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  1. Jimmycrab

    F24 mk1 rudder question

    Awesome enjoy, they are fun boats!
  2. Jimmycrab

    F24 mk1 rudder question

    I have a similar situation at my buddies dock, very shallow. I’m able to motor out with rudder up or even half way down. I’m also on the Chesapeake and it’s a great little boat for cruising with the family and beaching. I plan on keeping this for a couple more years a eventually move up in size. Another good thing about these boats are so easy to solo sail. Good luck on the search.
  3. Jimmycrab

    F24 mk1 rudder question

    Got one on mine. Swings up for trailering. It will tends to cavitate at high speeds, if you push it which I experienced once. Maybe that’s why the redesigned them. Other than that it’s fine.
  4. Jimmycrab

    New Corsair 880

    Looks sharp, wonder what price tag is?
  5. Jimmycrab

    Anyone sailed a Hobie and a Corsair?

    I’m on the Chesapeake and have a f24. Great little boat! My wife and 2 kids dig it, it’s plenty fast for them, yet I like to push it when solo or friends. I grew up sailing hobies and made the transition to a corsair when I started a family.