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  1. ZAR

    USA 11 Front Page

    From Stars & Stripes USA 11 Facebook page 1h ยท Although Stars & Stripes is out of service at this time, we are still open for charters. IL Moro di Venezia can accommodate up to 12 guests. She is built under the same formula as Stars & Stripes, hence she is the same size, and equally as much fun! We look forward to taking you out for a sail! We are so grateful and moved by the tremendous show of support from our boating community when the mishap occurred last week. And we thank the amazing efforts of those who rushed in to... See More
  2. ZAR

    USA 11 Front Page

    I sailed on her in February, It defiantly shows her age, a few things didn't work, but I enjoyed the ride, and felt safe reaching around SanD harbor in 10 knots of air, which I get the feeling is about all they do with in anymore. Skipper Lynn, and his wife Bee are super people, as were the crew, who appear to be mostly volunteer and obviously dedicated...maybe they can march next door and borrow a mast from the Geronimo syndicate
  3. ZAR


    NO NO NO!! Shae Laren is a bimbo... she is NOT Shea... I told you guys, Her name is Gina...she grew up next door to me...just a skinny little tom boy pain in the ass...she went away to school for a couple of years, and I had not seen her, till she knocked on my door one afternoon...I could not believe my eyes..she had really grown up...she said that the water was off in her house, and could she use my shower... after a few minutes, I heard the water turn off...I walked by the door, to ask if she needed anything..the door cracked open... was frozen as I watched her struggle into her tight jeans...I thought that I should walk away, but I couldn't move...I couldn't breath...she glanced up... I was about to apologize...then she smiled that come hither look.... I ran into her arms...we made passionate was the best 90 seconds of my life..... ....yea I have given this some thought
  4. ZAR


    I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I feared that something terrible had happened.... I woke up in a terror, ran to my computer and she was gone!!! thank god Gina is back!....(yes, I have a name for her, it is Gina....SO WHAT?)
  5. ZAR


    YOUPORN.COM? I guess it had to happen... I don't even want to check to see if there is a you-colonoscopy
  6. ZAR


    every time she jumps, things on my desk actually shake
  7. Don't you think that your gender should be set by age 13?

  8. Yes, but I ALWAYS do...I thought it was just me

  9. Do you hear the tune from the Twilight Zone? LOL