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  1. Well anarchiests, I have tried spring sailing at the Mediterranean Sea. It means first warm sun of spring and last strong winds of winter. We passed app.400 miles from the shore of Croatia to the Italian border where are located 2 islands. They are called small and big Palagruza. Big one has one lighthouse. This lighthouse is hotel either. We had some storms, waves, strong winds, broachings, broken sales, lightings while the race. Awesome experience. Details... Yeah, you can find it at the following video: Full video of the race
  2. Ok. Here is a shot story about my first offshore racing experience. It was difficult to choose race because of the standart long distance 600nm. A lot of people said that it's boring. Who knows if I don't like first 100nm how can I get out at last 500nm. That's right I will not be able. So I need smth shorter. Some research and I've got a link for "Offshore Challenge 2017" which was organized by Offshore racing club of Austria and Croatian sailing federation. The place was not so far. It was Adriatic sea. I have to fly app.4 hours. The distance was shorter and interesting. It was a half of the standart race. I mean 300 nm. Moreover it was a break for a day at the middle of the race. So, there are 2 rounds measured by 150 mn. We sailed from Biograd-na-more to Dubrovnik and then go back. The first round was exciting with fresh wind 15-20 knots blowing in our course. So we sailed broadreach or deadrun all the distance. Some times wind changed direction rapidly up to 30 degrees and it was nice practice of sttering with spinnaker. To the end of the race at last 4-5 nm all wind dissapeared because we get into the land shadow at night. So race became ordinary inshore distance. All the other story was awasome. The second distance was passed on a half and wind was ended at all. So how was good anyone we don't know by tracking system. But I suppose that such calm conditions make officers to cancel results of the second stage. Anyway, here is the second race of the Offshore Challenge 2017:
  3. Why do you like center cockpit? I have avoided that on purpose. Only because of feeling of safty in winds from 6 acc. BF. You are located far from the vawes in this case. So mostly it is about selffeeling as for a outside advantages. Such location of cockpit is not appropriate at the regular marina life but in case of offshore sailing it is very comfortable. Besides central cockpit allows to have very interesting deck plan. I mean owners cabin in front of the boat. So you have 2 cabins in different parts of boat with full isolation of your own life. Somtimes it can become important while a long trip
  4. I understand that it can be a little bit annoying but Hallberg makes me dream every time when I'm looking at her pictures. Central cockpit, minimum of automatization, simple handling, optimal size of 40 feets, reliable equipment. I understand that it is old school but can't stand of it. A lot of beautiful boats are shown but as a dream Hallberg Rassy 40mk II quite good. But as a dream it is so expensive so far either. Yeah... and of course photos