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  1. Epi-sailor

    Retirement Planning

    Often mentioned in threads like this but far more than a cliche. Read it again and go back to what ever step your at and take one step forward.
  2. Epi-sailor

    Retirement Planning

    Love all these thoughts particularly the scalable insight.
  3. Epi-sailor

    Retirement Planning

    You’re spot on - So to us we have defined small as under 40. We know from previous boats we owned, sailed, and delivered that we can, within our means and skill set........care for, feed and sail this size boat. We also prefer quality over quantity (size/length), So simple answer is for us under 40 and the leading candidate is. 35. Either one of us can handle this size essentially solo and most of the time it is just the two of us with occasional friends. Note: we have no solo ambitions - at least that I’m aware of
  4. Epi-sailor

    Retirement Planning

    We are very close to moving forward with “the plan” and sticking to the small nice boat theme. Small boats regardless of purchase price are far less to maintain than larger boats of same price. We are planners and savers and to the OP I encourage you to keep questioning, planning, saving, And reading. Books that have helped us plan/structure, dream, and now execute: Where the Magic Happens - Casper Craven; Simple Path to Wealth - J.L. Collins; Work Optional .....- Tanja Hester. Sea of Cortez ....... - S. Breeding. A warm beach and a cold beer in Mexico will move the plan forward - stay after it - no regrets.
  5. Epi-sailor

    Unidentified in Pto Montt

    To some degree your spot on. The tricky part is we want the performance and care/feeding cost of a mono with the room and interior views of a cruising cat. The challenge is finding nicely built options in smaller/moderately sized packages. Easy to get all the above in a 50’ boat but some aesthetic trade offs in the sizes were are considering.
  6. Epi-sailor

    Unidentified in Pto Montt

    Big range depending on options with base in the 500’s up to 700plus USD with lots of options. Seems ridiculously high but in the ballpark of other high quality 40 footers and in many ways more customizable. Bob Perry’s review estimated it at 620k.
  7. Epi-sailor

    Unidentified in Pto Montt

    New rabbit hole to go down. Thanks.
  8. Epi-sailor

    Unidentified in Pto Montt

    Planning on growing old in the PNW - Rains 360 days a year up here horrible place to sail We are thinking we may be the right client for a PH/DS. The 35 or 40 ticks a lot of boxes as long as its not a Mcgregor that's been to the plastic surgeon.
  9. Epi-sailor

    Unidentified in Pto Montt

    Older thread but just saw the Sirius 40’ version of this at the Seattle Boat Show and changed my perspective on Deck Salon/ pilot house boats. If anyone has seen or sailed the Sirius 35 or 40 I would love tho here your thoughts. VERY nicely made curious how they sail. https://www.sirius-yachts.com.
  10. Epi-sailor

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Sailing Uma: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXbWsGV_cjG3gOsSnNJPVlg Maybe these Kids have the answer to "go simple go small go now" with the ability to communicate in 2019. We watch regularly - Sail far more than they motor. Small affordable boat they have fixed themselves etc, etc. Maybe they will Make enough from their Youtube life to buy an Amel but for now I like their approach. Makes me question why we were shopping at the Annapolis show when maybe what we need to do is to go back to simple small and now............ As an aside, Almost comical watching the YouTubers at the show with their identical cameras, recorders, and fuzzy microphones mingling with the crowd . . they appeared very uncomfortable.
  11. Epi-sailor

    109 Gelcoat crazing

    Our 2005 109 had VERY minimal crazing when we sold it earlier this year. Our boat also had very limited race use and was primarily cruised by us and the previous owners. Many of the 109s that I have seen, with substantial gel-coat crazing, are/were raced hard. Keep looking its a great boat and there are nice examples to be found - they also tend to get snatched up quickly. If you haven't already, check the 109 class site its a great resource.
  12. Epi-sailor

    Annapolis vs. Newport Boat Shows

    As a first timer to the Annapolis show I’ll have to say a good time was had. Followed advice given above - ManyThanks. Random thoughts and observations about show: When we go again it will be Thursday and likely Monday. Friday was crazy busy and Saturday an absolute zoo. (Consistent with advice given) Best food we found was at the Light House Bistro and pub food at the Metropolitan. East coasters are exceptionally nice, like Minnesota Nice, rumors to the contrary are just that. Unbelievable the lack of quality/nicely built boats in the 30 to 35 range. Lots of them but put together like disposable toys. Great service conversation and advice given by factory/builder reps. Lots of these knowledgeable folks around and particularly on Thursday had time to chat. Shocking lack of knowledge and service by several well known Brokerages and brands. Annapolis has crazy tidal flooding. Made the zoo on Saturday absolutely silly -good time to visit the naval academy. We have nothing like this on the west cost. Absolutely worth the time. Again thanks for all the pre show advice - helped make a great adventure.
  13. Epi-sailor

    Annapolis vs. Newport Boat Shows

    Thanks for all the insight - the list as it stands now: Beer (Boat Yard bar and Grill - et al), boats (many) , crab cakes (still need a solid recommendation), ego alley (had no idea this is a real place), Zihk (BC there gear is awesome) and a trip to the navel academy museum. - keep it coming.
  14. Epi-sailor

    Annapolis vs. Newport Boat Shows

    Good or bad we are going to Annapolis in a few days. We have blocked out Thursday and Friday for the show/Annapolis but have Saturday available to get out for beer food etc Any favorite shouldn’t miss things we should see close to the area? Or how about your favorite place for crab cakes?
  15. Epi-sailor


    Correction accepted I wasn’t clear - from the fresh air piece it was noted that much of the funding for the race was from or facilitated by King Hussein of Jordan the “father” of Princess Haya al-Hussein referenced in the previous post.