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    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Hobart qualifier Melb - Stanley is on this weekend. https://www.orcv.org.au/stanley-yachts
  2. Hold Fast

    Which Cookson 12 would you buy?

    out of interest how much weight is in the keel of this thing? seems like a pretty equivalent weight to the C12's, with less going on down below.
  3. Hold Fast

    Reefing systems questions

    i recall one of the Sunfast 3600 for Osaka was rigged with Karver reef locks, which attach to the boom. could be worth a look?
  4. Hold Fast

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    they also need to work on their origin story if they're going to give the beaten to death "bought it on credit card, crew at a funeral" line a run
  5. The other FB35 was 'Weapon of Choice' sailing out of Fremantle last I heard.
  6. tis the season for Cookson 12's to change hands? https://yachthub.com/list/yachts-for-sale/used/sail-monohulls/cookson-12/221267
  7. Hold Fast

    what is it?

    looks pretty clear dual rudder if the renders are to be believed
  8. Hold Fast

    what is it?

    nope cardboard's out. cardboard derivatives too.
  9. Philosophers went that way for S2H reasons no?
  10. Hold Fast

    Tour de France - 2018

    LOL oh my god a 100% clean race! and look over here, a lovely herd of unicorns! right next to the pair of flying pigs playing poker with the loch ness monster and bigfoot.
  11. Hold Fast

    Tour de France - 2018

    so how many got caught in the tour de drugs this year?
  12. Hold Fast

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    did the j/11s prove to be a bit of a flop? i liked the concept, but the idea of a detuned j/111 as opposed to a purpose designed model was a bit of a turnoff. sounds like the j99 is going to be more like the jpk1010 as opposed to the sunfast3200, despite targeting the same market.
  13. Hold Fast

    Sun Fast 3600

    breaking news: production boat built to a price point! coming up next: water wet, sky blue.
  14. Hold Fast

    Brisbane to Keppel 2018

    heaven forbid! all of a sudden the rock star TP52 programs come under threat of the sydney 38's or worse - a trailer sailor wins the tattersalls cup. lol
  15. Hold Fast

    Brisbane to Keppel 2018

    it's an interesting idea, but can't see it ever happening. there have been enough stories of people trying to game measurement system as it is - imagine throwing full race trim into the equation. not to mention all the big boat owners you'd piss off along the way.
  16. Hold Fast

    Windsor Castle Guard

  17. Hold Fast

    Brisbane to Keppel 2018

    fair point. new offshore rating system to account for fully loaded boats? seems logical so it'll never happen.
  18. here you go Hoppy - just in time for the anniversary https://yachthub.com/list/yachts-for-sale/used/sail-monohulls/northshore-340/220571
  19. Hold Fast

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    maybe figured with an RP63, suddenly not much use for a Cookson 12?
  20. Hold Fast

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    apparently not https://yachthub.com/list/yachts-for-sale/used/sail-monohulls/cookson-12/220538
  21. Hold Fast

    Tour de France - 2018

    Ya'll watched "Icarus" on Netflix? heads of drug labs, WADA, etc all say the same thing - they can't catch PED users. the doco focuses heavily on the Russians (with good reason), but basically the tech and know how is there to reliably cheat the system if you're so inclined. damn man look at Lance - not once in his career did he turn up a positive tests. he got busted because his teammates flipped.
  22. Hold Fast

    Tour de France - 2018

    so who's on the best gear this year?
  23. Hold Fast

    Irrational fears in a business context

    should HTFU or seek employment where flying isn't required.