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  1. ordkhntr

    Experience Making my own Working Jib and Storm Sail

    I checked out the price of an Asym spinnaker just the other day online at Sailrite. Price came in only about 15% less than ordering one from a local loft. It would be interesting to try sewing one, but with such a little amount difference I'm probably going to go with having someone else do the sewing.
  2. ordkhntr

    Kanberra Gel for mildew

    This Tea tree oil has worked quite well for us in the PNW. I've always just bought the off brand stuff that has the tea tree oil in it.
  3. ordkhntr

    Kydex mast instrument bracket

    Looks great! I've made a few holsters and odds and ends with kydex and it is pretty easy to work with. That being said, nothing I've made came out looking that good.
  4. I'm re-organizing our cavernous lazzerette, adding dividers and storage boxes/options. Right now it's just one giant cave and everything get tangled and slides around. I've build/improved storage for fenders, fuel tank, and anchor so far and am going to tackle tools and spare parts next. Granted I don't carry too much in the way of parts on a 26' boat that sails the Columbia River, but I'd like it organized none the less. How do you store things and protect them from moisture? I'm thinking a cloth tool roll inside a pelican like case and a moisture absorber pack? Thanks
  5. ordkhntr

    Covid-19 Mask Anarchy

    For those that asked, here is a copy to the link to the Providence Health System call for masks. https://www.providence.org/lp/100m-masks
  6. ordkhntr

    Covid-19 Mask Anarchy

    Providence Healthcare/Hospitals has asked for volunteers to sew masks. My wife works for them. Masks are 4 layers of fabric, each piece about 17"x15" before the pleats are sewn in. She has made a few so far just for our grown kids who work in schools and a few for us. It takes a bit more time than what she thought and she does a LOT of sewing. It's her #1 hobby. If anyone wants the specs for yourself or others msg me and I'll get you the info.
  7. ordkhntr

    Where Didja Get Your Log In Name

    Ordkhntr Oregon duck hunter. I have loved waterfowl hunting since I was a kid.
  8. ordkhntr

    Graphene Batteries

    I think its gonna be a while before we see them for boats/golf carts/ cars. Battery technology is advancing amazingly quick.
  9. ordkhntr

    Graphene Batteries

    I just started reading up on it. I hadn't heard of it till good old Youtube came up with a suggested video on graphene. It sounds like a major leap from what is commonly available right now. The company Real Graphene has been making some small power packs and it sounds like Samsung has been hard at work developing batteries for mobile devices. I imagine Tesla is hard at work with it as well. Faster charging, lower heat, increased capacity, almost sounds too good to be true. Anyone with more info on these?
  10. ordkhntr

    Varnishing in Cold Weather

    I did something similar in my garage this winter. Worked pretty well.
  11. ordkhntr

    So called "wicking" polyester shirts??

    I've wore bamboo for years hunting. There are a couple companies that do it well. Badlands makes a couple different weights. I wore the same shirt for 4 or 5 days of hard backcountry hunting and the stuff doesn't stink. Like you said, its really pricey. I've only wore it sailing when I am layering up in the cold.
  12. ordkhntr

    So called "wicking" polyester shirts??

    I've used bamboo shirts for hunting for quite a while. They dont get stinky at all. I went on a backcountry hunt for 2 weeks and only had 3 base layer shirts, all bamboo, and they did really well. Bamboo or merino are probably the best choices. Also, what's that about dryer sheets and shirts not wicking???
  13. ordkhntr

    Ranger 23 Calif to Hawaii

    Watched it tonight. He looked pretty out of it a couple times, probably was getting very little sleep. Think I'll wait till I have something bigger than our Ranger 26 to do that.
  14. ordkhntr

    Choosing boats we forget that will win on time

    Ranger 26 rates right around the Tbird. Probably a bit more comfortable too.
  15. ordkhntr

    Anyone bought from Diegocustommarine

    That's what I thought to. If you check just about anywhere else that is how they measure. I'm going to send them an email and see what they say. I may even video the measuring so there can be no question.