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    Spend a lot of time doing boat repair. Also like tennis, bowling, hiking. Have owned a Catalina 30, Pearson 26, Beneteau First 235, # J22s, Hunter 34 and now the Santana 30/30

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  1. Advice for first time Grenada bareboat?

    Anegada channel is very well marked and wide. Been there twice. Once in a deep keel 51 ft beneteau got stuck in sand. Was supposed to be 8 feet at the mooring ball. More like 5.5. Took an hour to get free.
  2. I have a broken hatch. The existing hatch will serve well as a pattern. Measures about 2 feet square. Or is there a DIY way to heat and bend? Too big for an oven.
  3. I have been looking at bulkheads next to vberth and need to re-glass/tab them. After 35 years not hard to expect oily teak to reject the old fiberglass. Will also looking at epoxying in that area under the mast. Thanks. Jim o
  4. Thanks for the reply. On my 3030pc have 4 lewmar rope clutches and lots of harken cam cleats. So mine must have been updated and am not using remaining jam cleats. Sadly winches are not self tailing. But that is big bucks. The hydraulic backstab adjuster was original equipment, so not going to change now as it would be a real task with the rod rigging. Primary bulkheads aft of head have been re fiberglassed. Replaced port bulkhead and added more bolts to liner. Need to glass the bulkheads forward of head. Am working with Quantum for new sails.
  5. To Alan h do you recall your deck layout? I have lewmar 42 Genoa winches plus 4 winches on the cabin. Plus 2 spinlock sets of 2 each halyard type power clutches. On the mast I have a cam cleat. Curious as to optimum utilization.
  6. Careful not to burn up the starter by running for over aboud 20-30 seconds. yep, first bleed at the fuel pump, then there my not be a bleed screw at the injector. On mine bleeding at injector is accomplished by loosing fuel line to injector, pumping fuel pump manual lever until no air, and tightening while still pumping. I believe this is a 1 cylinder engine, so that should do the trick. Mine is a Yanmar 1G, single cylinder. Multiple cylinder means bleeding more injector fuel lines. The primer bulb is for sure a good idea, but you still have to bleed at the fuel pump, and then next at the injector fuel line inlet.
  7. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    I just realized that the posting was several years old....
  8. First I want to thank all who have responded in the other thread. Took me two years to get this boat seaworthy, and still have some questions. Couple of questions... 1)This boat has a hydraulic backstay adjuster by Sailtec, which I have had rebuilt. Did Schock specify a maximum pressure for the adjuster? 2) Cabin roof has four winches. How was it envisioned for them to be used? Earlier I got one reply, but it left me confused. Boat has two Lewmar double rope clutches, which may or may not be original equipment. 3) Perhaps someone has an owners manual which shows the deck layout. Thanks again to all for all the info received in past 48 hours. Jim
  9. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Let’s give Rimas meleshyus his due for a job well done. I would have been a lunatic by the end of the first storm in that san Juan 24. Have asked him by way of Facebook for an address to send small donations. For those who missed it, his Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/rimas.meleshyus
  10. I got an 8 foot mast section for my Santana 30-30 off a J30 from a guy in New England for $300 including freight. Had a welder cut out the bent area, Put in new, sleeved the repairs, and you can't tell it was ever repaired.
  11. Thanks for info on the checkstays. Much appreciated.
  12. Thanks very much for the polars and performance info.
  13. I will look into that with local plexiglass shops. Was yours a curved hatch? Mine is.
  14. Crew wanted Dallas

    Wednesday night or Sunday afternoon crew wanted for racing on Ray Hubbard. Santana 30/30. Experienced or just learning or rail meat. Jim Oursler 972 849 8279
  15. Been reading all this thread with interest. Here is another santana 3030 pc Bought in October 2015, but just got it in sailing condition. Maybe 5 hours under sail. It is an 82. Curious as to hull number. Last few digits of Id are 140282 and I know last two, 82, are the year. Replaced main cabin ports Am in need of forward hatch. Had to repair bent mast (turns out the Kenyon mast is also used on J30, so bought an 8 foot section from New England). center port bulkhead replaced (and corresponding hole in deck where chain plates pulled through) and the replacement Yanmar 1g needed a new head and valves, plus replaced every line and All harken cam cleats. Pulled out headliner. Slowly rebuilding interior. Wonder what is purpose of 4 winches on the cockpit? What are checkstay lines to run to? Presently to harken cleats. Had the back stay adjuster rebuilt, but forgot to have them replace pressure gauge. Boat was Mas Caliente and renamed Phoenix, as it comes from the ashes of Mas Caliente. Finally this weekend ordering a new laminate Quantum 155. Which I will have on a roller furler. Will change to Dacron 105 above 12 knots TWS. I know that a furler will cost me time, but at a time in my life when I want some convenience knotmeter, depth and compass replaced. Has been a long uphill rebuild. I have had a lot of boats, but never started with a boat in this bad of shape Am looking forward to the end result. Will also need a Main. Have read that some have used a Dacron main with the laminate Genoa. Look forward to comments and help on hatch, winches and checkstays. jim oursler 972 849 8279 at Lake Ray Hubbard, Dallas. Oh, need some rail meat for Wednesday night races. Also, need rig tuning guide