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  1. Moster

    Hull color J/122?

    Anyone knows the RAL number or similar for the gelcoat on the hull of a "white" J/122? Need to do some Quick repairs and don't have the time to blend.
  2. Moster

    J/122 diesel heater installation

    Planning to install the airheater in the same way. Have found a way throught the port cabin (on the shelf) , throught the locker, under the navarea and out just aft of the dieseltank. Think that part will be an OK installation. Problem is how to get the ducting further into the forecabin and the toilet. Will have to experiment. Still som time before the ice disappears from the lake.
  3. Moster

    J/122 diesel heater installation

    Thank's very much for sharing. I have the 3 cabin layout and have tried hard to find out where to install the heater and how to run the ducting, especially to the v berth and the head in the forecabin. Will try small size duct and hope some hot air will find the way.
  4. Moster

    J/122 diesel heater installation

    Not a big issue, sailing the boat shorthanded ;-)
  5. Moster

    J/122 Inner forestay

    We race shorthanded often in quick changing conditions and it would be nice to have a smaller jib setup to use instead of having to switch headsail. What about problems with the J/122 rig. Anyone with more information?
  6. Moster

    J/122 Inner forestay

    Plannning to install an inner forestay on my J/122 to use with smaller headsails in windy conditions and when reaching. Asked Hall Spars about recommendations for reinforcements in the carbon mast but they thought it was a bad idea and didn't want to give advise. Anyone here that can give me advise on arrangement?
  7. Searching for advise how to arrange the ducting and install a diesel heater in a J/122?