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  1. Will1073

    Club Swan 80 (From the FP)

    200kg seems pretty reasonable to me
  2. Will1073

    Mo Bettah Too

    I periodically throw one drop in mine
  3. Will1073

    Hybrid German mainsheet system?

    If you place a LFR or a single high load block on the end of your boom, you could then cascade down to the hardware that you already have, thus reducing the load.
  4. Will1073

    how to approach this fix

    Are you sure the hull/deck joint hasn’t been compromised?
  5. Will1073

    How to install RG213 VHF cable inside mast

    Just do the zip ties.
  6. Will1073

    Is this a proper rudder?

    It's always the underachieving engineers that think they know better...
  7. Will1073

    Are Mount Gay Hats Cool?

    But are you at a yacht club if at least one person isn’t wearing a MG hat?
  8. Will1073

    Future cruising planning

    @Zonker you are a great source of advice Thank you all for your input! It does have me thinking about whether it's worth the effort of getting a FW boat here (Montreal/Lake Ontario) and doing the necessary work, or just go digging through the yards in Florida...
  9. Will1073

    So Cal Trailer Paint

    You and the crew could grind and paint it with tremclad in a day, with beer breaks.
  10. Will1073

    Stuck mast step - Catalina 27

    I have used propane torches on seized fittings on masts all the time. Would take quite a lot of work to mess things up. Heat and hammer with a block of sacrificial wood.
  11. Will1073

    20+ Footer - Building in Hawaii

    @Jim Donovan our shop is pretty much all Makita as well (for cordless) and they can certainly take a lot of abuse. Another huge perk for us is a local repair facility. Love my 1" belt sander for prepping/grinding laminate.
  12. Will1073

    Future cruising planning

    CS’s are great boats
  13. Will1073

    Future cruising planning

    Montreal. ICW
  14. Will1073

    Future cruising planning

    Thanks for the advice guys. Didn't even think about the charter avenue, thanks for that @no shoes. I'm currently toying around with the idea of a freshwater CS 33/36, late C&C, or maybe Nonsuch 30 (not ideal for off shore). They idea is have it moored at the yacht club where my shop is located. I know there's a lot of cheap forgotten sun burnt dreams in Florida, but the perks of being next to my shop (10 minutes from home) with access to my suppliers is pretty attractive. Also, starting with a non-salty/rusty mess. @Ajax I'm definitely going to check out those listings and do some dreaming. The T34c is a pretty sweet boat.
  15. Will1073

    Future cruising planning

    I'm looking to tap into the wealth of life/cruising experience available here. Before I begin I would like to apologize for any rambling/ignorance. Background: Currently 27yo. Purchased my first home (small condo) at 25 and on track to pay off student debt in the next year. Current boat: Shark 24 (one design racer) and will sell (~10k). Junior partner in a small boat refit/repair business with room to grow in the future and currently 5 weeks vacation per year. I am hands on with the team and required to be on the job site(s) at this time. In the next 2-3 years I would purchase a boat (30-36 ft) with plans of spending a 2-3 years prepping her to go south (Florida/Bahamas/Caribbean) My purchase budget would be likely in the 30-40k CAD area at this time, with a total refit budget tbd. The conundrum is time vs. money. I realize at my young age I have neither. I am not interested in waiting until retirement/old age but I am also not buying the millennial allure of permanent "van/boat life" and frankly it's just not physically possible in my current career. "Go small, go now" is very much the essence here for me for both boat and time I can allot to cruising. The idea would be to be able to use my boat for an extended holiday in my businesses off-season (Nov - March) and then haul the boat for hurricane season while I attend to busy season. Is this feasible? Does it make any sense? Any life/cruising advice? Thanks