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  1. CHS charts available in PDF?

    Agreed. Navionics in Canada are really good. In fact, almost every location I've ever used them they are pretty spot on. The couple of places that they were off I just took advantage of Community Edits, which lets you make a note on the chart for it to be updated. Not to mention that if you ever wonder what chart data is available in a certain location, you can just use the web charts at http://webapp.navionics.com to check what data is available there. You can also just download the app. It comes with a 2 week free trial.
  2. Navigation App for Amazon Fire?

    Any Android system should be able to download the Navionics app from the Google Play store.
  3. Slightly Obscure But Very Helpful

    Wow! some great tips (and some really funny comments!) . keep 'em coming! A tip that I discovered is that if you purchase a Navionics chip for navigation in your chartplotter be sure to register it as soon as possible after purchasing because it will allow you to get free updates for a year. Another tip, maybe not hugely obscure but was really useful for us was to use an anchor chain instead of anchor line. It helps a ton with staying put in high winds.
  4. Give us all some tips that we may not know... sailing, navigating, mooring, docking.... something that is good for us all to have in our back pockets but are unlikely to run across somewhere else.
  5. Christmas gift ideas?

    What are some ideas for Christmas gifts for sailors? Give us some ideas that are for higher budgets (couple hundred dollars or higher) and something for people with lower budgets. Higher budget: Chartplotter Bundle (chartplotter + Navionics+ chip). Many chartplotters come as a bundle with a Nav+ chip (Lowrance, Raymarine, Humminbird and more) Price range a few hundred dollars and up. Advantage: save hundreds of dollars by bundling Lower budget: Navionics app for phone or tablet. Price range $9.99 - ~$60 I suggest these because I have used them a LOT and love them. Give us some gift ideas that you've used and loved.
  6. Updates to charts in the Bahamas?

    Thanks for the info! Anybody know any places in particular that may have changed?
  7. Is anyone aware of any "new" things in the Bahamas from the last year or two? New Marinas, changes to channels etc. Anything that might be reflected in a chart change? Thanks everyone!
  8. Best Navigation App for GPS enabled ipad

    Navionics. You get the same charts as a chart plotter, very high definition and with a Navionics plus subscription to even get the 1' contours (called Sonarchart). You can easily add Way points, create routes, share way points and routes, plan routes, save your track, estimate arrival times and so much more. Check out more info here: https://www.navionics.com/usa/apps/navionics-boating
  9. I have had a lot of people ask me how to update their chart on their Navionics chip but when I ask them if they registered the chip when they purchased it they almost always say no. That totally sucks because if you register your chip within 30 days you get a whole year of updates for free. You can update your chart every day if you want to for a whole year (this feature is called Freshest Data). Then after the year is up it's a discounted rate to renew freshest data. Moral of the story? Be sure to register your Navionics chip when you purchase it so that you get free chart updates. For more information on how to register your chart check this out: https://navionics.secure.force.com/kb/articles/en_US/Knowledge_Article/How-To-Register-And-Update-Your-Chip And for a how to video on registering and updating your chip check out the video my friend Tyler did: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCufeb0eF8I
  10. Hazards to Navigation Galveston Bay

    I understand you didnt have a GPS onboard but if you had your phone with you you could have been using the Navionics app (even without cell reception or wifi) . And if you run across something that is not marked on the chart you can mark it yourself for everyone to see using Community Edits. To get the app may go to the Google store or Apple store and search for Navionics Boating. Then download the area youre boating in. To add a market to the chart that everyone can see using Community Edits click on the spot on the chart, click the question mark that pops up and click Edit. Let me know if you have questions. This had been a nice help to us in various parts of the world. Especially useful to always have Navionics on your phone... You'll always have a GPS and nautical chart.
  11. Info for Lawrence Elite owners- If you have a Lowrance Elite TI (V3.0) be sure to download the new software. They now allow Plotter sync and Advanced Map options so all the Elite models are aligned. The only exception is the Elite Ti 5 are not NEMA capable. http://www.lowrance.com/en-US/Software-Updates/Elite-Ti-Software-Upgrade-v-30/ Plotter Sync lets you sync your waypoints/routes between your chart plotter and your Navionics app (super helpful when you want to plan routes from your couch and then have them ready to go on your plotter the morning you leave to go sailing!) And Advanced Map options lets you customize your chart to your own preferences like defining the shallow depths to mark on your chart, how detailed the contour lines should be and lots more (https://www.navionics.com/usa/charts/features/advanced-map-options)
  12. Cruising Cuba Free Webinar

    To give more people a chance to join us we have postponed the Cruising Cuba webinar with Waterway Guide until November 15th. Same sign up link. https://navionics.zoom.us/…/regis…/WN_YO94MfRXT7m-GXde8pu1_AJoin us in November. Send me your questions and we'll be sure to answer them in the webinar!
  13. Cruising Cuba Free Webinar

    Ever thought about cruising Cuba? Join me next Wednesday night October 4th at 6pm EST for a FREE webinar featuring #WaterwayGuide Addison Chan and Ed Tillett on cruising Cuba. Cruising Cuba- Preparing for the Ultimate Adventure Sign up here: https://navionics.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_YO94MfRXT7m-GXde8pu1_A
  14. South Puget Sound Cruising

    Navionics actually features a way for boaters to update the charts if they observe something that is wrong on the chart. You can use Community Edits to add an update to the chart. In the app you just tap on the spot on the map you want to update. When you tap on the chart you'll get a crosshair appear with a question mark on the right hand side. Click the question mark. Click Edit Map. Select the best option (it will let you choose between things such as "Generic Info", "Beacons and Signs", "Lights", "Buoys", etc). Enter the relevant data and save it. The data will be sent to Navionics where it is vetted and then added to the charts so that everyone can learn from your experience. If you see a place where the charts are inaccurate, help other boaters by updating it using Community Edits.
  15. AIS to iPad or other tablet

    Back to AIS and Navionics, this is the official from Navionics customer support: At this time we do not offer AIS integration within our mobile apps. It is definitely something that continues to be suggested to us and all suggestions are passed along to our developers for consideration with future updates. They are always up to new projects to make new features available that our users are asking for. As to integration with our plotter cards, this would not actually be something that would be "compatible" with our cards, but a function of the unit itself (like the feature would need to be integrated with our app, but doesn't affect the mapping). If the plotter is compatible and connected to an AIS receiver, the information will display on the screen with or without a Navionics chart card. They also added that Navionics cannot, InavX can, and you can buy Navionics charts through them.