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  1. JoeBleaux

    Team NYYC

    So I guess everyone will have two helms? Can’t see shit to leeward
  2. JoeBleaux

    Team NYYC

    Heard a rumor last night they crashed the big boat, too. Something similar to the mule video they posted.
  3. JoeBleaux

    Tuff Luff Luck (Installation)

    Installed a new tuff luff on our old 1/4 toner today. This thread had me thinking it was going to be difficult. It was shockingly easy to install. Didn’t have to use soapy water, must have taken under 2 minutes to get it on the forestay. I even forgot to tension the backstay. It was about 68 degrees, I gave the new foil about 24 hours to relax and loosen up. Had a friend on the ground feeding it to me, probably could have done it myself easy enough though. 1205 tuff luff on 3/16” forestay.
  4. JoeBleaux

    Recycled AC50

    Russel's is cooler...
  5. JoeBleaux

    Team NYYC

    Some of the AM guys were at Melges 24 Gulf Coast Champs in Pensicola last weekend. Work on the street was that the big boat would be back in the water in 3 weeks. Assume it makes it to P-cola tomorrow, then a couple weeks of set up. Sounds about right, might be able to sail a little bit earlier... but I have no clue whats involved in setting these things up.
  6. JoeBleaux

    Team NYYC

    So they’re going to finish up in Newport this week and then moving to Pensacola. I wonder if they’ve been packing up the base and that’s why they haven’t been on the water much recently. I’ll be in Pensacola 10-31 & 11-1, but I think that’s way to soon for them to be sailing.
  7. JoeBleaux

    Team NYYC

    When does AM make the move to Pensacola?
  8. JoeBleaux

    Team NYYC

    whatever it’s called, the splash doesn’t look nearly as bad as this one from ETNZ, granted I don’t know exactly what was going on when ETNZ crashed down. I guess the scow bow is working. Picture is taken from this link.
  9. JoeBleaux

    Team NYYC

    Found this on YouTube, haven’t seen it posted anywhere in SA yet, maybe I missed it. Shows AM pop a wheelie in breeze, they seem to recover pretty quickly.
  10. JoeBleaux

    Team NYYC

    Hell if I know, just remember watching a Youtube video on it. About 1:05.
  11. JoeBleaux

    Team NYYC

    There's a nice fairing that goes over that section. That picture is from a while ago, and it looks like the fairing would interfere with the Champagne smasher they have on the sprit. I remember seeing a cool video somewhere of them 3d scanning that section of the bow to 3d print a mold for the fairing. Pretty cool. e with the champagne bottle smasher they have mounted on the sprit.
  12. JoeBleaux

    how to fix this line core hernia

    This... if you can't milk it back all the way it helps to wrap the rope in a prusik, attach the prusik to something solid, and grind it through a winch a few times.
  13. JoeBleaux

    New imoca boats

    Holy shit! I guess that's the advantage of launching so much earlier than everyone else.