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  1. The axiom touch screens work when wet (the rep threw one in the sink and it worked under water)
  2. Go Raymarine wireless. You can interface with the axiom / axiom pro plotter and bring up all your data on the plotter screen as well as your dedicated wind screens. I believe ou can also use an iPad to control it all and as a repeater as well.
  3. F15 AUS

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2018 only

    Breaksea might be a bit sporty on Hasta la Vista this year. Might have to pull the fractional bag out and check the moths haven’t eaten it
  4. F15 AUS

    Team NZ

    Miss Lancia anyone?
  5. F15 AUS

    C-Class Little Cup news

    So what happened to the Invictus boat? Did it survive Falmouth intact? Did it make it to Geneva?
  6. F15 AUS

    SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    The sabot association had a titles at hollywell the same weekend. I’m assuming they had use of the deep hole for the weekend. re channel markers. There really wasn’t enough space in between the two sets to have a course, and they only had a certain amount of channel staked out for the exclusion zone. They couldn’t move the top mark or the gate anywhere further apart. With less tide run, the nav mark near the bottom gate would have been well out of the way, but that’s how it is. If you can’t deal with tide, don’t go sailing
  7. F15 AUS

    SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    The livestream commentary leaves a bit to be desired. The tv version should be better
  8. F15 AUS

    2017 Australian Multihull Championships

    It's funny. Ive only ever heard people who don't race on a regular basis complain about OMR. I sailed the the week on Hasta la Vista. We had a great week, and were quite competitive in div 1, despite being the slowest rated boat, and one of two boats in div 1 that could be genuinely considered able to race offshore. We lost our chances at a podium during the 2nd day of windward leeward racing. It is definitely difficult to race a 36 foot tri, with sinks and windows against overgrown off the beach boats, but the Diam's had issues staying far enough in front over the long light air work to the Sandhills. in the end, a single number formula will always end up with conditions favouring one boat over another. The same happens in IRC. Unless someone is willing to come up with an IMS style formula for multihulls that takes conditions into account, and comes up with a reliable way to measure the conditions across a fleet during an ocean race, single number ratings are what we got
  9. F15 AUS

    2017 Brisbane to Gladstone Multihull Race

    Any idea if we will have sailing instructions before the start?
  10. F15 AUS

    DC Designs

    Bump to get it off the bottom of the first page
  11. F15 AUS


    A few points from personal experience. I cannot comment on 16' skiffs, but the reason why we don't wear buoyancy on an 18 is because of the wings and netting, not the rig. I have been caught under the main and it isn't a problem. The issue is being able to dive down deep enough to get out if the boat turns turtle. As for the air, the issue is what alternatives there are. After a death occurred in an 18 being sailed in Hawaii, I investigated "spare air" for the Sydney 18' League. The pioneers in this area are the extreme big wave surfers and the spare air bottle we see on the 72's are the same as I looked at. the issue is simple - they hold about 10 breaths of air, which can last for as little as 30 seconds if in a panic or 2-3 minutes if you can stay reasonably calm. The thing to realise is that they are still fairly bulky and if it was practical to go bigger, I am sure they would have been made, but simply, it is not practical. The other problem with any spare air system is that it relies on the person being conscious and also being able to get to the air - even with the things they are using, it is possible to get into a position where you can't get your hands to it. I don't actually know why I am posting - I have tried not to over the last few months because of the few idiots on here who have driven away so many and this thread is just as bad, if not worse. Some of you are a very insensitive bunch of people with no respect. However, having nearly drowned while sailing, I think I have something to say about the safety issues, which is why I got involved with looking at safety with the 18's. And to all of those who say Bart would have wanted it to go on, I say that is an empty sentiment which misses the point because I would bet anything that, considering how many of his close friends are sailing these boats, his number one thought would be that everything must be done to ensure nobody else dies in this manner. Have to agree about the 18s simon. Had two close calls on the 18. A lifejacket would have killed me in the second one. I cant swim (can tread water but thats about it) but I would never wear a lifejacket on an 18 or a cat.
  12. F15 AUS

    Older fast Aus multies

    does anyone know the ciggerette company that used Simply the Best (now dragonfly) and running with scissors in that advert. Would love to see the ad
  13. F15 AUS

    Vestas Sailrocket

    I think I read somewhere that the seat belt stops him from going forwards in the event of a crash, but wont stop him getting out in the event of a backflip
  14. F15 AUS

    Vestas Sailrocket

    Wow. Just fucking wow
  15. F15 AUS

    Vestas Sailrocket

    Fantastic job. Now send it and be the first to 60. Chew on that kites