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  1. Will1073

    Pretty floor options?

    Balsa w/ 12oz biax skins (epoxy), nonskid paint. Light and cheap
  2. Will1073

    Mo Bettah Too

    Agreed about doing away with the aft winches in favor of leading the runners forward.
  3. Will1073

    B&G paddle wheel recessed in housing

    Confirm that the transducer is properly and fully seated in the thru-hull. A little Vaseline can help the transducer slide easily into the housing.
  4. Will1073


    I believe you can email yourself the photos (through the mail app) and by doing so you can compress them.
  5. Will1073

    Gill OS2 vs OS3 vs KB1- Jackets and pants

    I've had an OS2 for about 3 years now. The high collar is great as are the chest pockets. But this thing is WARM. Great for the early and late season, but I wouldn't want to wear it in the middle of summer.
  6. Will1073

    Vang setup advise

    Allen, I would set it up like a boom kicker. To do this I would go out in drifter conditions and centre your boom using traveler and any mainsheet tension you may need while sailing a beat. If it were my boat, I would want full vang off to be enough to keep the leach of the main twisted nicely open.
  7. Will1073

    Length loss for HS Eye splice 7mm core

    There’s no way you’re going to get the eye-eye length exactly. The line will stretch slightly, and your splices will set.
  8. Will1073

    Spraying the inside

    I’m a big believer in toxicity = durability
  9. Will1073

    Bucket vs RV Toilet vs Toilet w/holding Tank

    My girl rocks the 5gal pale with the toilet seat attachment. She's a keeper. Used to pee in my old Opti bailer, but things had to change after a 25kt pee session that caused her to fall over while squatting...
  10. Will1073

    Black Widow

    Wondering if I should make the switch from VC17... Like the colour and like the fact that it can be polished up. VC17 is the race bottom of choice up here though and it makes the slime really easy to wipe off.
  11. Will1073

    Interprotect 2000E ratio by weight

    I'm with Gouv. Don't reinvent the wheel. I rolled and shot a few hundred gallons of the stuff, never had issues with curing.
  12. Will1073

    Totally lost...

    Laser 28? Might be a stretch to find for your price. They're a peach.
  13. Will1073

    Digital Loos Tension Gauge on Indeigogo

    $599 so I can share my rig tension on social media?
  14. Will1073

    Foam backed vinyl liner

    Never personally tried to glue the two back together, have seen many horror shows of owners trying and failing. I have made some light teak battens to help hold a falling vinyl line back up to the underside of the side decks.