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  1. Shadowman

    J 121

    Power reaching sail, to be used mainly when too much wind to use your zero. Same size as Jib so rated on IRC as a jib. Would be the modern option instead of a High clew reacher. IRC amended the rules last year to allow Jibs to be flown off a sprit without penalty . Best used with a Jib Staysail. Sheeted to the rail. Video doesn't show it at its best, as it wasn't enough wind to show it in its optimum conditions.
  2. Shadowman

    Some of my old sailing photos 2

    1985--Justine(beneteau one tonner), Yeoman 25 (castro one tonner) can't remember 3rd. Was it some Charter Italian 46 footer 1987--Turkish Delight(castro 43), Irish Independent/full pelt and Jameson-Both Dubois 1 tonners
  3. Shadowman

    Some of my old sailing photos 2

    I Think the Irish Admirals cup team was actually Golden Apple of the Sun, Regardless and Inishaneer. Inishaneer was a Rogers 39, I think and was the only one of the three to complete the Fastnet, the other 2 ending up breaking rudders. If I recall, Silver Apple of the moon raced for another country.
  4. Shadowman

    1st JPK 11.80 launches

    looks like she is sailing to about 1.085 irc compared to an average of the two Grand Soleil 43,s. Does anyone know what irc is hoped for the 11.8. . I think the 10.80's are around 1.050 so you have to think a design that is a metre longer would be close to 1.100.
  5. Shadowman

    North sails ,pricing, discounts

  6. Shadowman

    North sails ,pricing, discounts

    IF discounts , that are intended for the customers, are not sometimes passed on, then I suppose customers should look for quotes from a number of different salesmen in their country and maybe even neighbouring countries to ensure the one you have gone to is not doing the Greedy thing. If there was a lot of competition, they would have to be upfront ,but in the present environment, where Norths have the majority of the race sails, it seems their sails are getting increasingly more and more expensive. How many products in the marine business have gone up circa 70% since the start of the recession?. Few if any.
  7. Shadowman

    North sails ,pricing, discounts

    The reason I ask about discounts is I have come across North sales guys in one country offering a discount at a time of the year that is not normal, whereas sales guys in a neighbouring country did not offer the same discount until pressed, then they came up with the discount . Why are their discount periods not advertised and upfront?.
  8. So, Anyone know much about how the North sails Salesmen operate. What sort of Commissions are they on?. What about discounts such as winter Discounts. You go into the North Website and it rarely tells when there is a discount in play or when it ends. Is there a situation that some sales guys in particular countries do not pass on discounts that other countries offer as a norm. Do the sales guys cut their commissions for better programmes . Anyone got any insight .
  9. Shadowman

    IOR presentation, UK.

    Not much interest in the rule itself - no momentum at all to resurrect it. Interest in the boats themselves? Yes, especially at the smaller end. I wonder what Swuzzlebubble would rate now? Reckon she would at least be a three-quarter tonner. She is now about 30 points higher than most Halftonners which is causing a problem in the half ton Class. She is much quicker being longer, with more sail and a longer keel. In the quarter ton class, a boat has to be less than .920 which is only about 8 points above average. The half ton class should bring in such a rule also.
  10. Shadowman

    IRC Europeans and Commodores cup merged for 2018

    see article-- Article is saying Irish Sailors not happy with RORC decision to exclude smaller classes in order to try and prop up its ailing Commodores cup competition.
  11. Shadowman

    IRC Europeans and Commodores cup merged for 2018

    Marseilles appears to be a stand alone event. Seems a bit crazy to have the first French IRC Europeans in the Med where it is unlikely to get much support from the strong IRC areas such as Uk, Ireland, Holland ,Belgium. And will the strong French IRC areas up north and West of France support Marseilles. Unless they trail the boats overland, it is a hell of a long way from Brittany or Normandy to Marseilles. If 2017 is not a success, then it will be hard for the 2018 event to succeed in Cowes. I do think the mixed type sailing week with inshore ,a round The Island and a short offshore has appeal, but they should not eliminate designs from competing like j97's, X332's,jpk 960's,beneteau 34.7's. They should look at a lower cut off point of around .940 not the 1.000 suggested.
  12. Shadowman

    IRC Europeans and Commodores cup merged for 2018

    Smaller boats were allowed in 2016(Cork), they are allowed in 2017(Marseilles), why now exclude them in 2018?. Is it because the RORC are trying to resurrect a near deceased Commodores cup by adding on this IRC European event and small boats are excluded because of the offshore element.
  13. Just up on the RORC site. Plan is to sail the 2018 IRC Europeans together with the Commodores cup. 3 boat commodores cup teams to only allow one pro each per boat while those not sailing in that sub competition to have as many pros as they like. Seems like they are saying the IRC Europeans will do same courses which includes a short offshore.
  14. Shadowman

    IRC Revalidations 2017--Increases?

    Seems like most converted half and quarter toners are also gone up.
  15. Quite a number of Revalidations coming back showing a point or two increase for boats with straight , non Bulb Keels, such as JPK keels. Anyone know why?. I understand there is a new Keel amendment but I thought that was just to do with moving lead into The Fins on Bulb type keels.