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    I Took a Shit Again

    usually call my morning routine A "BIG FELLA" followed by judicious swipes/wipes with a Scot. Habbit I guess when it becomes so natural.
  2. Mrleft8

    Drip Drip Drip

    That's one impressive piece of masonry artistry....
  3. Mrleft8

    Very Stable Genius

    Fucking idiot?..... Oh, right, that's not new.... But apropos....
  4. Mrleft8

    Oyster restoration

    Very different from an Atlantic razor clam. What you show, we call "Steamers" or soft shell clams. This is what a razor clam looks like (Note it's similarity to an old fashioned straight razor)
  5. Mrleft8


    Helps big time with RLS and other leg/foot muscle spasms. Be sparing at first, It doesn't take much.
  6. Mrleft8

    Gardening Question? Parsley Worms?

    trim your leaves back, man.....
  7. Mrleft8

    Trump should fire entire FBI.

    Immigrant children are the insurgents that we need to defend ourselves against! These little bastards/bitches will grow up to be humans in a few years. Who knows what kind of chaos they could create if allowed to go unfettered?..... (Does DJT even know the word "unfettered"?)
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    Watch for mildew/mold as they mature. Back when I used to grow the stuff to give to friends, that was the biggest issue. The fatter, and denser the buds get, the more prone they are to mildew.
  9. Mrleft8

    i usually bust on major beer brands, but .

    You never had a "Polar Beer" at room temp. on Tobago. Perhaps, possibly the only beer worse than "Pearl Light". And at room temp. on a Caribbean island, it was worse than treefrog.....
  10. Mrleft8

    Gardening Question? Parsley Worms?

    They get eaten in any case, either by humans, worms, or ungulates. Take you pick. You want to eat the Broccoli, or you want the worm to eat? EHN?!
  11. Mrleft8

    Ecstatic Octupuses

    Octopi Or Octopussies.
  12. Mrleft8

    i usually bust on major beer brands, but .

    Too bad it wasn't good beer.
  13. Mrleft8

    jeffrey beauregard sessions

    All enemies, foreign, and domestic.
  14. Mrleft8

    Puerto Rico

    I was also there in 2007. The wealthier parts were the same, and to no one's surprise, the poor areas were unchanged as well, except........ The walls between the villas and the poor neighborhoods were taller, and had more razor wire and broken glass up top. How much spending did FEMA put into Texas after Harvey? I don't know the answer, but the little I found while briefly searching the web, was something like 121 Billion dollars as of the end of December 2017.... That number could be wrong..... It was from a Texas News Paper.
  15. Mrleft8

    Oyster restoration

    Your razor clams must (once again) be very different from the ones I know. Which are from about 4"X3/4" to 10"X1" and very tender..... Fragile even, and sweeter than a steamer. (You don't eat the necks, that's the handle) I've seen Gooeyducks, and they look like large, obscene steamers, but like you said, everyone I asked about eating them says you have to pound them, and then they're really only suitable for chowder.
  16. Mrleft8

    Oyster restoration

    Much more likely. And many people don't know this, but Razor clams are delicious! Cook em just like steamers (Soft shell clams) but not quite as long, save the steamer water. Dip the clam in the water to rinse any lingering sand/mud off, then dip in melted butter...... Yummy! They can also be breaded and fried, but they're very delicate, so you have to be careful not to tear them.
  17. Mrleft8

    Whacking The Children

    It's beginning to come back to me slowly..... There was another teacher in 5th grade.... "Miss Sykes" (We called her "Miss Psycho") who, if you were caught talking in class, or daydreaming, or other heinous acts of delinquency, would make you stand in front of the class arms straight out with a book in each hand (palms up), for 10 minutes. If you failed you got detention. I never got detention somehow....
  18. Mrleft8

    Puerto Rico Stories&pgtype=Homepage
  19. Mrleft8

    jeffrey beauregard sessions

    But, to be blunt, Tom.... The Fed Govt. doesn't. defend most of us, most of the time. They are too busy defending themselves. I'd love it if I could sit back and depend on my state, local, and federal rules/regulations/laws to protect me, but they don't, and they won't, when the popular opinion is: Stand your ground, take what you can get and screw the rest!" I have guns. I have a shooting range on my property that the LEOs use..... I'm not anti gun, and I'm not a commie, but goddamnit I'm not an idiot either!
  20. Mrleft8

    Republican Humor

    A man finds a bottle in the wilderness. He opens it, and instead of liquid, out pops a Jinn. (genie) "You have four wishes! First one?"
  21. Mrleft8

    jeffrey beauregard sessions

    The ACLU isn't the federal Govt. The vast majority of the USA doesn't rely on the ACLU to be correct. They do depend on the US Govt. to protect, and defend, and preserve them.
  22. Mrleft8

    Gardening Question? Parsley Worms?

    Broccoli moths. The pretty little white butterflies with one black spot in their wings in May/June...... They turn into brassica worms. They will devour a parsley plant in an afternoon. They get at my Fennel plants too. Bad ass pests. I don't like pesticides, and I'd prefer to pick and squish the bastards, but if they got there once, they got eggs. Use you some 7 after you're done harvesting what you want..... They also eat medicinal crops, so.... If you grow those, be careful.
  23. Mrleft8

    Whacking The Children

    There was one teacher in elementary school who used the cane, now that I reflect back upon it. Mrs. Keezel. A particularly old, and matronly person of only barely identifiable gender. She had beard stubble, and glasses like the bottoms of coke bottles. She wore house coats, and quite often her bloomers, or pantaloons, or petticoats, or whatever it was she wore under her smocks were visible. Judging by her breath, she smoked cigars in between classes, and she used a massive black walking cane with an "L" shaped handle. This was a brand new school back in..... 66-67,and had a sort of compartmentalized layout, with a large open library area in the middle. Long wall to wall carpeted hallways on both sides, and the quads of class rooms. Kids would tear ass down the hallways when the lunch bell, or recess bell or school bus bell rang..... Mrs. Keezel would hide behind a brick pillar and stick her black cane out as a group of 3rd graders tore down the hall sending 3-4-5 kids ass over tea kettle, or knees and elbows skidding across the carpet. You could always tell who had been "Keezled" at lunch by the rug burns on their chins, elbows, knees..... I'm pretty sure they let her retire before she got fired, or the school got sued.... That was really before the time when people sued people for petty assaults....