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  1. Tanker hits Destoyer, how is this possible?

    NPR's This American Life just put out a story on this. It's Act II however Act I is a great story too (about ICMB silos). https://www.thisamericanlife.org/634/human-error-in-volatile-situations For those that don't know TAL, its an awesome radio show I've been listing to for years. You can get the app to listen or get it through the iTunes Podcast feed.
  2. Zeus / Vulcan / Ipad Configuration

    Ha, yea know what you mean. 2 years ago we were doing a short 25mi distance race which ended at night. We were trying to navigate with a GPS coordinate to finish line which was basically invisible against the shore lights. The Ipad didn't die but someone accidentally turned it off and by the time we got the nav app back up an running with a GPS signal it was too late; we had to tack to a clocking 4knt dying breeze and added probably 10 mins.
  3. Zeus / Vulcan / Ipad Configuration

    Thanks. When I said "on deck" I meant at the helm. Crewed racing I don't see any reason to really need a plotter at the helm although I may be wrong. Where a plotter at the helm would be nice is short handed racing and/or cruising with the family. From that perspective I was thinking it didn't need to do much more than help with situational awareness (AIS, navigating at night or reduced visibility). Am I missing where the value is of a plotter at the helm? Honestly I was trying to justify a Zeus 2 or Vulcan for the price but I see your point. On the other hand I worry trying to keep up is a false economy (I've always bought the previous model iPhone). From a growth perspective (radar, second display, etc.) I can't argue with the Zeus option. What is the best/easiest way to integrate a PC at the Nav station? I'm guessing a "happy box" that connects to the N2K and then USB to laptop/tablet?
  4. Zeus / Vulcan / Ipad Configuration

    Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking the Zeus 2-9 only because there are some re-manufactured ones for very cheap. Then I think, why not the Vulcan with built in WiFi (except personally would like buttons too).
  5. Zeus / Vulcan / Ipad Configuration

    I'm looking for advice on a configuration with usability, sustainability, and future growth in mind. I know that is a big ask with today's electronics life-cycle so I guess my main focus would be to get the greatest bang for the buck that I can add to. On Lake Michigan, we do buoy races, distance races and usually a one week cruise every year. We've had the boat for 4 years and I've been making electronic upgrades over that time with a budget. So far I've replaced all the old Signet with 3 B&G Triton instruments in a pod over the companionway. KVH mast with mast mounted display and compass also providing N2K via Actisense to the Tritons. I've upgraded the VHF to the B&G with integrated AIS and run Navionics on the iPad mounted at the Nav station. We also have an older Apelco Radar (didn't even hook it up last year). Alpha Spectra autopilot which works well but I can imagine upgrading to a B&G for the shorthanded features and better gyro (hopefully use the existing drive). For distance races I use Blue Water racing on a laptop. This is a bit clunky because its not integrated with anything and I use a separate GPS antenna. I'm thinking a chart plotter this winter but am not sure of how I want to configure everything but here is what I'm thinking so far. Zeus (probably 2 with separate Wifi because of cost and system segregation) at the Nav station with a the iPad being portable to bring on deck Vulcan and iPad same as number 1. Zeus at the helm with iPad at the Nav station. Vulcan at the helm with iPad at the Nav station. Vulcan at the helm with PC and iPad at the Nav station.
  6. Same hose for manual and electric bilge pump?

    I'm looking at doing the same but was going to put a 3 way valve on the intake side of both pumps. That way I can choose and there is no worries about backflow and/or check valves. If the small capacity electric (that I want to install to keep nuisance water (like from the mast)) fails, I can revert to the manual if need be. There is a large capacity manual in the cockpit.
  7. Modified Dip Pole?

    Thanks for relaying the experience with Forte. I also appreciate the experience/affirmation on end-for-end vs dip pole. Dip pole is the plan. I think I will also go with a strop on the outboard end to the mid-foredeck block for the the foreguy but not sure about the topping lift. Why do you go to a bridle? It seems you would loose a lot of leverage pulling the pole up. What are the advantages?
  8. Modified Dip Pole?

    Thanks again. I got the old track off this weekend. Already have new track and car so now I just need to make decisions on how to mount the new stuff. This is all in the interest of getting the pole through easily. With the old pin stop, it was a stretch for me (I'm 6'3") to get the inboard end to the top of the track where it needed to be to get the outboard end through and that is at deck level.
  9. Modified Dip Pole?

    I really appreciate the advice with perspective on both options. Do you use a dedicated person in the pulpit? Trigger type outboard fitting?
  10. Modified Dip Pole?

    Thanks for the input. Its not a penalty pole and I do plan on using sheets and guys. I'll for sure be lengthening the track and adding a block system. Why are you suggesting staying with a dip pole for newer crew? I'm on the fence and actually leaning towards staying with dip but keep going back to the fact that end for end is more simple and requires on less person.
  11. ORR rating

    If your ORR rating used "sister" ship numbers for a "partial measurement" then they always err on the faster side with your rating, i.e. they went with the mfg. (lower) weight for partial measurement". I'm thinking you may have to pay to get your boat measured to get that weight used. If you plan to use the rating then its probably worth it. Not an expert just my thoughts from what I've learned.
  12. Garmin buys Navionics

    Ehhh. I first I read as Navico and almost shit. That would not be good (the acquisition or shitting myself). Navionics isn't so bad but Garmin's model is a closed system. I'm always in favor of more suppliers. It keeps prices low and fosters advancements as they compete to have the best product.
  13. Modified Dip Pole?

    Thanks for the feedback and good point about the foreguy. This is something I'd like to change whether dip or end-for-end. Right now the foreguy runs through a block on a t-track between the front of the cabin top and the anchor locker. A large hatch is right below the center of the pole so I thought of moving it either just in front of the hatch or just behind and then going to a bridle just for the foreguy. I spoke to the guy at Forte about the topping lift being at the end of the pole and the foreguy being on a bridle and he thought that was fine. However I'll have to think though the tack point for the spin staysail. It would go to the track as well and I'm thinking that should be behind the block for the foreguy.
  14. Modified Dip Pole?

    So I think I'm going to get a carbon pole, was talking to a guy at Forte, and am looking for some opinions on 2 options: Option 1: Dip Pole (existing set up and least expensive upgrade) Carbon Pole New trigger style outboard fitting Keep existing inboard fitting to reuse receiving bell Option 2: End-for-End & Dip Pole Carbon Pole 2 new trigger ends (have to sort out tripping mechanism to be able to trip dip and end-for-end) New mast car ring I'm already upgrading the mast track and car and associated blocks etc. It will be longer to allow more efficient dip pole jibes. The reason I'm considering Option 2 is that we can jibe with one less person and it seems easier. Everyone seems split 50/50 on whether end-for-end is a good idea on a 37' boat with 1030 sq./ft. spin so Option 2 would allow dipping when the wind is up and/or if we have the crew.
  15. Modified Dip Pole?