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  1. Shore power installation question

    For some reason I thought I had seen an ELCI that was built into the boat side inlet by Hubble but now I can't find it.
  2. Shore power installation question

    We'll be using the Blue Sea System 8101. It has room for more breakers/circuits than we will use but it is a good price and gives us what we'll need.
  3. Shore power installation question

    Thats a valid point. The ELCI is a bit more than 50 bucks but it's worth it and it's way easier to do it now. So back to the original question....if I install the ELCI and then route to a main A.C. breaker panel what is the correct way to run the ground in my situation?
  4. Shore power installation question

    I thought the ELCI was only required on new manufactured boats. Would an ELCI change how the AC should be grounded on the boat?
  5. Shore power installation question

    The panel I am looking at is a blue sea and it has a main breaker and 3 or 4 separate circuits. It also has a reverse polarity indicator. It's a small boat so it will be easy to place within 10 feet (probably more like 3) of the shore power connection. Eta, no bonding system and I will most likely be adding a galvanic isolator.
  6. I am going to be installing shore power on our boat and am having a hard time finding an answer to one question. Well, actually I have found lots of answers, just not sure which is correct. The boat is Ranger 26, has an outboard with an alternator. DC system is what is called ( I think ) floating. One deep cycle battery, small dc breaker panel, nav lights, cabin lights, instruments, VHF. AC will be 30 amp with 2 15 amp circuits, one for a battery charger and one in the cabin for heat and maybe a dehumidifier. My question has to do with the grounding of the AC coming on board. Everywhere I have read it says to ground to the inboard engine. We don't have one, just the outboard, and when it's not running it's tilted up out of the water. The other options I have seen are to ground it to a thru hull (I have 2 brass and 2 instrument thru hulls) or ground it to the main DC ground. Right now my DC is incredibly basic and doesn't have a "main ground". The third option was to let the AC system float as well (which does not sound correct at all). I don't have Calder's book but I have Casey's book and have also read the ABYC guidelines and can't find which route I should follow. Thanks, RJ
  7. Event Insurance

    Insurance isn't cheap, but its a necessity. We hold our regattas on county property (our clubhouse isn't on the water) and last year the county increased its requirements for insurance and it just about killed our club. They doubled the required amounts (went from 1mil/2mil to 2mil/4mil) and it more than tripled our expense. We ended up going the US Sailing route. They go through Gowrie. They were easy to work with. So far, I would recommend them without hesitation.
  8. Yacht club/sailing club member cards

    We're not that fancy...barely have a clubhouse, no bar, restaurant or anything like that. I am just thinking of something that will look professional and will be recognized by other clubs as well.
  9. My club is looking to improve what we do for member cards. Right now we just print off business like cards for ID's and laminate them. We redo them each year. I would like to come up with a more professional looking card. So, what does your club do? Do you get new ones every year? If you don't get new ones every year, how would another club know if you're active or not? Photos of said cards would be great too, Thanks RJ
  10. Adj backstay and twist

    Both your Pearson and my Ranger have telephone poles for masts. I am not expecting to get a lot of bend in the mast (if any), merely be able to tension the headstay/furler. Any bend would be a bonus. I have been thinking of doing very close to what you have done. The only changes are using a block at the top and only having a single cascade along with the 6:1 blocks. I may try the low friction ring at the top of the cascade instead of a block.
  11. Adj backstay and twist

    Correct, line twist instead of sail twist. Hadnt thought of using friction rings. One person did suggest doing a cascade, I'm just not sure how to secure each end to the transom.
  12. Adj backstay and twist

    The chainplates are equidistant from the center. Originally, it was set up with the backstay coming down to about 10' above deck and then splitting and going to each side. I am just replacing the "split" section. Should be fine. My thought was if I used fixed shackels instead of swivel it should be fine. Others were worried about the lines building twist somehow just through general use. One suggested making sure the bitter end is free to "untwist" so twist wouldn't build up. I'm not even really sure I am explaining it right.
  13. Adj backstay and twist

    I am getting ready to put an adjustable backstay on our Ranger 26. It has a pretty heavy stiff mast so I'm not thinking I will get a lot of bend. I just need to be able to tension the headstay/furler. My first plan was for it to have a single block at the end of the backstay and then a set of triples on one side giving me a 12:1. So it would look like the Harken diagram except block "A" would be at the apex and the two ends would attach to the chainplates on the transom. Just about everyone that I have talked to that knows more than I has said that I need to be careful with how I set it up due to inducing twist. So my question.... how do I set it up and keep the twist out? I have to do it in the shape of an inverted V because in the center of the transom is the cutout for the outboard.
  14. Sailing World mag

    10 years (or so) ago we got practical sailor and sail magazines. When we got a boat again I signed up for practical sailor, man has that gone in the toilet! My wife get SW, I think from her US Sailing membership, and its not bad. We also get a bunch of magazines from buying our tickets for the Seattle Boat Show. Mostly power bost mags, we donate those to the local high school library.
  15. As long as you are just going to have an AIS receiver the easiest way to go is to just use a splitter. If you have a transceiver then a separate antenna with a short run and good cable will make sure you get the best performance. I believe if go with the VHF/AIS tranceiver single antenna you need to have an active splitter that disconnects the AIS when you transmit on VHF. For the VHF/AIS receiver single antenna route, I went with LMR-240 DB cable. Its way better than the junk Ancor has out there.