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  1. Headgorilla

    what is it?

  2. Headgorilla

    what is it?

    love the name "star eyed stella"
  3. Headgorilla

    when in rome...

    Cool stuff, hope the kids fair well.
  4. Headgorilla

    what is it?

    Great Thread guys! you are all awesome
  5. Headgorilla

    life goes on, for some

    oh man! you guys are lucky! we are still shut out of sailing, but it is April so its a bit cold yet....we'll live.
  6. My marina is closed to public, I can check my boat and lines and we cant sail as NYS doesn't want to endanger our first responders in the event of problems. I can deal with it, we are in April anyway so I will just suck it up...
  7. Headgorilla

    well this is bullshit

    oh well, shut down here in NY too, not allowed to really even enter the Marinas as they are closed to the public. I kind of get it but then why are the fucking golf courses open and crawling with golfers? My son in law is a golf pro and I am glad he is busy and making money but really? I cant go see my boat in an empty cold boat yard yet the lawyers, idled doctors and taxfunded civil servants can crowd the golf courses? fuck me
  8. Headgorilla

    Sad Day in Dana Point

  9. Headgorilla

    Inflated Wing Sails

  10. Headgorilla

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    it really doesn't matter, the UK and the EU are lost. This whole thread is a mind-fuck.
  11. Headgorilla

    Maintaining Sailing Interest

    The racing programs I see are just kids racing around bouys in little boats, kind of like hamsters on a wheel. There needs to be an aspect of adventure, a future freedom that can be gained by sailing as a sport and by cruising (exploring) new coasts. Boaters are dreamers and romantics, regardless of our sometimes competitive nature, but more adventure has to be introduced As many of us have learned as we age, Sailing gives us endless adventure and possibilities, regardless of the race outcome. Kids and new Sailors have to be shown this.
  12. Headgorilla

    Musto Sucks

    Spent 15 years commercial fishing and always used HH or Grundens, no leaks, good value Boating recreationally and Sailing since a kid and always used HH or Grundens, no leaks, good value Did buy my wife a top of the line Gill Jacket and Pant set, use them lightly but very good. Like anything, as products change ownership so does quality and customer service, too bad for Musto.
  13. Headgorilla

    Hold my beer...

    Wow! on the kiteboarder. (I had hair like that once
  14. Headgorilla

    Country Bumpkin

  15. Headgorilla

    Weather interfering with repairs/upgrades

    oh yeah, weather is always the big factor....but then add in the granddaughters birthday party on the nicest Saturday in march, then I had a great weekend coming up when my goofy 20 year old son wound up in an out of state hospital for something silly....so I had to go to that...ugh.....boat projects require the patience of a cat.