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  1. SailNDive

    Cruising Instruments

    No matter what you decide I'd suggest that you have a backup GPS (with or without zoom problems). We use Navionics app on our tablet. It works wonders and has most of the same capabilities as an actual chartplotter. Great deal for the money. Here's some info about it if needed:
  2. SailNDive

    E-nav on the cheap

    If you have cell capability you have an internal GPS, fyi, so Navionics will follow you perfectly
  3. Has anyone been sailing in the Keys and/or South Florida in the last couple weeks? There have been a lot of updates on the Navionics charts very recently that are now showing a lot of the changes that occurred during the hurricanes last year. I noticed a bunch of updates to the Navionics charts just in the last week or two. If you're sailing that area I'd suggest updating your charts... stay safe out there! Anyone notice changes also? What changes have you noticed?
  4. SailNDive

    Work Outing in South Florida

    Anywhere in South restrictions
  5. SailNDive

    Work Outing in South Florida

    My work wants to sponsor a sailing and fishing outing for about 30 people in November in South Florida. Needs to be a location that's easy to get to both sailing and fishing and has hotels... Any suggestions?
  6. SailNDive

    Compass headings on board comparison

    Yep, iPad is often used as backup to chartplotter, though it depends on your needs.
  7. SailNDive

    Compass headings on board comparison

    Interesting... so kinda like having Google maps set an alarm off if the phone loses GPS signal, you'd want the phone to set an alarm off if the phone lost GPS signal while Navionics is running?
  8. SailNDive

    Compass headings on board comparison

    Interesting thought that Navionics is dangerous because of GPS signal not triggering an alarm. Most people use Navionics chips in their chartplotter. Navionics gives you the chart data. Alarms and other actions are usually part of the chartplotter software, fyi
  9. When we were cruising in St. Martin we heard that the entry into Simpson Bay could be pretty hairy.... check out the chart and the number of shipwrecks here! Apparently this area is known for piling up sailboats. So we followed some advice of a seasoned local sailor and followed a charter captain in. When we followed him in we turned on our tracking in Navionics so that our trip was tracked. We could easily follow the track in and out from then on! To track your trip in Navionics just open your Navionics app and click Start at the bottom. A yellow line will be created on the chart that marks where you've been. You can save this track and follow it again later. Very useful in sketchy areas!
  10. Fellow South Florida Sailors- we have the opportunity to help remap South Florida waters after Irma. As we all know, there was a lot of shifting of sand during the storm so the charts need to be updated now. We can now join Navionics and NOAA to remap South Florida waterways after Hurricane Irma. #RemapSouthFL Link:'ll be joining! Who's with me?
  11. SailNDive

    Marina Hemingway, CUBA

    I know that Addison Chen just sailed through much of Cuba collecting SonarChart data that is now incorporated in the Navionics charts. You can check the online charts on their website. This link should go to Marina Hemingway:}n|kChcpvN And here is the screenshot... lots of contour lines so this should help a little...
  12. SailNDive

    Navigation App for Amazon Fire?

    Good to know RLmike. Thanks for the info
  13. SailNDive

    CHS charts available in PDF?

    Agreed. Navionics in Canada are really good. In fact, almost every location I've ever used them they are pretty spot on. The couple of places that they were off I just took advantage of Community Edits, which lets you make a note on the chart for it to be updated. Not to mention that if you ever wonder what chart data is available in a certain location, you can just use the web charts at to check what data is available there. You can also just download the app. It comes with a 2 week free trial.
  14. SailNDive

    Navigation App for Amazon Fire?

    Any Android system should be able to download the Navionics app from the Google Play store.
  15. SailNDive

    Slightly Obscure But Very Helpful

    Wow! some great tips (and some really funny comments!) . keep 'em coming! A tip that I discovered is that if you purchase a Navionics chip for navigation in your chartplotter be sure to register it as soon as possible after purchasing because it will allow you to get free updates for a year. Another tip, maybe not hugely obscure but was really useful for us was to use an anchor chain instead of anchor line. It helps a ton with staying put in high winds.