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  1. Deep Scratches in Mast

    Looks good but you really shouldn't need filler, if they're that deep you have more serious concerns -- as pointed out by Zonker.
  2. Alcatraz

    Ahab, bless you for being the internet safety officer.
  3. What about a product like Dr. Sails for your patches?
  4. Alcatraz

    Post pictures of your work. It's clear that Alcatraz knows what he's doing.
  5. I'm making a rudder

    2 part Epoxy paint (if it’s truly epoxy-based) won’t like UV. I would recommend a polyurethane for above water portions of the rudder. IP2000 the whole thing then mask the waterline.
  6. what is it?

    Looks like a stubby Club Swan 50
  7. I'm making a rudder

    Alan, I build up the trailing edge (no bag) before doing the entire skin of the rudder. I do a layup of 4" uni tape and biax down the trailing edge on one side, sticking out 1/4" past the core, as soon as it's cured enough to flip, fill the 1/4" overhang with thicken and repeat the same layup on the opposite side. Cut and clean up before bagging the main skin on the rudder. This ensures a clean and strong trailing edge, and allows you to taper your main skin layers. I would do a seal coat on the wood (using peel ply), then do you laminate over it. More resin when wetting your glass, get a catch pot. Ditch the breather cloth, the peel ply functions as a breather cloth. I run my spiral vacuum tube draped over the leading edge with it reaching from end to end. It looks to me like your resin:hardener ratio was off and this caused all the air in your laminate, because it wasn't;t fully cured before you shut the vac off. Good luck!
  8. Dyneema Deck Railings

    I can’t see why not as long as it is capable of managing the loads that life lines see, hiking, falls, etc. with a safety margin. I feel that you would end up with rather thick lifelines and this would negate one of the reasons for going synthetic (weight). I have done some tests with 1/4” amsteel with a low friction ring to lash/tension it. Some stretch at first but rapidly disappears to negligible.
  9. I'm making a rudder

    I like your router jig. Another option that we do for hand shaping, is cutting vertical depth strips with a circular/table saw and then using an electric hand plane to remove the material to those depths. Your jig may be a bit slower but will make it impossible to screw up, and will nail your profile. Also $2400 is a steal for a one-off rudder. I would consider upping your laminate to two layers of 12oz biaxial cloth if I were you -- bagged preferably.
  10. Thru-deck Fairleads

    Looks very Klacko to me. Easy enough for a machine shop to make new ones.
  11. Alternatives to Yammy T9.9

    I'm a big Yamaha fan. They seem to take care of you if you take care of them.
  12. Low Friction Ring Anarchy

    take my money
  13. Doing away with winches

    Faster tacks Continuous genoa sheet The ability (if your system works) to make fine tune adjustments from the windward rail. Super critical to keep the shark on its feet (have you seen that horrendous keel?). Cross sheeting to the windward winch isn't possible due to the cabin/genoa lead/combing placement
  14. Building a boat

    Chop over plywood.... good lord.
  15. J22 bottom & keel refinishing questions

    A 1 gallon kit of IP2k (thinned with 2316N) would be enough