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  1. Passport111

    SH / DH Cruiser / Racer

    @Alan H its a Bianca 111. Danish made MH version. Love this boat, and tough to think about selling her. Still on the fence. Let me know if you know of anyone who would be interested - would like her to go to a good home if we do sell her. Feel like more of a custodian than owner.
  2. Passport111

    SH / DH Cruiser / Racer

    @badia420 thanks nice looking boat. I don't think the interior is up to what my wife has in mind. Also, have yet to hear of a way to buy a boat from Europe for less than ~$30K (shipping or delivering) and a ton of risk. Doesn't seem to make much sense when we're looking at boats in the less than ~$130K range. If anyone knows otherwise please let me know.
  3. Passport111

    SH / DH Cruiser / Racer

    Thanks for all the feedback all and @Chix & Dumpling. Yes Grand Soleils are attractive and we've been looking. I'll look at that model and year range. I'll check out the Js too. Thought about those early on but didn't look to hard.
  4. Passport111

    SH / DH Cruiser / Racer

    I've really been enjoying single and short handed racing the past couple years. Everything from 2 or 8 mile legs to a couple hundred miles. Our boat is a mid 80s Scandinavian racer/cruiser. Great upwind, not bad downwind but overall a bit narrow and small cockpit. It is in mint condition with a gorgeous mahogany interior but feels a bit tight for the other use case; dockside cottage and party barge with friends and day sails. I would love a Archambault, Sunfast, or Pogo. My wife is in love with a Passport 40/41. Looking for suggestions on something in between lol. We both want something that is comfy to weekend on with a nice berth, galley, head, and space in the saloon and cockpit. Working remotely a lot of the time it would be nice to work from the boat and do some coastal hopping. Our current boat could work (you can make anything work) but we are toying with the idea of an upgrade. I feel the racing is what gets the boat out on the water and I like it. Specifically the short and single handed stuff. We have 2 teenage sons that race dinghies and I race a Lighting with them but they are now big enough that they are interested in and starting to do some distance racing. We want to stay under 45 feet (preferably closer to 40). I just don't see a way to get the volume and cockpit on an older boat and we already have and 80s boat that I don't think we can do better than for condition and value. But too new is not in the budget. Some boats that have peaked my interest happen to be largely European and not plentiful in North America. Examples are Dufour 40 Performance, Elan 40, Salona 45 (love this but a bit on the big and pricy size). What are other recommendations? Is this possible or a Unicorn. I know a jack of all trades is master of none but will have to accept that as a compromise. I have a feeling if there is no good middle ground we will go the more cruiser/dock condo route. I'm holding on to hope I can show to some SH/DH races.
  5. Passport111

    Non-furler headsail handling options

    I like the idea. However the flying jib is on your sprit correct? I don't have one of those
  6. Passport111

    Non-furler headsail handling options

    @Sparrow50 Great Lakes so highly variable winds. Storm jib has luff tape for headstay foil. I would prefer fewer sails as the #1 can be a bear but really is the best option for light upwind work which I had a good bit of. I'll usually go right to a #3 then. Main has slugs, not luff rope. I'm thinking about a tides marine track.
  7. Passport111

    Non-furler headsail handling options

    Not sure who your responding to but agreed, that is what I'm look for. I just want to find a way to change sails and keep control of the luff without removing the foil from the headstay - if that is possible.
  8. Passport111

    Non-furler headsail handling options

    I can't find a picture but I swear I saw those plastic clips like on a bag used on webbing that went around a foil. Maybe you don't see it much because its a bad idea. I like the eyelet idea. Maybe even some velcro on webbing every 4 or 5 feet to just keep the front attached.
  9. I did my first distance single handed race this summer and really liked it. I'm thinking of the next, longer race and need to get some things sorted I learned in the first. Lots if little stuff but one of the big priorities is headsail handling. The boat is 37'. It has a Harken MK1 furler but I almost never use it (take the drum off) except for cruising and some social buoy racing. I have one RF #1 sail and the rest (1,2,3) are full hoist so cannot be used with the furler. I specifically did not want the furler on the SH distance as the wind speed variability meant it would be really crap over about 14kts. All headsails for the boat have the furler foil luff and the #1 is a 155%. The problem of course is keeping control of the luff when dropping the sail. I ended up doing 6 evolutions with headsails and the last had me hauling the #1 out of the drink in the rain with a squall bearing down. Thoughts? What about keeping the foil luff but adding those clip hanks I've seen? I'm not ready to completely loose the furler as it is great but not for this.
  10. Passport111

    Diesel - white “smoke” and possible non-firing cylinder?

    Could be injector pumps too. Either bad plunger or shuttle valve. Either way if the injectors are not getting the right pressure they won't atomize correctly. Timing is also a function of injector pump shimming from the block.
  11. Passport111

    Starter Battery Isolation Issue

    Or could you cut the cord on your computer and install one of these ( ) in line with it (and maybe your instrument power bus)? Your computer is 12V anyway right so your using extra power to go from 12V to 110V and back to 12V with the little converter that is on your computer's power cord.
  12. Teak Decking Systems actually offers to send techs to work with you for templating and install of their product. Pay the travel and day rate. Just do the removal yourself or with friends at an accommodating yard.
  13. Passport111

    Awlgrip vs Alexseal

    Boatworks today on Youtube is doing a series on the Alexseal right now. Seems to recommend highly over awlgrip and tells you why.
  14. Passport111

    Dyneema lashing? Knot and SWL?
  15. I have the B&G 608 sensor and Triton Instruments and Vulcan 7. I know this isn't the most accurate/configurable setup but I want to make what I have perform as well as it can. Besides tacking and trimming symmetrically and noting the offset, are there any other tips and tricks getting good calibration with this system. On the same subject, what are thoughts on the averaged SOG method vs. know distance and laps.