the only Juan.....
  13. Favorite Larson Cartoons

    I'm not getting this one.....
  14. England car rental

    Now imagine those traffic jams, but you're looking at them in the mirror.... I used to live there back before cars were so common.... And it was bad then..... Then I used to visit quite often when my wife worked for Virgin Atlantic.... I've spent years driving on the left hand side of the road on tiny Caribbean islands where the speed limit is "What's a speed limit?" and the center line is used as a monorail on blind curves with a cliff down on one side, and an angry cow on the other.... Aside from extreme rural driving, I would not do it again in England.
  15. Pompeo confirmation thread

    Why? Should I be silenced for being successful?
  16. England car rental

    Train. You think the train takes too much time? Ever been in a British traffic jam? First off, they drive on the wrong side to start with. Just when you get used to that, the pubs let out, and they're all driving on the correct side. Next thing you know, the parson, who hasn't been at the pub, but only popped in really for a pasty, and a spot of tea, is directing traffic at the round about, and the council maintenance people are replacing a culvert a half klick away, so the barrister's wife is in a bit of a kerfuffle because her sister's due in from Majorca that afternoon on the 2 o'clock, and it's now half 6 and the grocer's cart has a bad wheel, so one must drive carefully around that one so as not to upset the dog or the rutabagas.......
  17. Pompeo confirmation thread

    The Patriot act came about because certain paranoid criminal politicians wanted access to more information about everyone, not just potential terrorists. These are the same kind of paranoid criminal politicians who formed the core (Not corps) of the Nazi party in the 1920-30-40s. Rumsfeld, Cheney, Wolfowitz, et al weren't looking out for America's best interests. They were looking for ways to take over. They fucked up by being too greedy too soon.
  18. Have a good weekend you sorry sots.....

    I'm of Scottish descent..... We don't do St. Patrick's day like the Irish guys do..... While the Irish guys are off at the pub getting a snoot full, we're at their houses giving the ladies a pleasant reprise from : "<<<Slap on the ass>>> Roll over Molly! Here I come!
  19. Russia cyberattacks on US nuclear power stations

    Thank gawd I have a solar array that can power my entire neighborhood if needed.... (It would take some electrical type person to make that actually happen).... Of course, Florida is probably one of the last places they'd hit..... North east, upper midwest in winter...... California in A/C season...... Hawaii..... If it was this hard to rewire Puerto Rico, imagine the trouble to rebuild the electrical grid in Hawaii.....
  20. Number of School Shootings Decreased

    The number of school shootings can not decrease, it can only increase at a slower pace than before, which would be a start.
  21. Musical Trivia Quiz

    I can see that...