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  1. Help me name my boat!

    Hi all, Looking for a name for my boat. Thinking of going with a superman theme given the sail coloration. I know a guy who can get graphics done. Since people only see the hull stickers when the hull is flying, was thinking of naming it "superfly" and having a superman logo printed on the sail somewhere. What do y'all think?
  2. Auckland multihulls

    The banana ahmas look like someone stuck a keel boat between a hobie 16's hulls.
  3. Auckland multihulls

    Had a first sail on my new (to me) Hobie cat in Auckland yesterday. Sailed from Eastern Beach near Buckland's Beach to Mission Bay, got some lunch, then sailed back. Some smaller annoying things need to be adjusted on the boat before the next sail, but all in all it was a fun time. Can't wait to start island hopping and racing with the fleet!
  4. Hmmm... my french may be rusty, maybe it should've been *font instead of "faisent"?
  5. Bonjour, y-a-t-il des gens à la nouvelle Caledonie qui faisent les Hobie Cats? Je serai dans ce pays le 4 Juin jusqu'a le 18 Juin et j'aimerais bien faire un jour de navigation. J'ai pleine d'experience avec le H16 car je fais des compétitions avec ce bateau Hi, is there anybody in New Caledonia who sails Hobie Cats? I'll be in the country June 4-18, would like to take a boat out. I competitively sail the Hobie 16s, so I have plenty of experience.
  6. why am i here?

    I get that feeling everytime we pitch pole the catamaran. Also had it when I turtled for the first time even with my mast sealed!
  7. Is the QLD hobie state titles all 4 days of the easter long weekend?
  8. So I've made it a new year's resolution to take a trip to Brisbane/Gold Coast at some point to check out the cities. If I can travel with someone to a regatta while I'm there would be nice. It would help me check out the catamaran scene. Anything on the yearly regatta schedule which you guys think I should base my trip around? Anybody want crew? I'm a pretty good Hobie 16 sailor (since I own one), but have done heaps of F18 crewing. Never foiled though. Still, all beach cats are similar. Even if I can't crew at it, would be nice to help with race committee or whatevs.
  9. NZ F18 Sailing

    Anybody sailing F18 cats in New Zealand anymore?
  10. Weta anarchy

    Hi Weta Fleet, I am active in the Hobie 16 fleet in Auckland. I'm trying to put together some beach cat/trimaran regattas going, so I'd like to reach out to someone in the NZ weta fleet. Hopefully the paper tiger and A-cat guys might also be keen to have joint regattas where all the local beach cat/trimaran boats compete. They commonly do this type of stuff in America and Australia, but I've noticed ever since moving to NZ that it's quite separate here. Someone in the NZ Weta fleet please PM me. Thanks.
  11. And people who sail F18s and Foiling cats would call an H16 the equivalent speed of a mooring bouy. I wonder what that says about the Wetas!?!?!
  12. Paging Aussie Sailors

    Thanks guys... the boat I was interested in was shipped over to Auckland. I picked it up yesterday from the shipping depot. Now to get it put together and get sailing!
  13. I've historically owned Hobie 16s and crewed on F18s, but to be honest I'm keen for any double trap catamaran which my crew and I would be a good weight on. Social I like a regattas, especially ones that I travel to, but it's not necessary as really I'm there to sail. I just prefer one design is all over handicap racing because I don't want to be able to blame the boat on me loosing the races. It sounds like there is a specific circuit regattas for Nacra brand cats though? Or am I mistaken? I would find that weird that they didn't open it up to non Nacra brand beach cats. What clubs in specific in the Brisbane/Gold Coast area seem to have the beach cats? When I was looking into Perth is seemed like Nedlands and Jervoise Bay were the powerhouses.
  14. I suppose I would be mainly looking for a good mix of distance regattas and round the bouys regattas. Back in Texas, our F18s would participate in the distance regattas too, but I would agree that the designers probably optimized the boats for windward/leeward sailing. From what I'm gathering, it sounds like Gold Coast/Brisbane area is the place to be.
  15. Dave: The infamous Hog's breath Sail! MadaboutCats: Thanks for the info. I've skippered in Ruff Riders, which is a (now forever cancelled due to lack of funds) regatta each year around South Padre Island in Texas. I've also done the Dash which is the last 70km leg of the GT300, but I have not done the entire GT300. Still, the race you describe sounds interesting. We had a navigational race like that up a river in Austin which was always fun. Very wind shifty too, but tested the skills in a different way. I'd probably be interested in coming to sail that next year with you guys, seems a bit late to try for this year. I'm under the impression that most regattas are round the bouys type regattas. My question to you all is, with such strong Beach Cat fleets in Oz, why doesn't your beach cat sailing culture do more distance/destination races? I understand they take more coordination, but the extra expense is totally worth the fun experience! WetnWild: Sorry, not interested in sailing Wetas...