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  1. BboySlug

    Revitalising the East Coast Australian Tornado Fleet

    Assuming you don't have to dick around with cars/trailers, yes, it'll be fine I think.
  2. BboySlug

    Revitalising the East Coast Australian Tornado Fleet

    Good luck at Takapuna, I'm just warning, it was one of the most stressful regattas I'd ever had due to the format of the venue. Takapuna sailing club staff are great and very accomodating, but the facility accessibility is horrendous.
  3. BboySlug

    Revitalising the East Coast Australian Tornado Fleet

    Takapuna will have a lot of nice looking babes around, and the bars are just up the hill. However, accessibility wise it's terrible due to several reasons: 1) Very difficult access for cars with trailers. Only one access point if they remove the chain between the bollards, even then, you have to go, turn around, and jump through hoops and ladders to do the maneuvers to get through it in a car with a trailer. This is only possible in the early morning before the rest of the city wakes up and starts parking their cars right outside the access point, or just driving their cars past it. The access point is barely wide enough to get your catamaran trailer through without hitting the bollards on either side. 2) The sailing club doesn't own much land outside of it's extent, rather it's council park land. Someone will quickly ask you to move your car and boat back onto the roadway after you access the club grounds via the access point. 3) Once you're past the access point and on the parklands/sailing club side, if it's wet in any way, shape, or form (dew, rain, etc.), it is difficult to get your car back up the steep hill to the access point and back onto the road. 4) Getting through the access point onto the road is a pain in the ass, as there are heaps of people everywhere, and other drivers just trying to get places who don't expect a boat (AND TRAILER!) to come flying out of the park since you needed momentum to get up the damn hill without going backwards. 5) The hill continues down to the boat ramp and beach. If you manage to rig your boat on the parklands, when you try to beach trolley the boat down the ramp, it's very steep and it's very difficult to prevent the boat from rolling uncontrollably down the ramp towards the beach. 6) At the bottom of the boat ramp, where it connects to the beach, the interface level is off. The sand is about 50cm below the end of the ramp's stone, and this big bump causes the hard stone to hit the bottom of your boat after the beach wheels go over it. 7) You have to deal with problems 5 and 6 in reverse when you come back after the races. This time, it's an uphill battle. 8) The beach is not wide at high tide. If you go out or come back at high tide, then you have no beach to land on. Instead, you've got a rock seawall. 9) THERE'S PEOPLE EVERYWHERE! And we all know people are stupid. When you come back from racing, they have no clue your boat is about to run them (or their kids) over while they are enjoying a leisurely swim. 10) There's no car+trailer parking, without walking 1km away, and that car+trailer parking is not affiliated with the sailing club, so it's quite possible it gets filled up with day-to-day recreational traffic. Wow, I didn't expect my list to reach 10 reasons. Despite being a terrible venue, I will have to give credit to the Takapuna sailing club's staff. They understood this and did everything they could to make it easier for us, even providing a tractor to help tow our boats/trailers up the hill after the races. They're very nice and helpful people. Please, do NOT host your worlds at Takapuna beach, it's a huge mistake. Stanmore bay and Manly Sailing club (just down the road from Stanmore bay) are far superior venues accessibility wise. Only downside is the girls aren't as plentiful, and the bars/restaurants are a little farther away. If you want the bars/restaurants, Orewa beach is pretty nice and you can sail there if you like from Stanmore. It's just a skip and a hop away. Otherwise, driving to places is good too.
  4. BboySlug

    Revitalising the East Coast Australian Tornado Fleet

    Also, Tornado_Alive, I wish you nothing but the best of luck with revitalizing the fleet. It's an amazing mission which you're undertaking and I'm happy to see others out there. Our local Hobie 16 fleet in NZ is trying to band together with the Wetas, A-class, and Tornados to have joint events to collectively increase all of our numbers long term. It's going to take a long time to get it off the ground though.
  5. BboySlug

    Revitalising the East Coast Australian Tornado Fleet

    Terrible venue, we sailed the Hobie 16s out of there for Auckland Anniversary day regatta, I hated every minute of it! Manly sailing club in Whangaparoa would be among my top choices of a venue for a Tornado worlds in Auckland. I'm happy to put another few venues your way, but Manly is the best off the beach sailing launch site (with a club on it) around. Torbay and Waikatere (Narrow Neck beach) are also not bad venues either. Trust me, if you have an off the beach catamaran worlds at Takapuna, you'll regret it!
  6. BboySlug

    2019 Worrell 1000 Reunion Race

    Howdy... let me clear my throat... *ahem... cough cough, ahem, ahem* It's the GREAT Texas 300.
  7. BboySlug

    Worrell's back.

    Wanting to crew for this if anybody needs crew. Wouldn't miss this for the world!
  8. How's the scene in Newcastle? I've heard there are lots of F18s in NSW, but I don't know where they are.
  9. BboySlug

    Growing a fleet with realistic goals

    Yes Hobie 16 Lots of old boats around. We think if we could mobilize the older models (and have older boats just race against eachother) it would increase the numbers quickly. Like an A-fleet B-fleet (moreover, new boats vs new boats, old boats vs old boats) thing.
  10. Have you taken your fleet numbers from zero to hero? My fleet has 5 active boats in all NZ. After a casual meeting the other day, there is renewed enthusiasm in getting our numbers back up to previous historic levels. Would like to get some tips, ideas, etc. on how to get it going. How to use social media properly. How to throw proper promo events. Interesting regatta/fun ideas which other fleets do. How to target both the older and younger generations. How to do joint events with other similar fleets. etc. What goals are realistic? Any pointers?
  11. BboySlug

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2018

    Ah rats, I was thinking that this would be Aussie equivalent to the Great Texas 300 or the Florida 300.
  12. BboySlug

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2018

    Is this a beach cat race or a larger multihull race?
  13. BboySlug

    2019 Worrell 1000 Reunion Race

    I'll fly back to the US from NZ for this... wouldn't miss something like this for the world! If anybody wants crew, PM me, I've got lots of beach cat (Hobie 16, F18, various Nacras, never foiled though) experience both on salt and freshwater, good with wind shifts and coastal sailing, degree in fluid dynamics, mid 20s, 75kgs. Have sailed Ruff Riders (race around South Padre Island), the Matakana Raid (race around Matakana Island, near Tauranga, NZ) and the Dash (the last leg of the GT300), but not the GT300 itself. Regrettably left Texas too soon to do it Cheers!
  14. BboySlug

    What a money pit!

    Really well spoken
  15. BboySlug

    What a money pit!

    I know sailing costs a lot of money, no matter what scale you sail on. Big boats, small boats, high performance boats, or repairing old boats they all cost a lot. I also know sailors also have other hobbies which can be money pits. So, I wanted to hear your stories. What is your money pit (sailing or not), how much goes into it, and why do you keep spending irrational amounts of money on it? Yes, your ex (or current) girlfriend story is also eligible. GO!