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  1. Captain Ron DVD

    Overboard. Still Kurt Russell but only a small boat scene that cracks me up and use 2 line when I can on the boat. I can't find a clip of the scene but the Coast Guard has to go back again an the guy calls out "comin' around again Chepouski". The other one is at about 1:04
  2. E-nav on the cheap

    Raz'r, thanks for posting the BoM. It looks like I have some homework to do. I just got a Vulcan 7 that I'll use in the cockpit but want to put together a system like yours for the Nav station. I don't have the Pac Cup requirements you do but would like to integrate the N2K data on my network (B&G Triton with Actisense bringing in KVH compass data) to open CPN running on a mini computer. I use and like Blue Water as well. I have a B&G radio with built in AIS reception. I basically just want the GPS data, AIS, speed/performance and computing in a nice behind the scenes package. Looking forward to hearing how your system works out. Pictures when you get to it would be great.
  3. E-nav on the cheap

    @Raz'r can you post the list of components and maybe some pictures. I keep coming back to the idea of this but need to catch up a bit with executing.
  4. A big project!

    Class act
  5. save a legend....Really

    It seems you are making assumptions as to what else I donate to, or what I do or have done in my life to help others comrade. To be clear, what's 10 or 20 bucks to me...don't bother, it rhetorical.
  6. save a legend....Really

    I donated. What's 10 or 20 bucks. I think it would be great to get her going again. I have no personal interest or attachment to this boat but it is historical and I think that is kind of cool. If we discarded everything after it has "served it purpose" we wouldn't have almost any old boats. Besides, just give it new purpose. If someone wants to put in the effort, I think its better to reuse or re-purpose instead of just discarding. Especially plastic.
  7. New vs. Overhaul

    Everyone agrees that these urethane or vinyl tapes are better than butyl for this application? Again I'm surprised I've never heard of it before. I'm all for it but want to ensure no leaks; obviously. How much compression do you need in the tape, i.e. what thickness. This data sheet shows both. https://multimedia.3m.com/mws/media/116549O/single-coated-foam-tapes-4100-4300-4500-and-4700.pdf The vinyl looks like the way to go as the urerthane is "open cell" and has "N/A" in the water absorption row.
  8. Another Interesting Home Built Steel Boat

    You're forgeting the kerf- duh. Cutting a 10 footing in half would give him 2 x 4' 11 15/16" boards at best. Clearly way out of spec for this project.
  9. It stops working a lot. I said Lake Michigan and never had to touch the old Signet sensor for the entire season. For the last 2 years, the Airmar sensor is intermittent at best. Usually ok for the first month or so of the season. Then it will stop so I pull it and find a zebra muscle or two (my fault, should keep it clean but somehow they were never in the Signet sensor) clean it and then it will be intermittent for the reset of the season. By that I mean I will loose speed data 25% of the time the last 25% of the season. Maybe the reliability of the Signet was unusual and most transducers need more frequent servicing or I should put the dumby plug in more often. That is not a good explanation from my point of view which I went from something that work to something I'v got to fuck with all the time. The have been a few short port to port races where I've literally been in the bilge yanking this thing and trying to make it work again 10 minutes after the start.
  10. Alpha Spectra Autopilot AP steering

    Thank you both for the feedback. It seems the cheapest option at this time would be to somehow interface my existing wind instruments to the Alpha controller. With the Alpha's low power drive, would the NAC-2 be appropriate if I were to switch controllers? I don't remember ever seeing more that 4-5 amps with the Alpha. The NAC-3 spec say something like 30+ amps.
  11. Alpha Spectra Autopilot AP steering

    I have an Alpha Spectra autopilot. I consists of the linear drive unit, computer, and compass. When the boat was new to me 5 years ago, it was glitchy but working through the company, I removed the faulty wind steering board (there was a windvane that mounted on the stern rail) and that fixed it. Except for the fact that I have no wind steering. Overall it seems a very reliable unit and holds a course well. I want to do more single handed racing and and feel the lack of wind steering or tack/gybe function is limiting. Does anyone know of a way to integrate N2K wind data to the Alpha Spectra. Their customer service is ok but the guy is a little curt. I asked and he just said Stan Honey like their autopilot and has a way to do this. That was it. I Googled the heck out of that but couldn't find anything. Of course the new pilots with 8-9 axis MEMS compass, remote, and integrated wind sensing would be an upgrade but is it worth it. I recently upgraded to the B&G Triton sensors and displays. Can I get away with just the new computer and remote? Will my existing compass suffice or is it a false economy after the adapters to integrate it? Is the NAC-2 ok for a 37' boat or would I have to go to the NAC-3?
  12. So if one was going to add a speed log sensor, in addition to the BT-800 triducer, and that worked on the N2K with B&G, what would it be? Want to keep cost down as much as possible. I have the old Signet, should I just try that with the associated adapters? I'm really disappointed in the DT-800 speed log reliability.
  13. Teak Sources

    I plan to only glue down the cockpit teak; no fasteners.
  14. New vs. Overhaul

    Interesting, thanks1
  15. New vs. Overhaul

    Fair points regarding butyl but that is the same for any sealant. Anything that goes between the deck and hardware has to remain in order to provide a seal. Just because you can clamp down some goo really hard may just mean there is not enough goo left to seal. That is probably the cause of huge number of leaks. If the amount remaining the same for either, butyl is better because it has like 400% more elasticity. PBase explains it really well here http://www.pbase.com/mainecruising/rebedding_hardware. Its hard to argue with the logic. Key is leaving room; I think that goes for any sealant. Bevel the holes or create a grove or something at is will probably never leak. My personal experience which I relayed earlier, Gebo hatch recommends it, mine were bedded with it and have never leaked. I don't disagree its not for every application. Thru-bolted probably best. I like your recommendation of the tape because it seems easiest, least messy, and easily removable. Hope it doesn't leak