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  1. Will1073

    All-New Velocitek ProStart

    Aluminum L extrusion is a lot cheaper...
  2. Did you mount it above your heeled waterline?
  3. Will1073

    Gluing batten to Tape Drive Sail...

    Dr Sails. I have no first hand experience but I have heard good things.
  4. Will1073

    Evolution Sails (Canada)

    I know the boat! I look forward to putting a face to the name when counter regattas can happen again. I messaged John on Facebook, will keep you posted. I’m leaning heavily towards KSL. John Clark seems like a stand up guy and a lot of fast boats with his sails.
  5. Will1073

    Evolution Sails (Canada)

    That would be nice. I think he had some health issues... I tried emailing him but his evolution address is shutdown. Maybe I will try Facebook. I really liked his sails and I feel like I finally found how to get the best performance out of them. Any experience with KSL?
  6. Will1073

    Evolution Sails (Canada)

    Thanks man. It’s a damn shame
  7. Will1073

    Evolution Sails (Canada)

    Specifically the Toronto loft, what gives? I know they went under have since reopened. Trying to purchase Shark one design sails that used to be made in house and designed by John Dakin in Toronto. Now I heard rumours that everything is being made in NZ. Tried the local sister loft in Montreal and they don’t want to take my money... Anybody have any suggestions or connections before I jump to another sail maker?
  8. Will1073

    Eliminating thru hulls about the water line

    Andy has the right idea. if you’re not up for it, hiring a pro to do the gel coat work should leave you with a much prettier boost than something with plugs installed in her side.
  9. Will1073

    Weather resistant masking tape

    Couple weeks, nothing that I know of. We just switched from 3M blue to green (I can get you the model # tomorrow) which is good for a little over a week in the summer sun and rain.
  10. Will1073

    Young and Full of Promise

    I hate to be that guy... but maybe treat your crew to some PPE?
  11. Will1073

    Air conditioning

    I’ve installed a few Dometic Turbo self contained units in customer’s boats. Very easy install and the customers were happy very happy with them.
  12. Will1073

    Connect Low Friction Ring to boom

    Soft shackle and whip it tight to the LFR
  13. Will1073

    Lightning strike

    What foolish adjuster didn’t write this boat off?
  14. I like a light grey with a punchy stripe colour
  15. Knowing the make of the boat might help us advise you on whether it’s worth the work. If it’s an Irwin, then walk away.