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  1. Robsi524

    Team NYYC

    Oh brother, what a watershed moment, a real splash
  2. Robsi524

    Team NYYC

    PhD really? Not a Bachelor in architecture?
  3. Robsi524

    Team UK

    Video won’t embed but can watch on Facebook, about 48minutes in talking about the AC, the capsize video and how both teams with surrogates are capsizing regularly
  4. Robsi524

    Team UK

  5. Robsi524

    How many challengers will there be?

    Interesting to see Jack Griffin has voted for 3 - that is no new challengers. He was at the Prada cup launch
  6. Robsi524


    In the statement from ETNZ Dalts talks about not needing the Hobson wharf extension, doesn't mention anything about accommodating extra teams. Reading between the lines sounds like probably one additional challenger, maybe two.
  7. Robsi524


    So we wont know who, but how many, after the closing time tomorrow:
  8. Robsi524

    Team NYYC

    More footage:
  9. Robsi524

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    There was one guy on SA at this time last cycle who thought ETNZ could win the Americas cup, everyone on this site including alot of the people still arguing with him called him an idiot for even suggesting ETNZ could win. If you guys don't like arguing with him stop taking the bait every single fucking time.
  10. Robsi524

    Larry's AC50 Circus

  11. Robsi524

    trickle down

    Lots of Artemis hoodies at the American magic test boat launch, they must of picked up a few of them
  12. Robsi524

    Team NYYC

    Team USA have launched their first test boat?
  13. Robsi524


    Trickle down, good work!
  14. Robsi524

    CNN on Water Bugs and Big Bucks

    so a new thread every time any news on the AC is published?