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  1. MikeJohns

    Commander 31 Bianca

    I'd recommend you email the designer and ask his opinion. It's always worth doing. The boat looks like a comfortable well enough mannered sea boat.
  2. MikeJohns

    Cruising Queensland? Watch out for the lizards.

    I beg to differ, I saw some reasonably large adders in Wales and a lot of them on some mining scree slopes. I was told they are quite common in the British Isles. So I googled deaths: The last death apparently from an Adder was 1975 in Scotland, That makes the UK about the same as Tasmania, We haven't had a death here from snake bite since the 60's. That was a teenage schoolgirl who was hiking and got herself fanged in the private parts squatting to pee, She was sadly too embarrassed to tell anyone so she pretended it hadn't happened and carried on. Revealing all when she finally collapsed.
  3. MikeJohns

    Origami Boat Thread

    No the Brent lives an is alive and well ! A couple of day ago he posted his Swan-Song from Sailing Anarchy on his Yahoo site. For posterity and for those that miss him immensely here's his soliloquy : ---In origamiboats@yahoogroups.com, <brentswain38@...> wrote : Sailing anarchy forums have just deleted every post I have ever posted there. while leaving all the attack posts against mine , eliminating my responses, at the request of Bob Perry( with some cash incentive from him , I believe.)This has stolen years of suggestions and ideas for ways to make cruising more affordable and safer, from cruisers. They also deleted all pictures anyone ever posted of good looking origami boats, leaving mostly the ugly ones, again at the request of Bob Perry. People here can post their own pictures ,but they would be deleted . Perry has been trying to devalue your boats, along with those of his "Friend" Yves Tanton, trying to mislead people to believe that expensive stock plastic boats are their only option.( while stil calling Tanton his" friend"!) He has attacked any suggestions of ways to save money, and for low income people to be able to go cruising. A friend from the West Indies said I could use the house he owns down there this winter. I found the name of one of Bob's most ardent attacker's (Smackdaddy's) boat "Gone With the Wind" a Hunter. I look forward to seeing it down there, and paying him a visit. At any rate, no one should waste their time posting useful info on a site like sailing anarchy, knowing that Perry can have it deleted on a whim. I believe he has an attack gang of employees, paid to attack any one who's posts question him in any way. This has made that origami boats discussion ,one which is totally controlled by a control freak, with no knowledge of the subject, and who, by his own admission, hates steel.It has been taken over by plastic boats . Sad, that anyone with decades of hands on experience with a subject, can't pass on what he has learned , because some childishly manipulating ego maniac wants to be the only show in town ,someone with almost zero ocean cruising, steel boat building, living aboard and long term cruising experience. Sad, that some get sucked in to paying such a con artist $175 an hour, for advice on something he has zero experience in . Sad that such con artists can transform the internet sites from what was once a useful exchange of info , into something totally useless, controlled by such a con artist.
  4. MikeJohns

    Origami Boat Thread

    The Alloy lifting bulb keel VDS Samoa ? It dropped it's lifting keel right out of the boat at sea and would have immediately inverted, it was washed onto the hard while inverted. VDS have the details and it rasies some series questions about regular maintenance and checking of lifting keel mechanisms and stops. I presume this is the vessel you refer to. But one of Brent's boats hit a reef at around 4 knots and ripped the keel welds and started sinking, saved by a nearby rescue boat with a pump. Brent's version was that the boat was doing 15 knots. I tried to get Brent to discuss that on this thread. Brent's earlier designs were prone to driving their keels into the hull just on grounding. After deriding transverse framing he quickly added some poorly designed floors to support the keels. He had been warned the design was inadequate too.
  5. MikeJohns

    Origami Boat Thread

    But he had based his decision of design and build method based on your misinformation. What could possibly go wrong ! You've stated many times that you consider that your method is suitable for boats to 60 feet without framing. Also you were keen enough to get involved with this one, presumably as a paid consultant. Looking at the vid, this hull really needs some professional input to make the hull safe for sea, both stability and strength, it will need a lot more framing.
  6. MikeJohns

    New vs. Old school blue water 37 footers?

    Nice vid of a large crew of fit young men who are on a small performance oriented boat, sailing with the weather in reasonably ordered waves, in daylight with good visibility and warm conditions, even sunshine. I'd enjoy it too. There other scenarios.
  7. MikeJohns

    New vs. Old school blue water 37 footers?

    The vessel needs to move geographically hence SOG. Basic principles of navigation require that you factor for current.
  8. MikeJohns

    New vs. Old school blue water 37 footers?

    Each MSI is generated for a given location on the vessel for a particular Sea state ( full spectrum ) , heading and speed. It requires a 3d computer model of the hull Then mainly Displacement, CG and roll and pitch Gyradii. They are easy studies to conduct, but not cheap software packages.
  9. MikeJohns

    New vs. Old school blue water 37 footers?

    I have a recent naval study for smaller vessels . Weather routing goes hand in hand with motion sickness index. The conclusion is that to keep the msi below a certain threshold by weather routing the vessel needs to sustain 15 knots and have accurate forecasts. The only alternative is a design with a more tolerable heave RAO. Female crew are also more susceptible ( bell curve of course). MSI is an average and it depends on personal tolerance threshold. Interestingly yacht designers don't usually consider MSI or undertake RAO studies but it's essential data for many commercial designs. These days it's quite predictable, given a sea state, heading and a 3d model of the craft to predict just how tolerable the motion will be. Brewer had a go at this with his motion comfort index. The idea of ocean cruising in a ULDB ....Ugh!
  10. MikeJohns

    New vs. Old school blue water 37 footers?

    You really need a vessel that can sustain 15 knots SOG and have accurate weather routing to properly avoid bad weather for an ocean passage. Different for coastal cruising. The problem with sailboats is that the wind doesn't always blow in the right direction or strength to make good speed before the weather system arrives. And in many parts of the world ocean forecasting is more of a general indication that's often out by 100 miles and 20 knots. The Tasman is typical.
  11. MikeJohns

    Origami Boat Thread

    The average build time for your 36 footer is around 7 years. As highlighted by that recent origami site thread, not one of the builders of your boats agrees with your build time figures, not even remotely. Including your oft Quoted Opus Paul.
  12. MikeJohns

    Boating on a budget - simple ideas

    Most significantly Captain Cooks voyage in 1769, Kumara was being grown in New Zealand prior to any European introduction. The botanical team even took plant samples that are being used today for genetic analysis. There's probably some confusion as the commercial cultivars were introduced to NZ by Europeans in the 19th century. There are chicken bones in Peru too that are pre-European contact. http://www.stuff.co.nz/science/8213421/Kumara-origin-points-to-pan-Pacific-voyage
  13. MikeJohns

    Steel Boats

    We already dispelled that bit of creativity: You posted a link to the video of what you call a "Storm" . But the owners call a gale. But really they are talking up the strong wind to a gale. You pick up the gale and make it a storm. A Brent reproduction. And you claim this is the worst weather a BS boat has ever experienced ? The one thing it really proves is that you have no experience of heavy weather at all, otherwise you'd know the weather conditions in the vid for what they really are. It's actually really good sailing weather for any normal offshore sailboat. And your design has to sit to a drogue ! No wonder they wanted a f27.
  14. MikeJohns

    Origami Boat Thread

    For someone who's often suggested that a gas bottle is the same structurally as a boat! You hadn't even heard about most of the basics of structures when you penned most of the nonsense you are now mired in. The problem is, you don't even have sufficient basic education to even start to understand why you are wrong. There are no wooden boat building methods in metal boat design, that's just a marketing falsehood you've made a pillar of your "wisdom". How could you even make the observation without any knowledge of structures? These are just dumb statements to sway the naive and are no more than fantasy.
  15. MikeJohns

    Origami Boat Thread

    . Brent Even when people take baby steps from first principles to try and educate you you still don't grasp basic fundamental principles.