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  1. jdazey

    The races must go on.

    Yup. From the first post,
  2. jdazey

    The races must go on.

    Expected. Swiftsure was on my bucket list, had a schedule of races leading up to it. But I'd already pulled the plug on my racing season. Maybe next year, maybe not. Joe
  3. jdazey

    Newick Anarchy

    And that's the rub. They're beautiful and fast, but we'd need a 50'er+ to get voyaging accommodations. Despite my affection for tris and especially Newicks, we ended up with a cat. Cheers, Joe
  4. Sounds wonderful. Say with a November start date?
  5. jdazey

    Are Lifeline AGM batteries any good?

    We have 4 Lifeline 8Ds. Fours years of full-time liveaboard cruising, they're still fine . We have a cat though and if these weren't still good, I'd go LiFePo and save some weight.
  6. jdazey

    Transpac 2019

    Tracker has Callisto 5th for line honors???? Paradox scooting right along. Can't see Rio catching up.
  7. jdazey

    Deck Cleats and mooring lines

    Not pertinent to the OP, but anyone going through locks, e.g. Panama Canal, H.M. Chittenden large lock, etc., will need cleats. We had 8" Schaeffers on the bows, and they weren't really large enough for the lines in Panama. Replaced with 10"ers. Cheers,
  8. jdazey

    TransPac 2019 Wx

    Thanks for this
  9. jdazey

    TransPac 2019 Wx

  10. jdazey

    Newick Anarchy

    While you were taking some heat (deservedly) for the title of the other thread, there is a lot of interesting discussion there. Hopefully it will migrate here. Cheers, Joe
  11. jdazey

    2019 Southern Straits race

    I was thinking this would be fun. Now i'm not so sure.
  12. jdazey

    2019 NWMA Rally

    Wish we could be there, but no. Next year for sure.
  13. jdazey

    NWMA Meeting Tues March 5th, Seattle

    Not until Fall. We're planning on wintering in Puget Sound somewhere, probably Poulsbo. Gotta get to HI and AK first.
  14. jdazey

    NWMA Meeting Tues March 5th, Seattle

    We're going to be in the area late Mar to mid Apr. Keep us posted on the Larry tribute. He was a helluva guy, great sense of humor.
  15. jdazey

    Caribbean 600

    And 9 on Fujin?