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  1. Tvick1

    Rules -Tacking at the Windward mark

    I would say a crash tack, you just steer the boat in any way you can to avoid a collision. The crew might not swap sides, the jib might not be released, in a dinghy you might even capsize. A seamanlike tack may have the same steering input, but you would swap sides, you would realease the jib and pull it in on the other side, you would continue to sail on the new tack in a similar manor to normal. This doesnt mean that you have to be allowed sufficient room to roll tack or similar, so the tack might not be as efficient as a tack that you would have completed had the starboard boat not been there)
  2. Tvick1

    Rules -Tacking at the Windward mark

    But I understand that it will be yacht A that needs to prove that they are now on starboard AND that boat B has room to keep clear. Also they do not gain any rights as a starboard boat until they reach a close hauled course (I agree that they do not actually have to set there sails, that is just a nice way to demonstraight that you are on a close hauled course)
  3. Tvick1

    Rules -Tacking at the Windward mark

    I understood, that at times of uncertainty, the protest committee would go to the last point that everyone agrees. This would mean that as both boat A and B agree that boat A tacked, it would be upto boat A to prove they had completed their tack AND that boat B had room to keep clear.
  4. Tvick1

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    I see that the press release says 8 classes made submissions, does anyone know what the other 4 classes were?
  5. I've seen it there before too, been there for years but I've never seen it out sailing, Is it ever used? I wonder if they could relatively easily fit a computer to control the boats foils for flight and a generator or battery packs to provide the power, vastly reducing the need for the grinding and making it an experience that they could take your average punter out on? It would seem that it would be a pretty small step to make the ETNZ boat fly its self!
  6. The British challenger Sceptre is still sailing and has been converted to a cruiser. Was great fun to sail on for the week when I got the chance as a teenager.