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  1. BobbyZ

    Outboard Bracket for J/29

    Thanks Squalamax -- is your Tohatsu a 4-Stroke? The listing says the bracket is for 2 Stroke motors, but I find it hard to believe that a 6hp 4-stroke has more torque than a 12 hp 2-stroke.
  2. BobbyZ

    Outboard Bracket for J/29

    I have the boat--and for now one is enough . If you want to start selling off parts let me know. BTW what brand outboard bracket are you using?
  3. BobbyZ

    Outboard Bracket for J/29

    Thanks. The Marine Tech only travels 11". The current 2-Stroke mount travels 15". Will 11 inches get the motor deep enough in the water?
  4. BobbyZ

    Outboard Bracket for J/29

    Need a new bracket for a 6hp four stroke. I'd like it to have as long a vertical lift as possible. Any suggestions?
  5. BobbyZ

    Transom Ladder for J/29

    Anyone know where I can find one? Either new or used.
  6. BobbyZ

    Offshore in a J80/J70?

    What about a J29. You could retrofit a sprit.
  7. BobbyZ

    Carbon fiber bowsprits on J29

    When you fly an Asymmetrical off the regular pole do you use the pole like sprit and have a fixed tack?