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  1. ordkhntr

    Knots on slippery dyneema shock cord

    I use a anglers loop on the shockcord on my genoa cars. Holds better than any other knot I've used.
  2. ordkhntr

    AIS Transponder & transom antenna

    I went with lmr200-db when I redid the coax. I felt it was a good compromise between the 400 and rg-8 or 58.
  3. ordkhntr

    PNW Offshore is on (modified)

    Well I'll get this in here early.... if anyone needs crew this ones been on my list for the last couple years but work has been in the way. This year I have time :)
  4. ordkhntr

    Center cockpit vs aft cockpit

    So let's see........ After some impressive thread drift here's what I pulled as the summary..... Pros: Large aft cabin, more interior options, larger galley, engine access, traveler aft of the cockpit, signifies one has successfully navigated middle age Cons: High freeboard/windage, harder to dock single-handed, wetter cockpit, precursor to a trawler, might need a prescription of Viagra, many end up looking like a wedding cake or a pirate ship that seriously needs to lose weight.
  5. ordkhntr

    Center cockpit vs aft cockpit

    Photo of Najad 391
  6. ordkhntr

    Center cockpit vs aft cockpit

    We are actually looking at the Najad 391/390. I think they have a pretty slick profile for a cc.
  7. ordkhntr

    coastal blue water boat recommendation

    I seen that one as well. If it was 3 years from now that would be near the top of our list.
  8. It seems everything in life is a compromise. What are the pros/cons to a center cockpit vs an aft cockpit? Freeboard certainly increases on most center cockpits, but with that you get interior room. But what are the other pros and cons of a center cockpit as they pertain to a cruiser?
  9. ordkhntr

    Cabo Wabo

    And I was hoping this thread was going to be about tequila.
  10. ordkhntr

    Pole in aft cabin on older Hallberg-Rassy's

    It looks like they did just that on some of the newer ones. This is a drawing of a HR36.
  11. ordkhntr

    Pole in aft cabin on older Hallberg-Rassy's

    It would be a nice solid attachment point. I had thought of rebuilding the aft bunk, make it a bit bigger an instead of a single on the other side have a bench seat more like some of the newer ones. The pole would make it quite difficult to do that.
  12. ordkhntr

    SeaTalk-1 with i70s display

    This, The ITC-5 is what you need.
  13. I am getting ready to switch out the old Raymarine I-40 instruments and am going to be replacing them with a Triton2. On the port side of the companionway, there are 2 I-40 instruments, stacked vertically. The Tritons cut out will be much smaller than the two I-40's. What's a good looking clean way to mount the new Triton. I've seen some boats where they have put up a piece of wood as a cover/trim. Not sure I like that look. I don't really feel like trying to re-glass the holes. What other options are there for a nice looking installation?
  14. ordkhntr

    Pole in aft cabin on older Hallberg-Rassy's

    Its the stern. I've seen video tours of HR's for sale that show the aft cabin with the stripper pole. I'll see if I can dig one up when I get a break.
  15. ordkhntr

    Pole in aft cabin on older Hallberg-Rassy's

    You wouldn't happen to have a photo of how that works? I wonder if its possible to fit the old "pole in the bed" ones with a removable one?