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  1. madohe

    The NFL Tells Trump to Shut Up

    And the crowd goes wild......
  2. madohe

    Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    I've been waiting for the "Rimas Does the Atlantic" tour, but this pair may do nicely......
  3. madohe

    And they're off again...

    Beer....check Popcorn.....check I'm ready.
  4. madohe

    Colored tape for helm

    Get it at Ace Hardware store. Stretch very slightly as applying, except last wrap.
  5. madohe

    For those of a certain age.....

    Saint Dick....
  6. madohe

    America vs Europe

    That's why he's the cunt-in-chief.....
  7. madohe

    Things to do in IOWA

  8. madohe

    Front Page - Plastic

    I agree it's bad and do what I can to limit my contribution....... BUT...... It's Marty Balin's fault. Why didn't the link enbed or inbred or whatever.....
  9. madohe

    Peace in Korea. Nobel prize for Trump.

    Trump's summer reading list.... FFS who am I kidding, the presidunce don't read..
  10. madohe

    go go go go-kart

    This is a kart track.... Full disclosure: I have no affiliation other than enjoying the track on several occasions....
  11. madohe

    Cheetahs chase tourists

  12. madohe

    Well...You Brits Have Finally Done It

    Yup LB, that pretty much defines it......thanks