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  1. R2AK 2018

    There's also the steampunk method. Somebody got creative! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q82Sa_Jc05I
  2. Hey, I'm a non racer unlike most of you, so here's my perspective on why I have zero interest in becoming a racer. 1- Boring. Going around in triangles in the harbor sounds straight up boring. I'd rather go slower, and see some scenery, than go faster in a triangle. 2- Rules. The rules are seriously overwhelming. Not only that, but they are not clear or easily applied. The proof is spread across multiple threads here. 3- Too many people. Everywhere. Billions of us, who all want to have a view of the water. This makes life on or near the water very expensive, and very constrained by rules. Want to have a little place on the lake with a dock? Great, hope you have a million spare dollars. Also, on this point- sailing is a GREAT way to finally get away from all the land-bound hordes wandering around the shopping malls. Get out there on the water doing something almost nobody knows how to do, away from it all! Umm, and then jam myself into a pack of people all doing the same damn thing going around in triangles yelling at each other? Why in God's name would I ever choose to do that? So, which sailing races actually look interesting? The R2AK for starters. Amazing natural setting, real challenges of the sea, unique personalities and boats. Zero yelling, and almost no rules. Those two points are not unrelated. Basically, everything that normal racing is NOT, and yet it is much closer to the spirit of actual sailing. Sailboats were invented to move from one place, to a NEW place. I do have massive respect for long distance ocean racing. One of the interesting wrinkles in the R2AK is that there are multiple routes to take. Again, a bit of actual seamanship. Not only that, but I can actually respect each R2AK sailor for their effort rather than their wallet. Maybe this is a big piece of it. People choose to pursue activities where they are inspired by role models. It's tough to find that role model when top sailing involves a big crew of hired guns, a very rich owner who's probably not even on the boat, and a bunch of personal stories that probably aren't very interesting when looked at closely. I would recommend copying every rule from the R2AK and trying that out, to see where it gets you. More races like that, which can actually be interesting to non-sailors. This, of course, needs no introduction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gPjMvTmE2g
  3. 2017 Race to Alaska

    After suffering through several pages of the Jobson Retort, the R2AK is a breath of fresh air. There will never ever be a clusterfuck like that at this finish line.
  4. Whats happening in Congress

    That poll only came out on the 15th of June, so I guess it depends on your definition of "some time". The takeaway from your comment, which is actually correct, is that the only thing stopping gun legislation is low Democratic turnout at the polls. Is there anything going on that might motivate turnout, especially on the left? Perhaps one Donald Trump would do the trick? He's done absolute wonders for Latino voter registration, to the point that Clinton has a great chance of winning even Texas. One more question- if even NRA members are in favor of restrictions, why does the organization itself always fight so hard against them? That's quite dysfunctional. Someday, maybe the NRA and the country together will get the restrictions we all apparently want, except for those goat-fuckers you keep bringing up.
  5. Whats happening in Congress

    " The D's are expressing their collective need to lose elections" Are you aware that the latest polls show voters want to ban assault weapons? It's polling at 57-44 right now to ban 'em. In case you aren't following, that means the Dems are on the side of the fairly significant majority. Last I heard, that's a pretty good way to WIN elections. Yeah, it's a beehive, but those angry bees are not on the side you think they are. Read it and weep: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/283558-poll-majority-of-americans-support-ban-on-assault-weapons
  6. In Wake of Orlando Dems Plot to Disarm Americans

    Oh come on, at least give me a little credit for the Point Break quote! Why am I frightening to you it's not like I'm brandishing a gun? Is the pen actually mightier than the sword?
  7. In Wake of Orlando Dems Plot to Disarm Americans

    "Pretty sure you won't be taking these peoples guns..............." Pretty sure you're right. Luckily, I won't have to. They can turn them in peacefully, and most will. Most people are law abiding citizens, and when the law says you can no longer have a semi-automatic gun they will comply. Here's how it works: once possessing a semi-auto is a felony, most people will realize it's not worth it. You can't take your gun to the range anymore because that's a felony and the gun range will be required to report you, AND you just lost your gun. You can't take your gun in the car, because a simple traffic violation means you are a felon AND you just lost your gun. So yeah you can hide your gun at home, but that gets real boring after a while, and you have to worry about getting ratted out by anyone with a motive. Sounds real risky, with very little to zero benefit. Hell, you can't even sell it either. That'll also be a felony. You can try the black market, but you better hope the person buying isn't an ATF/FBI agent. It's lose lose lose all the way around if you really choose to disobey this law. "Bodhi, this is your fucking wake-up call man. I am an F. B. I. agent!" So the smart people, probably the vast majority, choose to obey the law in a year or two. Yep, there will be holdouts. Once again, I won't be taking their guns. That's what the police are for. They can be very very patient in this process. Eventually, most gun nuts will get turned in by somebody, maybe a girlfriend, maybe your teenager who hates your guts, maybe your meth dealer you shorted, maybe the rival gang who only has handguns, maybe your neighbor who saw you cleaning it through the window, who cares. How about a $500 reward to turn a felon in? That'll grease the skids. Just a matter of time and pressure. Maybe we only manage to collect 95% of the semi-auto guns? In that case the real nut cases will never be able to purchase one, not in the gun store, not on craigslist. Those rare and hidden semi-auto guns that remain will be very little trouble at all. Aaron Lewis can sing all he wants, doesn't change a thing. Is he going to get into a shootout when the cops knock? Or does he care about his family enough to hand it over?
  8. In Wake of Orlando Dems Plot to Disarm Americans

    Each mass killing creates another wave of people who would do anything to outlaw semi-auto guns. We WILL have more mass killings. Those WILL lead to more voters opposed to semi-auto guns. Simple math says that eventually the anti-gun side will have the votes, and will force that vote to happen. You can argue all day about firing rates, and post unfunny memes about how dumb liberals are, but in the end you are just pissing in the wind. Works no better in politics than on a sailboat. And wow, did this Orlando mass murder tip the scales! Read it and weep, gun nuts: "In the wake of the nation's deadliest mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, a new CBS News poll has found that a majority of Americans now support a nationwide ban on assault weapons. The survey, conducted in the days following the massacre at a popular Orlando gay night club, shows 57 percent of Americans now favor such a ban. That's up from 44 percent in December, when the question was last asked in CBS News polling. Now, 38 percent of respondents oppose the legislation, compared to the 50 percent who opposed it in December." I highly doubt these people are going to give up and let the gun nuts win. Go ahead and mock the people in this photo next- I expect no better from SA.
  9. It's hot in India, damn hot. 51C, which is 124 degrees F. I can't even imagine trying to function at 124 degrees. When it gets that hot, as the author says, "death is the only option". There are 1,548 reported suicides so far. http://www.news.com.au/technology/environment/climate-change/welcome-to-india-a-country-gripped-by-51c-heatwave/news-story/04d0ded07b8f6303280efc75a8163103 Here's the line that made me wince: "Officials told the Press Times of India that there is a mere one per cent of water left in the region’s dams." Thoughts?
  10. BreakFree PNW

    Umm, gold star for knowing when spring and summer are? The point is that this year the ice is way below normal, much lower than even the lowest year on record (2012). Of course, you probably can see that and just want to mock the scientists, and the truth. Haha? If you don't care about losing the arctic, that's cool, just be honest and come right out and say it.
  11. BreakFree PNW

    So, one trailer load and the garbage is all cleaned up? Great, tiny problem solved. Meanwhile, no surprise, the knuckleheads were not successful in stopping the oil shipments. So, the oil burns. The heat builds. The ice melts. Our future gets darker. Fuck us all...
  12. BreakFree PNW

    Cool story, Lightnin'. Because wristtwister asked nicely... (no pit hair just for you hobot)
  13. BreakFree PNW

    Haha, that's actually a pretty good one. Nicely played. Yeah that Hanford plume sucks too. One more example in an endless list of ways we've fucked over the Earth. I could protest it, but then I probably wouldn't do it right enough for some people here.
  14. BreakFree PNW

    I never said blocking that road wasn't stupid. It probably was. But who gives a fuck? Good ideas about riding a horse or paddling a wooden kayak. Also agreed trashing the place should not happen. Again, though, this is all such minor stuff it hardly bears mentioning. The bigger point is that the environment is crashing, a little faster every year. So these protesters didn't get it right, or change anything. It sounds like they need help. So, I see three options here. 1. Declare you enjoy seeing the environment destroyed and keep laughing at protesters. 2. Help the protesters by joining, and making them do it right. 3. Or do nothing, and STFU. Choose wisely...
  15. BreakFree PNW

    Sweet, I love when I get called a Newbie. The beauty of life is that you're always new at something. I'm glad to know Anacortes is "where its going down". You make it sound like the whole town has got its panties wadded up over an old mattress. Well, enjoy your moment of fame! Let me guess, you like to live in Anacortes so you can be close to nature, aka the San Juan Islands? Contrast your appreciation of the place you chose to live to your anger towards those who seek to preserve what little "nature" is left. I'm old enough to remember catching a limit of kings in an hour in the Sound, trolling around in a little skiff, every damn day. Can't do that anymore, can you? Remember that epic run of cod in Agate Pass? I do- and then we scraped the bottom clean. 1991, that was when the season closed- forever. Oops sorry I just keep preaching about the environment, and man's destruction thereof. Maybe because I've lived it, and can remember when it was different. ps- it is definitely awesome here in Portland. You are correct about that. Lots of moss and trees, both of which I appreciate. We can also handle 50 protesters without thinking we are suddenly special. Edit: check this out. Apparently Puget Sound blackmouth are now so toxic, you should only eat two servings PER MONTH. The same fish I used to eat 3 times per week when I was a kid. Yeah, the water is so toxic it's making salmon you can't eat. ***But that protester was in a plastic boat***!?!?!? The point is, figure out some priorities. The plastic boat doesn't matter, and neither do these protesters. The water matters. The air matters. The trees matter. And I'll keep preaching with what breath I have left.