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  1. Worrell 1000...it's back.

    Wanting to crew for this if anybody needs crew. Wouldn't miss this for the world!
  2. How's the scene in Newcastle? I've heard there are lots of F18s in NSW, but I don't know where they are.
  3. Growing a fleet with realistic goals

    Yes Hobie 16 Lots of old boats around. We think if we could mobilize the older models (and have older boats just race against eachother) it would increase the numbers quickly. Like an A-fleet B-fleet (moreover, new boats vs new boats, old boats vs old boats) thing.
  4. Have you taken your fleet numbers from zero to hero? My fleet has 5 active boats in all NZ. After a casual meeting the other day, there is renewed enthusiasm in getting our numbers back up to previous historic levels. Would like to get some tips, ideas, etc. on how to get it going. How to use social media properly. How to throw proper promo events. Interesting regatta/fun ideas which other fleets do. How to target both the older and younger generations. How to do joint events with other similar fleets. etc. What goals are realistic? Any pointers?
  5. Brisbane to Gladstone 2018

    Ah rats, I was thinking that this would be Aussie equivalent to the Great Texas 300 or the Florida 300.
  6. Brisbane to Gladstone 2018

    Is this a beach cat race or a larger multihull race?
  7. 2019 Worrell 1000 Reunion Race

    I'll fly back to the US from NZ for this... wouldn't miss something like this for the world! If anybody wants crew, PM me, I've got lots of beach cat (Hobie 16, F18, various Nacras, never foiled though) experience both on salt and freshwater, good with wind shifts and coastal sailing, degree in fluid dynamics, mid 20s, 75kgs. Have sailed Ruff Riders (race around South Padre Island), the Matakana Raid (race around Matakana Island, near Tauranga, NZ) and the Dash (the last leg of the GT300), but not the GT300 itself. Regrettably left Texas too soon to do it Cheers!
  8. What a money pit!

    Really well spoken
  9. What a money pit!

    I know sailing costs a lot of money, no matter what scale you sail on. Big boats, small boats, high performance boats, or repairing old boats they all cost a lot. I also know sailors also have other hobbies which can be money pits. So, I wanted to hear your stories. What is your money pit (sailing or not), how much goes into it, and why do you keep spending irrational amounts of money on it? Yes, your ex (or current) girlfriend story is also eligible. GO!
  10. Is the Swan River in Perth more an estuary or a river? Wondering if you guys who sail there wash your boats down after a sail or not to get the salt off.
  11. Anybody looking for crew? I'm flying in from New Zealand. I race hobie 16s in NZ currently and used to race them in the US. I also have a lot of F18 experience too.
  12. Auckland multihulls

    Is the yellow traimaran in Cox's bay?
  13. Auckland multihulls

    Hobie 16 fleet is doing a raid race around Kawau island this weekend. If any other beach cat fleets may be interested in joining us for a similar event in the future please feel free to reach out!
  14. Help me name my boat!

    Hi all, Looking for a name for my boat. Thinking of going with a superman theme given the sail coloration. I know a guy who can get graphics done. Since people only see the hull stickers when the hull is flying, was thinking of naming it "superfly" and having a superman logo printed on the sail somewhere. What do y'all think?
  15. Auckland multihulls

    The banana ahmas look like someone stuck a keel boat between a hobie 16's hulls.