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  1. Morning everyone, Ill be passing through Lima, Peru today, and remaining there for some time. Since i miss sailing a lot on this trip I'd like to inquire to the possibilities of participating a round the cans race as far as that is a regular occurrence there. Any info that would get me on any boat is welcome! Thanks in advance. Racing experience on 25 to 60 ft yachts in most positions. Trim, pit, bow, etc... Did mostly the dutch season recently, as well as fastnet, sailing arabia the tour, plenty crossings to the uk and some other minor regattas.
  2. Mercurius

    Racing scene in Chile & Argentina

    Thanks for the offer Plenamar, i'll be sure to keep it in mind. Anyone happen to know something about Chile?
  3. Next year I will be moving to either Chile or Argentina and I was wondering about the racing scene there. I know the soto 40 used to be hot, and there is some irc racing but i cant find that much information on the current state. Does anyone here know of specific regattas or hotspots? I'd like to keep sailing on a fairly high level if possible. My spanish is decent enough btw.