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  1. Hold Fast

    Irrational fears in a business context

    should HTFU or seek employment where flying isn't required.
  2. Hold Fast

    World Cup

    I don't mean to come across overly cynical of a generous act - not trying bash or berate the kid when he's gone a donated more money in one act than most could (or would) in a lifetime. good on him indeed. was just putting the dollars in perspective from "the widows offering" point of view - it's easier to give thousands when you have millions.
  3. Hold Fast

    World Cup

    it's a nice sentiment, but lets put it in perspective before losing our minds over his generosity. Mbappe currently earns approx $17.5m (Euro) annually. Following the massive exposure from the World Cup, superb team and individual performance, that figure stands to significantly, significantly increase in the near future. his per game fee for the 7 games was total approx $133k (Euro), + win bonus approx $300k (Euro). total $433k (Euro). As a percentage of his annual earnings, that's less that 2.5%. this latest gesture, only continues to ramp up his exposure and value. Really it's money he won't miss, spent on clever marketing.
  4. i didn't know they made them with windows in the hull
  5. Hold Fast

    Is Ellon Muske attenssion hoarre?

    stay classy Elon.
  6. Hold Fast

    World Cup

    the celebration dance from Griezmann after the penalty was pretty classless. apparently not the first time he's done it in a match.
  7. Hold Fast

    World Cup

    Neymar needs to take diving classes from Griezmann - that was a 10/10 flop. You can't even say he exaggerated the contact because at the time he fell there was none. blatant cheat. imo that was ball to hand not hand to ball. should not have been a penalty. Croatia seriously unlucky for both calls to go against them like that. Could have been a very different result.
  8. Hold Fast

    Sun Fast 3600

    assume like most, that you went for the twin tiller option? do they clutter up the cockpit as much as they appear to? Single tiller on the JPK 1080 has always looked more appealing to me.
  9. Hold Fast

    World Cup

    3rd/4th playoff match - "the tie of tears" coming up for Belgium and England. pointless non-contest or chance for young squad/subbies to get a run in international colors? imo scrap it and save us the sight of gutted players kitting up and pretending to smile while they go through the motions. mind you it could impact the Golden Boot if Lukaku puts away a brace or better.
  10. Hold Fast

    World Cup

    Don't disagree with you, but that year Italy had a couple close ones. v Australia they may have won anyway in extra time or in a shoot out, but really they should have closed that match out comfortably instead of the 'less than glorious' way it all played out in the 90th minute. v Germany in the semis it went to extra time. Germany we're looking so good to win that year with Ballack, Kahn, Klose, Podolski, Lahm etc. plus the home advantage, was all setup for a big win for the hosts. v France in the championship match it went to penalties and if Zidane hadn't had one of the all time great brain fades in extra time things might have turned out different. still, that's how it goes sometimes fkn love World Cup
  11. Hold Fast

    World Cup

    you must be Italian...in '06 they were lucky to beat Australia!
  12. Hold Fast

    World Cup

    ? Brazil WC Champions '94 & '02
  13. Hold Fast

    World Cup

    I think they're just a victim of their own success really. Anyone else would kill for their results. Since 94' they've won twice, runners up once and otherwise never done worse than quarter finals. Who else has a better record in that time? Germany would come close - for my mind they're the team that's truly poised to join Brazil up at the top.
  14. Hold Fast

    World Cup

    Huh? Brazil has won 5. France has won 1. even if they beat the Croats and make that 2, they're a long, long way off Brazil when it comes to World Cup.
  15. Hold Fast

    World Cup

    Ahhh England....sorry lads, it's not "coming home" just yet. Bloody brilliant free kick though by Trippier. Pretty scrappy and frantic in the 10-15 mins after the first goal - Croats looks pissed! in danger of carding themselves out of it until things settled. Modric and Perisic both played brilliantly. Perisic a bit unlucky not to finish with 2. Match really came to life after the Perisic equaliser. Awesome game. C'mon Croatia - one more match to really make history!