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  1. JoeBleaux

    Hello Stress Engineers

    That’s actually a different Mac Gregor, it’s supercharged.
  2. JoeBleaux

    Zhik ZKGs

    Wanted to update this, after getting in touch with the North American CEO and the guy in charge of the warranty department in Australia, they gave a little bit, but geez was it a lot of work to get a warranty on a crappy design. They offered 40% off another pair of shoes, which I declined, but got them to give me a discount on the hood that was advertised to come with the smock I bought. Turns out the hoods aren’t in the manufacturing stage yet, but the warranty guy managed to track down “the last one on the planet,” left over from the Volvo I guess. Seems like a great piece of gear for wet boats. Doesn’t make sense to sell gear designed to accept the hoods when you aren’t even sure if you’re going to manufacture/sell the hoods. I’m glad Zhik did something to make up for the shoes, but it took a ton of effort on my part. Not sure if I will buy anything pricey from them in the future.
  3. JoeBleaux

    Route du Rhum 2018

    Crocs are the best offshore shoes! You just have to remember to take them off when you finish so nobody sees you wearing them.
  4. JoeBleaux

    Route du Rhum 2018

    I see a lot of rocks...
  5. JoeBleaux

    Musto BR2 vs Gill OS2

    They let you return it after two years? Jeez, I tried to return a Zhik product that fell apart after 4 uses in three weeks, they flat out told me no. Good on Gill, I’d be fine with two years of use personally though.
  6. JoeBleaux

    Route du Rhum 2018

    Jesus that’s fast.
  7. JoeBleaux

    Zhik ZKGs

    That’s not how you’re supposed to do it?
  8. JoeBleaux

    Team NYYC

    Your robably right. The t foil in this picture looks funky to me, maybe it’s just the Instagram filter thing everyone does now. Also, I drank a bunch of Rum the first time I commented on it... so there’s that.
  9. JoeBleaux

    Route du Rhum 2018

    Is Beyou done, or is there a possibility to fix the steering issue?
  10. JoeBleaux

    Zhik ZKGs

    First two sails were on an old 1/4 tonner. Second two were on a J-80. Trimming on the J-80 seemed to tear them up worse than doing bow on the 1/4 tonner.
  11. JoeBleaux

    Zhik ZKGs

    The non skid isn’t unagressive, nobody else on the boat has that problem, my shorts are fine. I just think that whatever they’re using for the mesh isn’t particularly durable.
  12. JoeBleaux

    Zhik ZKGs

    This is what they look like after 4 uses.
  13. JoeBleaux

    Zhik ZKGs

    Same thing with these. I can here all of the stitches breaking in the heel when I put them on.
  14. JoeBleaux

    Zhik ZKGs

    That’s just some sludge that settled in there, we had a big puddle of dirty water in the middle of our dry yard. The two times I wore them when this picture was taken was a couple hours at a time. Just Wednesday night races. I’ll post a pic when I get home tonight of how bad they are after two more uses.
  15. JoeBleaux

    Zhik ZKGs