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  1. burnt chef

    Snipe Questions: Jib Sheet and Daggerboard

    Holy Moly! I thought my snipe collection was old. Glad you got a old girl to mess with, there is a huge difference between a fun sailor and a class racer. If you have any Q's shoot me a line as I resurrected a early 80's snipe and am loving the hell out of it, fun sailing. Eric
  2. burnt chef

    turn buckle anarchy

    Thank You! I had completely forgot about the levers. One of the hulls I acquired had them, they were bent and seized. Alas forgotten. Eric
  3. burnt chef

    turn buckle anarchy

    So I trailer my snipe to the bay and stepping the mast on the trailer is a huge PITA. Specifically attaching the shrouds under the gunnels. I want to rig a ss cable up through the gunnel and attach a ss turn buckle, then shorten the shroud and attach to the turnbuckle. This way set up should speed up the fun by shortening the frustration of old eyes upside down trying to attach shrouds. Any one have experience doing this or a better end around to achieve my goal? I also thought about just putting a eye on the shortened shroud and attaching it to the new through gunnel with a shackle. Any help or experience much appreciated. The summer stink pots will soon be out of the bay, and the wind is better second season. Eric
  4. burnt chef

    Does your dinghy have a name?

    No name. Hull number on bow, raked font to give the illusion of speed. lol
  5. Economic situation seems clear??? Used snipe in nap town 300.00 to 6k how's that for economics? I am sure the rest of the geo centric used boats mentioned have a spread that great or better. since I am bored and this is dingy anarchy, how bout a picture of your girls tits? Eric
  6. Popularity of a given boat and availability is very geo-centric. You failed to mention economics in your original post. If money is no issue you are free to purchase whatever you want and have at it. If on a budget of sorts I would start by monitoring e-pay and craigslist and find good used boats near you to start a fleet with. I am biased to the snipe based on my location( mid atlantic) and the plethora of used snipes available in all ranges of condition and price. YMMV Eric
  7. burnt chef

    Are You Tougher Than Me?

    Pain is a personal choice, soldier on or stop. If it becomes a safety issue for you or the boat, then it is time to stop. To quote the line from jaws " we are going to need a bigger boat". Bigger cockpit, comfy seats with cushions and adult beverages! Eric
  8. burnt chef

    Craigslist Finds

    For someone who is into nonstop maintenance of bright work, there is a 1952 snipe on e-pay for $450.00 Eric
  9. burnt chef

    Craigslist Finds

    You better be ready to move that purchase, given the potential for Irma eye.
  10. U suck! I remember all that, as I blasted around in my sunfish thinking I was somebody. lol Eric
  11. Got no dog in the laser fight, but I sure do enjoy the video links! Eric