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  1. So, so, so yesterday of a boat. But have fun with it anyway, I suppose.
  2. I'm not surprised he pissed off others- he's really good at that, especially when he spews the Leftist bullshit. But his mean streak and temper is likely the result of unfortunate childhood issues- so I am sorry for that. Mr. Twatwaffle (great new term to me- thanks to the poster above for that!).
  3. Hard pressed to recall a lower point in my life...maybe when my marriage broke up 10 years ago? I dunno. Can only say that having to retire from the race after sailing just 180 miles has resulted in the worse case of the blues you can imagine- right now, we're feeling lower than whale shit. Just so randomly unfair. Pretty sporty conditions that first night (but nothing we didn't sign up for, or hadn't seen before), 25-28 knots TWS, 70 degree AWA, blasting through big, breaking seas at 9.5-12 knots boatspeed, double reef, 85% jib rolled up to 75%, moon out, spirits high. After 1.5 years of constant preparation, training, hard work and HUGE expense, we're finally on our way, and it looks to be a fast passage, definitely. Robb, down below getting ready to come up for the 0200-0600 watch. Boat gets lifted, big wave breaks on the beam; Robb loses handhold and gets flung (other crew said it looked like "he got shot out of cannon") clear across the beam of the boat, landing right on a steel bar that protects the stove. The bar did its job- stove fine. But Robb? Ugh. Two busted ribs. Had we been further along and the wind more backed, we probably would have continued. But with less than 10% of the course sailed, Robb in utter agony and no idea whether he had a punctured lung, lacerated or burst spleen- no way to tell but no way can that chance be taken less than 200 miles out- we turn around. Bitterness. Sadness. Melancholy. Have not been able to follow the race- just too heartbreaking. Anyone else experience this level of disappointment? It's absolutely devastating, crushing. Then when we read SA's description that "marginal boats and sailors are retiring," we went absolutely ape-shit: E-mailed the editor and invited him to kiss our asses. Fuck that asshole for taking such a cruel, inaccurate swipe at the boats that drew the short straws. We'll get our shot again next year, in Transpac. Until then.....
  4. An interesting discussion. From this 58 year old life-long sailor's 50,000 foot view, it comes down to this: Sailing is not for wimps. The population has become, in general, wimpier. More wimps. Fewer sailors. There it is.
  5. I watched/listened to Smith's interview. Don't know the guy, and I "never believe what I hear, and only half of what I see." But I'm pretty good at judging people based on body language. This guy KNOWS he should not be doing what he's doing. Why do I say that? Watch his face as he talks. Note how much he blinks his eyes! Whenever someone blinks their eyes at a rapid, abnormal rate while they're talking, they generally are either trying to bullshit their way out of something, cover up something, or in general, are being deceptive and/or insincere. So very obvious in this case.
  6. Well now! That was one sporty day on the Gulf of the Farallones, wasn't it? Certainly one of the breezier roundings of Bird Shit Rock that I've done. In awe of the amazing Moore 24. How the @!*k do those things handle 10-12 foot seas, 22-28 knots of wind, without reefing, and yet, consistently sail to weather over 6 knots???? Blows my mind. What was real trippy was how much windier it got after we got around the rock. Shook out the second reef, unfurled the headsail to the maximum 107%, 95 degree AWA, and rarely saw less that 9.5 knots of boat speed. Then the wind really came up- averaged 27-28 TWS all the way in- had to roll the jib back up to smallest size, and we still experienced something like a dozen round-ups as 30-32 knot gusts hit us. Fucking-A! We hit speeds of 15 knots+ dozens of times, top boat speed was 17.7 knots. Best of all- I don't think anything broke. I am sore as shit this morning.
  7. As usual, no one ever seems to know anything about the PERFECT 35 foot crossover sloop- the Archambault A35. Although Archambault is now out of business (not for long, we hope) there are plenty of used A35s available in Europe. I bought mine in '09, in Martinique, after it was raced doublehanded in the Transquadra race; I sailed it up to West Palm Beach and had her trucked to the west coast. Three years later, a guy from HI flew to SF to look my boat over. He didn't seem all that impressed (which sort of puzzled me), so I told him, "Go ahead. Look all over the world. And I bet, after you're through looking, you'll be buying one of these." I was right. To this day, we have the only 2 A35s in the Western Hemisphere. Some 135 were built. Hard to believe there isn't a single other U.S. sailor who has figured out this is an AMAZING design, and is beautifully built. Why is it that all U.S. sailors think only "J-Boats" or "so yesterday" hull shapes like the 1D35? So parochial in their thinking. People: The French are tops when it comes to offshore monohull designs. All this said- the A35 won't fit your budget. You can buy one for under $100K, but it will cost you about $20-$25K to ship it to the east coast. But sooooo worthwhile.