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  1. Face it, you are old....... and I say that with the utmost respect for the old... Oooops, there goes another decade.
  2. madohe

    Beneteau 10R

    On the 10r I beercan race with (generally) 5 crew...... Updated rudder. Base of mast in center position. 4-6 inches of mast pre-bend. Lighten the aft end of the boat, especially in light air.(toss tactician overboard) Store spare sails at base of mast, generally keep weight over the keel to reduce pitching. Use rail meat to control bow up/down and heel. Sails best relatively flat, 8-10 degrees heel max. 10-12 knots of wind is when we change from 130 jib to 105 jib. Jib barber haulers for 105 jib to be able to sheet well inboard. 12-15 knots is when we consider reefing to keep boat on her feet. Use backstay judiciously. What race? Regardless, best of luck!
  3. madohe

    MAGA trade tarrifs a two way street

    MAGA...Morons Are Governing Amerika.
  4. madohe

    Random PicThread

    Name that bridge....
  5. madohe

    I have found the solution

    I can't figure it out, either.... BUT, have you ever shared a photo of your girlfriend's, wives' or mother's tits.......?
  6. madohe

    Todays Useless Fact

    New fact(oid)... When in doubt, ease it out.... Or does that belong in Colloquialism Anarchy.....?
  7. madohe

    Favorite Larson Cartoons

    Thank you !
  8. madohe

    Exemplary Cruising Videos

    Watched this on Amazon Prime last night. Sorta fun, in a German Engineer kinda way..... I apologize for any inconvenience due to Amazon.... the video really is fun, in a weird sorta way.
  9. madohe

    Dear ICOM....

    I got one of these Cobra Radios... The good, It was cheap with a rebate.... Has DSC, backup GPS, nmea connectivity This had both ac and dc chargers, plus a spare back to hold AA batteries..... The bad, 10 hours on a charge, or 8 hours on 5 AA batteries.
  10. madohe

    Scoring question

    Tuesday evening in N.E.W........ Finished third across, second on corrected, got drunk at the bar, and fantisized about scoring with......... What's this "scoring" you're talking about
  11. madohe

    Winch pads, UHMW or Delrin?
  12. madohe

    A sighting on Lake St.Clair

    Canting keel?
  13. madohe

    This defines "a bad day"......

    Regardless, I stand by my comment.... It's a fucking snake, for christsakes........!
  14. madohe

    No getting the band back together

    He could act, too....