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  1. Rude Dog

    Great 35-footers

    I was wondering if anyone noticed.....yes- Jim's designs always are incredibly good-looking. Besides having a huge brain, he is a gifted artist, and you see this in all his designs. But it sure is expensive to build a custom sailboat. In looking into it, I could not find a way to have it built for less than $300,000- including sails, electronics, commissioning, etc. Even though my business was doing well, divorce and alimony payments squashed my plans! It would be so cool if someone else commissioned a build of this design. Knowing what I now know, I'd be asking Jim for a modification: carry the maximum beam all the way aft, and change to twin rudders. With that.....perfection!
  2. Rude Dog

    Great 35-footers

    Here's a little treat for SA forum readers- likely something you've never seen before. Around 2004, when I wanted to sell my family's 1978 Islander 36 and look for a more modern design, and before I discovered the A35, there was no other boat I really liked, so on a lark, I contacted my childhood friend and accomplished naval architect, Jim Donovan, and asked him to design me my fantasy 37 foot sailboat. I never did build it- a divorce sort of got me sidetracked- but I can now reveal Jim's custom design, and even though it's now more than 15 years later, it's still a fresh and beautiful design- a testimony to how forward-thinking Jim's mind is. Enjoy!
  3. We sail our Archambault A35 with both symmetrical and asymmetrical kites. We love the versatility of being able to choose, opting for the symmetrical kites for deeper angles. We tend to use the asymmetrical only when sailing shorthanded- gybing the symmetrical kite in a breeze with just 2 people, even using the autopilot, is a handful. We installed a shorter permanent sprit which gives us an even rating regardless of which downwind configuration is selected.
  4. Rude Dog

    Windward Passage

    Have not checked back on this board until today. Seeing the 2 comments following my post really makes me appreciate the tremendous reach that SA has, connecting sailors from all around the world and providing a great platform to obtain news, exchange information, tidbits, gossip- whatever- about all things sailing. I have to hand it to the editor- your website provides an amazing service to our sport and is why all serious sailors around the globe check out SA daily. I know I do. Regarding the last post above- wow- small world! It sounds like the guy I mentioned eventually grew up and perhaps learned to be more humble and nice. I can tell you I hold no grudge, as I have learned that one of the greatest virtues we can develop is the capacity to forgive; for his unspeakably poor behavior to me those many decades ago, I forgive the guy completely. Case closed.
  5. Rude Dog

    Pacific Cup Canceled?

    Unverified but this came from a reliable source.
  6. Rude Dog

    Windward Passage

    Helped deliver her from Honolulu to San Fransicko via Kauai, in August 1980, after the Pan Am Clipper Cup. It was a simple configuration- double spreader rig, Dacron sails, only hydraulics was the backstay; a giant freezer and refrigerator was loaded up with enough food, wine & beer for 2 trips. Six of us aboard. The skipper, Dave Birchenoff (sp?) and the mate (Ari Steinberg) were both veterans of the '79 Whitbread Race. The former was awesome- a real leader; the latter was the biggest douche I ever sailed with- giant ego, socially inept and just totally unpleasant without letup, otherwise it was an incredible experience. If you look at the drawing of the boat posted above, compare it to an Islander 36. Identical hull shapes and sail plan.
  7. Great idea, Black Jack! Unfortunately it looks like shitty weather this weekend (not that that should stop you of course). I wish I could participate but am recovering from knee replacement surgery, and am hauling out next week so have to remove sails and boom this weekend. Have fun. Hope it works well and if so, you organize another soon.
  8. Rude Dog

    Perfect £150k single/double handed boat

    Touche, Solo Sailor! (great picture, btw).
  9. Rude Dog

    Looking for boat suggestions

    Right you are. The "perfect examples" you mention simply don't exist in the U.S.- at least- that was my conclusion in 2009, when I discovered- by accident- the Archambault line of boats. New Zealand is another rich mother lode of insanely cool, unique boats, but it's a lot more difficult to engineer purchase and shipping a used boat from Down Under than it is from Europe. The A-27 is a sport boat, through and through. The A31, a "little brother" to the A35, could be your perfect boat- however, at the moment only one is available on As always, there's an excellent selection of A35s. Archambault boats were all designed by Joubert/Nivelt- an outstanding naval architectural firm that was/is heads and tails more advanced and sophisticated than self-taught Rod Johnstone. Shipping and transportation? If you work with an experienced professional yacht broker, a super-experienced boat finance person, and make sure they put you on to a reliable trucking firm specializing in boat transport, importing a used boat from Europe is 100% do-able. Fortunately in the Bay Area, there is an AMAZING boat finance expert; in Nova Scotia, there is an wonderful yacht brokerage (Ocean Yachts) to work with, and if you have the patience and stamina- believe me- it's worth the effort.
  10. Rude Dog

    Looking for boat suggestions

    To each his/her own. J-Boats....the predictable choice of most American sailors- as though Rod Johnstone is the greatest naval architect of all time. (He's not.) if you can find a used Antrim design- nice! Otherwise....go Euro. European designers design boats with the objective of serious sailing, not based on marketing analytics. These may be out of your price range but never forget: "You get what you pay for." It costs between $20-$25K to ship a sailboat from Europe to the Bay Area. Get a boat loan- money's pretty cheap right now.
  11. Rude Dog

    the perfect boat

    To reply to Psycho Tiller- Pogo mounts the sprit topsides for a very simple reason: it doesn't like to put a giant hole in the hull, at the pointy end, no less. received an email this week about shorthanded sailing. PLEASE reply (to All)?
  12. Unfortunately, your budget confines you to hull and foil shapes that are oh-so-yesterday. If money were no object.....Pogo 30- definitely. That, or the new Sunfast 3300, would my single or doublehanded fantasy boats. Otherwise, for your budget, as someone posted above- look no further than the Express 27.
  13. Rude Dog

    Three Bridge Fiasco 2020

    Bold prediction: The 3BF will be won this year by either a: (1) Moore 24 (2) Express 27, or (3) Cal 20 OK, OK- maybe that really isn't all that "bold." I'm going mountain biking tomorrow instead- I always SUCK in this race....yes- like in almost every race we do.
  14. Rude Dog

    Sun Fast 3300

    What do you suppose the chances are that we'll see a 3300 at the April in the water boat show in the Bay Area? I'm betting the same chances that we'd see the Sunfast 3200 or 3600 in previous shows: 0
  15. Rude Dog

    Sun Fast 3300

    What do you suppose the chances are that one of these new 3300s will be on display at the April in-the-water boat show in San Francisco Bay? My guess: Slim-to-none. (I'd love to be dead wrong, mind you!) The SF Bay region remains appallingly clueless about the newest SH designs, but worse, a rapidly-disappearing middle class is drying up the reservoir of potential new boat buyers in the 30-36 foot size range; worse, the few potential buyers continue to fixated on J Boats. Ugh!