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  1. Passport111

    Whale Gulper IC reviews

    Thanks for the feedback. How long ago was that? I wonder if they have changed the design at all. The Water Puppy looks interesting and definitely more rugged. However the fact that it self priming but you cannot run dry is concerning. How is yours installed to address this? What water level/sensor switch do you use? Any other suggestions on different pumps?
  2. Passport111

    Whale Gulper IC reviews

    Does anyone have experience with this pump? I have a very shallow bilge with a small sump. Most of the Rule type pumps won't fit because the output comes out horizontally. The remote sensor and pickup of this Whale pump allows the output to be rotated vertically. I also like that the pump is out of the bilge. Right now I only have manual pumps, one in the saloon and one in the cockpit. I get a little rainwater in through the inside of the mast. Because the bilge is shallow some water doesn't flow to the sump. I plan to put one of the low pro Whale pumps right behind the mast and have it just pump to the sump.
  3. Passport111

    CHI-MAC Race Wx

    Funny you say that because I too have been watching those 2 and the PWG/PWE for a while now and they are rarely in agreement. I think some can be attributed to the lack of micro-climate consideration e.g. sea breeze. However, with the lake warming I've noticed that effect diminishing so the forecast disagreements must also be larger scale differences in the algorithms.
  4. Passport111

    The Graduate

  5. Passport111

    Jib/genoa sheet problems

    Splicing would be more elegant but you could tie and alpine butterfly in one line and soft shackle to that.
  6. Passport111

    A Form of Cruising...

    @Ajax can you post a photo of the "captain's awning". We have a dodger we use when we cruise and I've been trying to think of options other than a boom tent for when we are not underway but want some sun/rain protection. Maybe the boom tent is still the best option but what you have there sounds interesting.
  7. Passport111

    CHI-MAC Race Wx

    Great analysis. I've noticed a pretty strong effect recently on the Michigan side. Especially with the psychotic weather with 40 degree temperature swings. When it swings up, and its going to be a sunny hot one, you may not want to be near shore if the predominant breeze will be offshore and opposing the sea breeze. If there is little or no predominant breeze or its from the East (for you on Huron), different story. My $.02.
  8. Passport111

    halyards reccs?

    I won't argue that the newer dynemas are better. What can I say, it was way cheaper. It's still nice in that there is no stretch or creep. I don't strip them so not too worried about UV. Our season is 5 months of fresh water so I think I'll get good life and value out of the Crystaline for the large savings on acquisition.
  9. Passport111

    GRIB File Sources

    Agree. Where can I get 1 or 12km resolution emailed to me.
  10. Passport111

    GRIB File Sources

    @Carrera I guess I spoke to fast. I can't make heads or tails of the products NOAA is offering for either GFS or NAM. I'm looking for a file to download.
  11. Passport111

    GRIB File Sources

    I used to get them from NOAA but after using SailFlow for a while, had trouble finding where to get the Gribs so thanks. I just got Saildocs working and its nice but I don't see where I can get a higher resolution NAM model.
  12. Passport111

    GRIB File Sources

    I've used Sailflow for the last several years but have run into a problem. I download the grib. It shows queued and then sent. However I never receive them. This happened intermittenly last year (at the worst moment when I was trying to get the latest before leaving for a race) and this year I have not been able to get a single one. I've emailed their "support" but have not had a response. Has anyone else had this issue and know of a fix? Any suggestions for other sources. I'm only looking for the raw version 1 grib data, not a viewer. I use Predict Wind too but just have the basic plan. I'm thinking of going to the standard plan but have emailed them to confirm that I can in fact get the raw grip data downloaded to my PC. Anyone have experience with PW Gribs?
  13. Passport111

    halyards reccs?

    I responded to your other thread but I've been really liking Yale Crystaline for halyards.
  14. Passport111

    halyard reccs

    I've replaced a main and genoa halyard with the Yale crystaline and really like it. No stretch, it splices very well, I have not noticed any slippage in clutches, and the cover so far has been durable with a descent hand. The price I have found is very economical relative to the other "high tech" lines.
  15. Passport111

    Easylock Midi replacement

    @Alex W thanks for the feedback. I'm hoping with the 10mm line the 8-10mm clutch will work well if I go with Lewmar. My one concern with Lewmar is how well the line runs both when tailing a spin hoist or with a fast drop. Is there much friction in your experience?