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  1. jdazey

    Insurer Recommendations?

    We have Merkel Jackline through IMS for 1995 Chris White cat. Not a recommendation, just what we have.
  2. jdazey

    B&G Precision 9 vs. Maretron SSC300 vs. Thrane LT500?

    Finally got to the boat. I checked with both the Precision 9 and the ZG100 as heading sources. Both gave the same display on the radar. I could not duplicate your issue. That's not to say that you don't have one, and I don't have any suggestions on where to look.
  3. jdazey

    Here Comes The Night

    From Yamani Cove
  4. jdazey

    Deal or no deal

    Based only on the numbers, it doesn't seem too bad. Keep in mind that some of the numbers may be optimistic. You'd need to compare it to Outremer and some others to decide. Of course whether or not it's really a good deal depends on whether or not it meets your needs. I wouldn't trade my boat for one, but if I were still shopping, I'd at least give it a look.
  5. jdazey

    Here Comes The Night

  6. jdazey

    B&G Precision 9 vs. Maretron SSC300 vs. Thrane LT500?

    And you think the heading sensor is the cause? Again, I haven't noticed it, but I'll check next time I'm at the boat.
  7. jdazey

    B&G Precision 9 vs. Maretron SSC300 vs. Thrane LT500?

    Interesting. I don't have that problem with H5000 Herc/Zeus 3/P9/4G.
  8. jdazey

    8 Bells Larry Pardey

  9. Short on video but: Intrinsic Cabernet Ry Cooder - Secret Love
  10. jdazey

    Who has had the test?

    Kaiser Permenente travel nurse set up the appointment.
  11. jdazey

    Spare Lewmar D2 Rope Clutch?

    My clutches:
  12. jdazey

    Who has had the test?

    Tested yesterday in prep for a trip to AK. Results back in 20 hrs negative. Nasal swab both nostrils about 1", no pain but don't need a repeat.
  13. jdazey

    Gougeon 32 Roll Call

    Would that be Flipper?
  14. jdazey

    Spare Lewmar D2 Rope Clutch?

    As it happens I have some. 12-14mm (1/2-9/16) single and double now with two more doubles and a triple later in the year. The retracting springs are broken, but they hold just fine. I'm switching to dyneema running rigging in a smaller size so clutches are being replace. Oops, I see you're after the smaller size. Oh well.... Oops again. I just checked. The double is a 10-12. It's not hard to switch the internals. I'm not very close to Oz though.
  15. jdazey

    Getting Tough With The Maskless

    One can only hope that stupidity is a co-morbidity.