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  1. SailNDive

    Cruising the Great Loop webinar

    The webinar is totally free (and no, it's definitely NOT an advertisement) and you will have access to the experts on the Great Loop to ask your questions. If you can't make it sign up to be sure you get a link to the recording.
  2. I have the opportunity to host a free webinar with Waterway Guide and America's Great Loop Cruisers' Association on September 20th at 7pm eastern time. There will be a ton of information from folks that have lived this adventure. If you've ever thought about cruising this classic adventure check it out. You can register here: Let me know if you have questions.
  3. SailNDive

    Boater Related Forest Fire

    Norse Horse, thanks for the info. Glad for the boaters that responded to it and were able to get help! Awesome screenshot too. Those are some nice contours on the charts. Gotta love the Navionics app. :)
  4. SailNDive

    Cruising the Great Loop?

    Cool! thanks for the link.
  5. SailNDive

    Cruising the Great Loop?

    I have the opportunity to work with Waterway Guide and America's Great Loop Cruisers' Association on a free webinar to help educate people about cruising the Great Loop. What would you want to know about the Great Loop? I'm planning on asking the experts about the following topics but I'm totally open to ideas! What is America’s Great Loop? Who should consider traveling the Loop? What to expect How to prepare Possible routes What else would you ask if you were doing this webinar?
  6. We are headed over to the Bahamas soon and figured we should update our charts since it's been a while. Ran across this article:`M Apparently Navionics has done a ton of updates in the Bahamas including incorporating charts from another chart company (which Navionics bought) that focused only on the Bahamas and Caribbean. Looks like lots of updates in the outislands too, which is always helpful. Also saw that the reefs are now showing as jagged edges so it's easier to recognize them as reefs. Cool cool! Glad it's easier to see that now.
  7. SailNDive

    PC/Mac integration with B&G H5000

    Agree with Miles. You can set up routes, mark waypoints, etc using the Navionics app on your phone or tablet and then use plotter sync to get the waypoints and/or routes onto the chartplotter. Here is a little clip on it :
  8. SailNDive

    Clipper wreck report

    Quite right spyderpig. Indeed, phones and tablets that have internal GPS (or have cell capability) do NOT require a cell tower to triangulate your location. You can use the Navionics app to follow you just like a full-blown chartplotter would, no matter if you have cell or wifi reception.
  9. SailNDive

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    FYI, there is a wind layer available in the Navionics app. Info here: How to enable wind layer: From inside the Navionics app click menu, click weather and tides, click wind. This will enable wind vectors on top of the chart and give you a play by play forecast.
  10. SailNDive

    Recommend snorkeling spots near marathon

    I'd definitely update my charts if going anywhere in the Keys or South Florida. There were a lot of changes after the hurricanes last year.
  11. SailNDive

    E-nav on the cheap

    We've used many of the navigation programs and we always end up back with Navionics. We use it throughout the US, Caribbean, Bahamas, and more. It is about $50 (depending on the chart area you purchase) for iPad version (called HD for high definition, which are optimized for the larger screen). Totally worth it. It comes with lots of features like SonarChart (super detailed contours which is great for anchoring, fishing, diving, etc), autorouting (you tell it where to start and where you want to go and enter your boat draft and it suggests a route for you), weather, tides, fishing and dive spots marked and lots more. You get a lot of features for your money. If you want to check out the charts in your area you can use the online viewer here:
  12. SailNDive

    Cruising Instruments

    No matter what you decide I'd suggest that you have a backup GPS (with or without zoom problems). We use Navionics app on our tablet. It works wonders and has most of the same capabilities as an actual chartplotter. Great deal for the money. Here's some info about it if needed:
  13. SailNDive

    E-nav on the cheap

    If you have cell capability you have an internal GPS, fyi, so Navionics will follow you perfectly
  14. Has anyone been sailing in the Keys and/or South Florida in the last couple weeks? There have been a lot of updates on the Navionics charts very recently that are now showing a lot of the changes that occurred during the hurricanes last year. I noticed a bunch of updates to the Navionics charts just in the last week or two. If you're sailing that area I'd suggest updating your charts... stay safe out there! Anyone notice changes also? What changes have you noticed?
  15. SailNDive

    Work Outing in South Florida

    Anywhere in South restrictions