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    Pretty much anything on the water, including skiing on the frozen stuff
  1. what was it?

    Unmistakable as a Doug Peterson design - beautiful! WWing
  2. Memosail watch

    Holy crap - just saw this same watch on eBay at $1000 and one in the original box in Germany for €1700....
  3. Memosail watch

    Still have this one, but moved up to an '84 Seiko Yacht Timer... WWing
  4. Best Sailing Sunglasses??

    +1 Lifetime warranty on the frames and lenses. Break an old pair that's now discontinued? Send them in and for $30 choose a pair of new models. Nice folks too. WWing
  5. Favorite quotes?

    To lead requires followers. WWing
  6. Gill shorts

    Pads are always extra. Buy the Camets and never have regrets. WWing
  7. Sailing in Seattle

    Happy to take you out for a city front sail on a nice day while you're here. PM me when we're closer to your arrival. WWing
  8. need help naming J88

    In case you get cold feet about Hornet, a name I used in a few regattas with my Melges 20 might be a good fit: Lift Ticket Seemed to fit when it would get up and plane WWing
  9. RIP Florence Arthaud

    Total badass. RIP
  10. Random PicThread

    "...and points all her own, settin' way up high....way up, firm and high...." -- Bob Seeger WWing
  11. Melges 40

    Fixed that for ya. +1
  12. Random PicThread

    How come there are so many colorful shapes in Europe? Europe's a country right? or is it a city and London is the country? I forget.... WWing
  13. Joke

    George was pulled over by the State Patrol and the trooper, suspecting that George had been drinking, had George doing several roadside sobriety tests when a semi traveling in the other direction across the divided highway median struck a smaller car and sent it wheeling off the far side of the highway in a cloud of dust and debris. The truck, now skidding sideways down the highway in a full jackknife, lost its trailer and ended up on its side, blocking all lanes beyond the median. The trooper looked at George and said "You don't move! I'll be back for you once we get some help for these people!" and sprinted across the grassy median toward the accident. After nearly ten minutes, George said to hell with this and drove home. He told his surprised wife "If the cops come knocking, you tell them I'm sick and in bed - and I've been sick and in bed all day!" - and disappeared into the bedroom. Sure enough, some hours later a strong knock came to the door and George's wife went to answer it. A few minutes later, she came into the bedroom - "You were right! A trooper is here and he's demanding to see you! I told them you were sick in bed and had been here all day just like you said - but he's really insisting to talk to you!" George came to the door wrapped in a blanket and with his best impression of deep sickness - "what can I do for you, officer?" "It's Trooper, not officer, and I believe that I pulled you over earlier tonight." - to which George answered that no, he was sick and had been in bed all day - and his wife would verify so. When the trooper demanded to inspect George's vehicle, George offered no resistance "Certainly, sir. It's in the garage." The two of them proceeded to the driveway, where George pressed the button on his garage door opener..... And there, in the garage, was the State Patrol car. WWing
  14. Rocket 22

    lowcamaro has a 22 in Seattle --- you could PM him for comments. There are a couple of others locally here too and I think at least one other owner is on SA WWing
  15. Some of my old sailing photos 2

    My guess is that all of us were in our teens/20's and those boats were the latest/greatest/fastest/sexiest. I still like the Farrah Fawcett poster too (yes, you all know which one I mean). WWing