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  1. Looking for some sail trim literature to get me through the winter -- specifically for fractional large overlapping headsails. I've had The Art and Science of Sails by Whidden/Levitt recommended to me but I don't want to buy a book that is essentially a giant North advert. Thanks!
  2. Will1073


    I like the top plate treatment. We do a lot of foam shaped over the post rudders (H80 or H100) and I’ve always routered the foam to a 3/8” round-over and the multiple layers of 12oz biaxial have no trouble taking the shape in the bag. Many ways to shave this cat! Loving the progress
  3. Will1073

    Boomkicker install...any tricks or tips?

    The instructions are very thorough. Take your time.
  4. Will1073

    Interlux Watertite Question

    I had a kit of watertite that cured a very very pale purple, but when sanded was the normal blue hue we know. Is it curing fine? If so, I wouldn’t be worried.
  5. Will1073


    Oh man, just post more pictures already!
  6. I think I would hop on the opportunity and if you really like the boat consider repowering.
  7. Will1073

    Velocitek SpeedPuck

    Ok. Please let me know if he passes it up. Looking for simple (affordable) speed displays for a youth fleet of Shark 24s we are starting at our YC. Don’t want tactical, don’t want to be installing transducers/batteries.
  8. Will1073

    Velocitek SpeedPuck

    If you would like to sell it, please let me know.
  9. Will1073

    Rudder refurb and associated troubles...

    Glass then fairing. Looks really good but I think you could have shaped a new rudder out of H100 foam and bagged a new rudder in the same time. That’s how we do them.
  10. Will1073

    stick on cam cleat base

    I’m not sure I see the point beyond needing to place a cam in a difficult spot where a custom riser or bridge is needed to negotiate the surface on the deck. You will need to heavily abrade a decent chunk of the deck for your base to bond with any sort of reliability. Holes are easier to fix in my mind. I’m not familiar with Spabond, but I wouldn’t use Sikaflex. My choice would be Plexus or another MMA.
  11. Will1073

    Pretty floor options?

    Balsa w/ 12oz biax skins (epoxy), nonskid paint. Light and cheap
  12. Will1073

    Mo Bettah Too

    Agreed about doing away with the aft winches in favor of leading the runners forward.
  13. Will1073

    B&G paddle wheel recessed in housing

    Confirm that the transducer is properly and fully seated in the thru-hull. A little Vaseline can help the transducer slide easily into the housing.
  14. Will1073


    I believe you can email yourself the photos (through the mail app) and by doing so you can compress them.
  15. Will1073

    Gill OS2 vs OS3 vs KB1- Jackets and pants

    I've had an OS2 for about 3 years now. The high collar is great as are the chest pockets. But this thing is WARM. Great for the early and late season, but I wouldn't want to wear it in the middle of summer.