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  1. Ripply

    Sailor, small boat lost off Oregon Coast

    I've paddled one of Brian's F1's for years. Best kayak I've had out of a dozen. Bulletproof and simple- and perfectly balanced in the water. The sheer/rocker/deck all combine to make a sea kayak that is nimble and can surf while still able to pack a load. All that in a 30 pound package. Can't be beat. Brian is a mad genius.
  2. Ripply

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Humpback whale magic. Apologies for the sail trim- crash sail raising and then immediate red october move at 1 knot hahaha...
  3. Ripply

    Brexit, WTF

  4. Ripply

    boy is this girl in for a surprise..

    Boris doesn't seem too worried: "Of course we are aware of the storm Chantal, but due to the colder water up North it will not become a critical storm for us, and rather give us the necessary propulsion to go West."
  5. Ripply

    boy is this girl in for a surprise..

    "Day 4. Pos 46° 20‘ N 015° 46‘ W Eating and sleeping well and no sea sickness so far. Life on Malizia II is like camping on a roller coaster!"
  6. Ripply

    boy is this girl in for a surprise..

    Also- looks a bit rough there, and I see resolve on her face. The only surprise for her may end up being how much she loves sailing. If she still has this look in her eyes in a week I propose the thread title be changed.
  7. Ripply

    boy is this girl in for a surprise..

    This thread needs more pictures. 1 year ago nobody knew her name. Today she's ripping across the Atlantic on an Open 60. She must be doing something right.
  8. Ripply

    boy is this girl in for a surprise..

    Funny, no poop complaints on the new zero carbon Hugo Boss thread. Either he can hold it for a long time or the double standard is glaring.
  9. Ripply

    R2AK 2019

    Here's a shout out to Ziska for going where no contestant has before, if I'm not mistaken?
  10. Ripply

    R2AK 2019

    Team Solveig in 6th in the Norwegian faering. Optimal conditions for them today I imagine.
  11. Ripply

    R2AK 2019

    I think all the competitors know that Leg 1 is no gimme. They knew it when they paid their money. Hurts, and we'll miss some otherwise epic efforts. But its named The Proving Ground for reason it seems.
  12. Ripply

    The daggerboard fell off!

    No bilge on this boat, you're looking at the floor/hull. It's maybe 3/8ths to half of an inch of uncored fiberglass. Not sure I'm entirely understanding the key hole thought. The exit on the bottom is a rough match of a cross section of the daggerboard. The board has wide sections on port and starboard sides near the top, which ride inside corresponding wide channels in the case, and these channels stop a couple inches above the floor which keeps the board from dropping out the bottom. Hope that makes sense. I found some system 3 hardener from my last kayak project, so will probably go that direction. Thanks again to everyone for the advice and/or understanding. Soon as work tapers off I'll get this sorted properly.
  13. Ripply

    The daggerboard fell off!

    Straying a bit off topic, I figured I'd share some Homer scenery. It's not all daggerboard horror here. I can't imagine a better place to sail, or a better motivation to get this fixed.
  14. Ripply

    The daggerboard fell off!

    Ok, forget the wait, here's the pics. First shows the full extent of missing fiberglass on the rear of the daggerboard case. It's been cut off roughly by a "human"- note the symmetrical hacking on each side. The case is also cracked another 4 inches below the bottom of the missing area. Next shows how the PVC (?) tube was placed before being buried in some type of goop. Then, a closeup of the tube showing it was sawed in half manually. Somebody used this trick to give themselves a nice round edge to bury under fiberglass, while being able to leave the entire missing section unfilled. Last shows the floor after chipping out the bondo. It seems to be fiberglass at this point, which must be the outer skin. Not sure if this is a depth to stop at, after some more cleanup with a dremel. Lets just say my faith in that last layer is less than perfect. I'm thinking remove the bottom paint in this area tomorrow to see what it looks like from the outside. I should have spotted this looking down my daggerboard case from above. I truly do not understand how I missed it. I've looked in there a dozen times. Perhaps the board has always obscured the issue, or perhaps it's been in shadow and the rear side is less visible. I wasn't exactly inspecting it for issues, just a glance to see if it looked like the board was seated all the way at the bottom. I'll know more after pulling the daggerboard, after locating a crane or lift of some type. At least that's something this town has in abundance! My fear of putting holes in this boat has dissipated. I can't possibly do worse than this.
  15. Ripply

    The daggerboard fell off!

    The broken edges are indeed fresh. As I pried the large patch off, the plastic section was crumbling and chunks of it cracked off in my hands. I got the entire "plastic" section off and it appears to be a PVC pipe that was sawed in half lengthwise. Really. It is definitely not a factory piece. I'll put up another pic tomorrow when I get back in there in the daylight. The daggerboard case is completely broken away at the rear, probably 20 inches or so vertically. This is no "crack". It's a gaping wound. Stay tuned for the pic! Also 2 more cracks, one on each side, 8 inches or so. Also, the boat was not only splashed with that patch in place, I sailed it 20+ times including in seas up to 5 feet with 25 knot winds. It always seemed to weep a bit of water inside when sailed hard. I'm amazed that was the only symptom. I'm lucky, and so very glad the non skid was bugging me enough to decide to remove it.