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  1. Ripply

    Fish ‘n Cheer

    It's also sunny and spectacular at the fishing lagoon up north. Some sort of debris in the water though.
  2. Ripply

    Icing, not the cake variety

    Good general advice. I do have 4 survival suits and the closest boats are the USCGC Hickory and USCGC Naushon, right here in the harbor. Fewer passing boats for sure though and less daylight. ^^ Nice Hobie pic. Any other ice ideas? Anyone know if a sail can ice up? There are reasons to remain here contrary to the evidence presented thus far.
  3. Ripply

    Icing, not the cake variety

    Had that coming
  4. Ripply

    Icing, not the cake variety

    It's a 21 foot catboat, an Alien 21. Being Australian, it's far out of it's native element.
  5. Ripply

    Icing, not the cake variety

    Brilliant, thanks for the vodka plan. FYI my rig is unstayed and bends all over the place- IF there is wind. I can't manually bend it although in a calm I guess this is less likely to matter.
  6. Yesterday looked like a nice breeze for a sail, so I figured it was time to shovel the snow off the boat and take a spin around the bay while I was at it. Simple enough, just wash the snow off with a few buckets of salt water. Well that's about when I got a demonstration and reminder that saltwater can freeze too, and freeze quick. Now the boat's encased in a slick sheet of salt ice. That's what I get for not realizing the temps had dropped into the mid teens F (that's negative 10 C for those from scientific lands). Anyhow, I got to thinking about what a nightmare icing would be while sailing. I've worked commercial boats and had to deal with inches of ice using blunt metal instruments bashing into steel. Needless to say, this approach is not ideal on a fiberglass deck. Not to mention that yesterday all the lines were encased in ice, and I imagine trying to get that icy line to cooperate with a winch might be tricky. Yesterday the call was easy- stay firmly attached to the dock. Another day might not be so simple here in Alaska. I'm planning on sailing through the winter as conditions allow, but weather happens and forecasts here are taken with a grain of salt. Adding lifelines, toe rail and tether just seem necessary at minimum. SO- what tips do you have, for a sailor who finds himself in icing conditions? How to avoid capsize if sails/mast are icing? How to move about the deck? How to deal with lines and blocks? Is this even possible at all or will everything fail right now. Please no lectures or discussions about being immersed in cold water. Yes I have survival suits, for what they are worth. Every other cold weather thread is all about being IN the water. I'd like to focus on preventing that in the first place, and then how the hell to keep the boat functioning even if in reduced fashion. I can't catch halibut tied to the dock like this...
  7. Ripply

    Gary W Mull

    The Frosty Morn was inspiring enough to search for more info, and there's a great 3 part series from the builder showing the cold molding method. A true craftsman The Building of "Frosty Morn" Section 1: Lofting & Setup. The Building of "Frosty Morn" Section 2: Setup and Planking The Building of "Frosty Morn" Section 3: Decking, Fitting Out, and Launching
  8. Good guess, try an Alien 21. Faster, I'm guessing, and beachable unlike the Freedom. And cheap.
  9. Here's mine, based on similar criteria. 20.5 x 8.5 cat rig. Sleeps 2 humans and 2 dogs.
  10. Ripply

    Boating While High

    Meanwhile in Alaska you're looking at $70 per eighth for half decent. Little supply, much demand...
  11. Details. Just wanted to throw in a local "less is more" option. He also says "very blindly" in his post, so I'm taking his requirements with a grain of salt. How much is actually required to get into sailing and take a boat out for the weekend in Puget Sound? Certainly not more than this modest little Freedom. To the poster: we just watched a Hobie 20 beach cat make it to Ketchican via Haida Gwaii!
  12. This might be a real nice first boat to grow with, and way less cash:
  13. Ripply

    R2AK 2018

    It's been an enormously entertaining year, from my perspective. I'm rooting for all of the top 4 teams and many more after that. I wish we'd had a prediction thread to review- many surprises! Meanwhile First Federales are cranking for the finish at 6.7 knots. I assume in twilight. They spent a night moving slowly on purpose to reduce risks and to assess damage after hitting a log. Good seamanship, I'd say. And now pushing for the win. Congrats to the ladies!
  14. Ripply

    R2AK 2018

    Nevermind re wild card. But yeah Lagopus is close...
  15. Ripply

    R2AK 2018

    Day 5 clip of the day: