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  1. ordkhntr

    Time to replace the standing rigging

    Craig Shaw has gone MIA. I talked to someone who knows him and he hasn't heard from him either. Now I'm kinda in a holding pattern trying to figure out who to go with. I've pretty much decided to go with wire, I just need to find someone to do it.
  2. ordkhntr

    Ethanol and outboard carbs

    I picked up a used Honda that was running like crap and this fixed it. This does wonders for carbs that have the varnish like deposits modern gas can leave. Go to harbor freight and pick up their cheap ultrasonic cleaner ( 60 bucks) . Fill it with warm water and some Simple Green. Pull the carb off and drop it in the cleaner. My carb wouldn't completely fit under the water so I had to turn it a couple times. Run it through a couple cycles, take it out, rinse and put it back on.
  3. ordkhntr

    freshwater anti algae bottom

    Sailing primarily on the Columbia River slime is my #1 enemy. I'll be due for a bottom job next year and I'm thinking of trying Trinidad SR. It has irgarol, which from what I've read is one of the few things that will battle the slimey build up. Best thing I've found so far to get it off has been a homemade scrubber and sailing often.
  4. ordkhntr

    Rig tension gauge

    I ended up with the spinlock. I picked it primarily because I think my shroud sizes kind of landed in between the two Loos gauge sizes, and the spinlock will fit better (i think).
  5. ordkhntr

    Time to replace the standing rigging

    Unfortunately, I haven't heard back from him yet. Will update when I do.
  6. ordkhntr

    ID this PHRF low budget ride

    I used to race even against them in an Olson 25. If the wind was above 10-12kts we would routinely beat them. Any more than 10-12 and they would have to reduce sail. We could still carry our 155 genny.
  7. ordkhntr

    battery monitors which one?

    I've had my eye on this one, looks like it covers all the bases and is a bit cheaper than the Blue Sea M2 https://www.westmarine.com/buy/xantrex--linklite-battery-monitor--10087690
  8. ordkhntr

    B&G Vulcan Reviews?

    Is the Zeus more water/weather proof? They are both listed as ipx6 and 7. And thank you for the link with the comparison.
  9. ordkhntr

    Rig tension gauge

    Loos Pro or Spinlock?
  10. ordkhntr

    B&G Vulcan Reviews?

    Interested in the replies..... I'm hoping to get one before the end of the year.
  11. ordkhntr

    Help me out with some MORC History

    I'd have to agree, although I may be a bit partial. I picked this shot of my because it really shows those lines.
  12. ordkhntr

    Time to replace the standing rigging

    A couple people have recommended Craig Shaw to me, thats who my call is out to.
  13. ordkhntr

    Time to replace the standing rigging

    Believe or don't, it doesn't matter to me. If for some reason it helps you sleep at night I'll pull up some photos this evening. Carcrash: I'm comfortable working with dyneema. I've made plenry of soft shackles and built a 12:1 cascade for my backstay, which if it came apart would be the end of the rig, but for some reason diy'ing the rest of it seems to risky. Guess I'll know more next week when the rigger comes out.
  14. ordkhntr

    Time to replace the standing rigging

    I did indeed. They are pretty easy to access. I pulled them when I redid the hull deck joint and added an aluminum toe rail. To say its been an extensive refit would be an understatement, but I knew that going in and wanted to try and learn the skills needed.
  15. ordkhntr

    Time to replace the standing rigging

    I'll be using a local rigger, but not Schooner Creek. Sounds like good old wire will be the way to go. If dyneema were less expensive I'd go that route. I doubt I'll be replacing the rig again so I won't be seeing saving there. "Simply put, the retail value of the rig is worth more than the vessel. " That is so true!! I think just about everything I have done on this boat has cost more than its worth. I went into this thing knowing that was going to happen. I've used it to hopefully learn on so when we move to something larger I don't make mistakes that are exponentially more expensive.