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  1. JoeBleaux

    Prada Cup

    I'd like to know how much Nord VPN made on this thing.
  2. JoeBleaux

    How to re/mark ropes?

    The marlow twine is my fav.
  3. JoeBleaux

    Christmas Regatta

    This is brutal
  4. JoeBleaux

    Construction of a Pogo 50

    US nuclear Submarine bows are built with Vinylester, to very rigorous standards. I would hardly call it a shit job just because Vinylester is being used.
  5. JoeBleaux

    Best tool to shorten stainless bolts?

    This looks pretty good. Can't find anyone in the US with it in stock though. Wouldn't be too hard to make something similar where you could do multiple at once with a vice. I glanced at Mcmaster, they have 1/4-20 in .25" increments, but if you just want to use what you have that doesn't matter.
  6. JoeBleaux

    Best tool to shorten stainless bolts?

    Negative, Cut copper only is referring to the wire cutting blade, not the bolt shears. I use them on SS all the time, however, I did my metric conversion wrong. Most of these stop at #10, so finding one for 1/4" (6mm) is probably going to be tough. Like a few others have said, why not just buy the right size?
  7. JoeBleaux

    Best tool to shorten stainless bolts?

    For something like 6mm, I've had good luck using the bolt cutters on electrical strippers/ cutters. I think a lot of peoe don't realize these come with bolt cutters. Works great. Something like these, you probably already have some.
  8. JoeBleaux

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Haha, you sure he wants one?
  9. JoeBleaux

    Vendee Globe 2020 Le cam on the rescue, anyone wat to translate?
  10. JoeBleaux

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Or maybe multiple attempts to pick him up. This sucks.
  11. JoeBleaux

    tack cloth anarchy

    I took a 2 day class with the awl grip guys 4 years or so ago at the yard I was working at. They were adamant about wiping down with their wipe down solvent, and had a very specific method for doing so. Had us go over everything with a tack cloth too. They had some reasons for only using their tack cloths (maybe marketing wank), and had us kind of bunch the rag up instead of neatly fold it. Theory was more surface area to grab dust and no hard folds to damage the paint. ... How much of that was absolutely necessary and how much was selling product I don't know, but the demo job we did came out pretty damn nice.
  12. JoeBleaux

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Don't want to get epoxy all over it.
  13. JoeBleaux

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Video of the damage ...oof.
  14. JoeBleaux

    Vendee Globe 2020

    His chances wouldn't be great, but he would certainly have a chance if he can fix it and avoid other big problems. Who's to say the other leaders won't have similar problems.
  15. JoeBleaux

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Like Buck said.... Not good