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  1. Passport111

    E-nav on the cheap

    Here is a nice industrial mini PC
  2. Passport111

    Start Sequence Timer - Display

    Might be a little big could work.
  3. Passport111

    Cockpit table design for 40.7?

    We have a small cockpit with the mainsheet/traveler in front of the wheel and pedestal guard. I saw this on SailLife Youtube channel and finally got around to installing it. It works great, is removable, and the mounting bracket is very low profile so when the table is not set up you don't even know its there. Its also nice because it articulates so you can move it about where you need it. I have the mounting plate on the inboard side of the starboard cockpit seat about halfway between the traveler and the companionway (much like the picture below). Everything I needed to mount it came in the box. The hardest part was deciding where to put the mounting plate. It was shockingly one of the easiest modification installs I've done but you do have to buy or make the tabletop yourself. So far I've just made a prototype from MDF and used it a bit over the last part of summer here. I know what I will change, and will make the permanent top over the winter. When not in use, you just slide the the assembly off the mounting bracket and the pieces stow on themselves. You end up with a kit about 3" thick, 20" long, and 10" wide. The overall length and width will be a function of the top you buy/make. I store ours in the cockpit locker. I believe the manufacturer is Scandinavia. The link below is to a US distributor but I see links to other suppliers too. I bought mine off some marine distributor in Florida. P.S. - I have no affiliation.
  4. Passport111

    Nicro Solar Vent or Plastimo Dorade Vent ?

    Interesting. Are these the Plastimo vents you are referring to? I have the Nicro. The good news is it is the old style and beyond all reasonable expectations, the fan still runs (it must be 8-10 years old). The bad news is it leaks; a lot. I can get a replacement gasket since they went to the new style and there is no way to shut it. It comes with a blanking plug but that doesn't seal well either. I wonder if the below could be a drop-in replacement. I'm looking but have not found the specs.
  5. Passport111

    E-nav on the cheap

    @kent_island_sailorSo the MiniX I bought has Windows 10 pre-installed. Are you saying I can boot Linux from a USB on power up and try it? Could I keep both OSes on the machine?
  6. Passport111

    E-nav on the cheap

    Thanks! Yes I will try to manage the updates carefully. It will not connected to the internet normally. I had not considered the possible dimming issue. I saw up-thread a SW app that may be helpful. Or, perhaps having this could be handy.
  7. Passport111

    E-nav on the cheap

    Great info. I just pulled the trigger on a MiniX and a USB powered monitor. I thought about a Pi at first but was worried it would be too much tinkering. I'd like to get back into that but I just worry I don't have the time so want something that mostly works out of the box. I'm using the same logic regarding Linux. Perhaps I didn't look into it far enough and everything would work fine, but at a glance it seemed the most OpenCPN options were supported with Windows.
  8. Passport111

    E-nav on the cheap

    I was re-reading the earlier discussion on power regulation. I found this recently and thought I'd add it here. Seems like a reasonable price for a well known OEM.
  9. Passport111

    E-nav on the cheap

    Thanks for the great feedback. Yes the redraw speed was something I was worried about. I've not looked at specs for this sort of thing in quite a while so need to catch up. I do hate the idea of Windows 10 especially for its size and apparent constant want/need to connect to the web. I'm not opposed to Linux but don't want to spend tons of time trying to get things to work. Especially if all the plugins for Radar, AIS, etc. already exist for Windows. I need to investigate OpenCPN some more; I've never used it. It seems pretty straight forward that I would have all the GPS and AIS data I need by connecting my N2K network which has both. Is this naive? Regarding the monitor, I'm easily sold on going bigger. I guess I was just thinking in terms of relative size at the Nav station but I think a 16"-18" would be fine.
  10. Passport111

    E-nav on the cheap

    Reviving this instead of starting a new thread. I winter project I'd like to tackle is an OpenCPN system at the Nav station. I don't want to use a laptop. I want to install a small behind-the-panel computer with a small monitor and wireless keyboard and mouse/pad. In addition to Navigation, I would use it to view radar and AIS using the OpenCPN plugins so need the I/O to do that. It would integrate with my N2K system ( with B&G Tritons and sensors. I would also want the computer to run an autopilot application and perhaps a racing app. So I need a mini computer with display outputs (thinking HDMI). I'm thinking Bluetooth for keyboard and mouse. 12V power and USB ports for connection to N2K and autopilot computer. I'm leaning towards a machine that comes with Windows just for price and ease of use. I'm not a fan but don't want to dink around with learning Linux or something and then run into support of apps issues. This seems to tick all the boxes. . Any suggestions for better or same but cheaper? What am I forgetting? Any suggestions on monitors? 12V. I've seen some that run on USB power. Any experience with those. Looking for a screen size of 9-14" (I think).
  11. Passport111

    Whale Gulper IC reviews

    Just to confirm, you are referring to the sensor not the pump correct?
  12. Passport111

    Sourcing panel switches

    No kidding, I can't believe I missed that. I usually prefer metric. I think I measured the old ones with my Standard calipers and got stuck in a thought rut.
  13. Passport111

    Sourcing panel switches

    The boat was built in Denmark in the mid 80s. The panel seems custom but I figured most switches like this are nominal sizes and ubiquitous across applications. I guess not or maybe they were but the industry has migrated with the largest producers, e.g. Carlington. The ones I found on Del City were literally identical. However did not have tinned plated connectors (not the failure mode) so I figured I replace them with something better when I found it. I certainly didn't think they would last less than a year (some probably had less then 20 cycles). I considered having a whole new panel made but that is expensive and I wanted to keep the original look of the boat. It is probably overkill too. Only a few of the old switches were intermittent or had bad lights and now I'm the same or worse off. One problem I may have with enlarging the holes is the over crowding of the switch faces across the whole panel. I'll have to give it a more detailed look. BTW- I don't have Loran. Removed sticker.