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  1. Ripply

    First (and hopefully last). Pan. Pan

    Not a sailboat, but I did draw the short straw to dive under a gillnetter in the Bering Sea with knife in hand. Corks, webbing, and leadline make a very nice mess when wrapped tight around a prop. Especially the damn leadline, trying to find the gaps between lead to saw through. Even with a wetsuit, it took a minute to get the cold water panic breathing under control. Don't recall getting any bonus pay for that adventure!
  2. Ripply

    Coolboats to admire

    Velella seems like a pretty cool boat, and in top condition for it's age. It feels right to me.
  3. As far as I can tell, our society will elect the nutters to be the ruling party and watch them vote to funnel our tax money into their pockets. I'm sure the nutters have done the calculus on how much social security money can be funneled upwards by adopting a superspreader approach. Just control the message on state media, and you can control reality for enough of the people to remain on course. The second wave will probably be entirely Biden's fault, don't you see? And the first wave was Obama's lack of preparation. Very glad I read 1984 all those years ago.
  4. Ripply

    R2AK 2020

    I fear the border issues will be tough to overcome. I'm aiming to start building my R2AK resume with a trip from Homer to Augustine volcano. And back, hopefully. I volunteer to put a tracker on for amusement for those stuck in quarantine.
  5. Ripply


    Just a touch here, but a touch is a little close for comfort. This bank I'm at just reduced the withdrawal limit to 5k per customer to "reduce panic." Nothing to see here, please move along.
  6. Ripply

    Mini 580 - a truly small ocean racer ?

    Always a handful of those Tolman skiffs for sale up here:
  7. Mid 90s, I volunteered to help a friend drive from Anchorage to Seattle. We missed our planned takeoff date before winter hit. Thus, in the middle of the Yukon tundra heading south we found drifting snow and blizzard conditions late at night. Pulling a fully packed trailer, maybe 60 mph, a little shimmy, an over correction, circles. We left the roadway at full speed, trailer first, and after another 90 degrees of rotation the whole show rolled onto its side. Slid a couple hundred feet down an embankment and with the last bit of momentum hit a row of little scrubby alders, and happened to be perfectly parallel to them and hit underside first. The saplings gently rolled truck and trailer back upright in a smooth motion and the world got still. Not a scratch on us. CD didn't even skip. Amazingly vehicle and trailer were practically untouched thanks to the snow cushion we rode all the way down. I took over the wheel, crossed fingers, and managed to get going 50 mph in the ditch and climbed the embankment. Made it to the roadway, then the hard part: figure out which direction to go. Our tracks were buried, pitch black/whiteout, only 30 miles of fuel left so we had to get it right. Was that a 720 or 1080 back there?
  8. Yes. This is where I get to commend Swarbrick for coming pretty darn close to these modern designs with my Alien. I love being easily beachable. I wind up ashore on every camping trip, sometimes even intentionally. Don't love the daggerboard trunk, but it's worth it. Tides run up to 30 feet here so ability to go dry makes all the difference. The permanent crane is really useful as I can crank up the board quickly at the drop of a hat. More sailboats should aspire to this! I do like that Elan 210, but I'm not sure all the extra complication for a touch more speed is truly a positive. Hmm. I think I'd dump the bulb for full retracting board, and go with a simple single rudder. Then choose a cat rig so I can sail any angle I want in a narrow channel. Oh damn now I'm right back to my own boat. That said, I would give a lot for a hinged mast that could be raised or lowered in a couple minutes, and just as much for an easy way to lock the board at any height. Oh yeah bulwarks would be nice too when it's icy. No boat is perfect. Yet.
  9. Ripply

    The 2020 Motorcycle Thread

    Days gone by, my favorite commuter when I was in the bay area...
  10. Ripply

    Greta Rides Again?

    Am I the only one that finds it amusing that the thread about Maintaining Sailing Interest is right next to the thread bashing a young girl for choosing to sail instead of fly? Seriously, stop hitting yourselves in the face! Let go the conspiracy theories and then try breathing in and out at a nice steady pace. Mouth closed for extra points.
  11. Ripply

    Sailor, small boat lost off Oregon Coast

    I've paddled one of Brian's F1's for years. Best kayak I've had out of a dozen. Bulletproof and simple- and perfectly balanced in the water. The sheer/rocker/deck all combine to make a sea kayak that is nimble and can surf while still able to pack a load. All that in a 30 pound package. Can't be beat. Brian is a mad genius.
  12. Ripply

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Humpback whale magic. Apologies for the sail trim- crash sail raising and then immediate red october move at 1 knot hahaha...
  13. Ripply

    boy is this girl in for a surprise..

    Boris doesn't seem too worried: "Of course we are aware of the storm Chantal, but due to the colder water up North it will not become a critical storm for us, and rather give us the necessary propulsion to go West."
  14. Ripply

    boy is this girl in for a surprise..

    "Day 4. Pos 46° 20‘ N 015° 46‘ W Eating and sleeping well and no sea sickness so far. Life on Malizia II is like camping on a roller coaster!"