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  1. PinkSpinnaker

    Online sailing movies

    Cannot believe nobody has mentioned Go Fast, Go North. Great movie IMHO. Can be found on amazon and youtube.
  2. PinkSpinnaker

    Tracking the Lindenberg 28's Lindenberg 28 for sale In melbourne FL Ex Mouse when I sailed on her. Not my boat, won't by an ad.
  3. Found my next boat!
  4. PinkSpinnaker

    Building a cunningham Here are some cunningham options via Harken. I have a 12:1 Cascaded on my Hobie 33, works just fine. I believe it is 4-5mm line, breaking strength is very high. At a point the line size becomes what is comfortable on your hands and wallet. My cunningham on the Hobie 33 is Alpha Ropes SSR. Hope this helps!
  5. PinkSpinnaker

    Deck Replacement?

    Well, for starters its balsa. was balsa. Now its more like soaking wet paper towls. I would imagine unsealed mounting holes from long since removed hardware caused it. Spider cracking throughout does not help either.
  6. PinkSpinnaker

    Deck Replacement?

    The boat is for sale, yes the owner has a new unused deck for the boat. I was wondering how big of mess it would be with the hull/deck tabbing.
  7. PinkSpinnaker

    Deck Replacement?

    Boat-Wavelength 24, Ability-Not well enough to take a deck off. Apparently the deck that is on it is absolutely shot in every way possible. The obvious answer here is no way in hell should this be taken on. I was just mulling over the idea considering the circumstances. There have been plenty of threads on recoring and cabin top removal, except this is the whole deck, with a whole second deck to replace it. Not much information on that because it is not something normal people even consider. The reality of this boat is it should meet a chainsaw, but thats always a shame to see that happen.
  8. PinkSpinnaker

    Deck Replacement?

    Has anyone here ever replaced an entire deck? I do not mean the core, I mean the whole deck. Searching the forum seems to bring up no results. I know limited details on the boat except that it needs the deck replaced and it has a new deck to be put on it. Thanks!
  9. PinkSpinnaker

    Sail or Bail?

    Where on Erie are ya? We should have 10 or so Hobie 33s on Western LE this season.
  10. PinkSpinnaker

    Frers 41, Carroll Marine

    A CM built Farr 395 started to break in half leaving jamacia after the pineapple cup this year. I would not touch a CM boat with a 10 foot pole.
  11. PinkSpinnaker

    J/35 Jibing video

    I was waiting for this comment. I went up and raced on Dean's List and those guys seemed untouchable. I can see why this video is labeled fails, I also didn't know those guys knew how to fail.
  12. PinkSpinnaker

    Ideal Youth Sailing Progression?

    I did the same sort of progression in junior sailing, I got to big for optimist pretty quick and soon to big for laser radial, which is all they for juniors locally. Past that the 420 is the only boat used for high school and college Sailing, which is to small for most big guys to sail in. At my size I weight more then the boat itself. The only junior class I could sail in is thistles, this fleet briefly resurged but died out when people aged out. The skinnier class of kids following them wanted nothing to do with the Thistle. As someone who plans to be a lifelong sailor it is unfortunate to lose my last years of junior sailing and not being able to sail high school or college sailing. Taking the politics out would help as well.
  13. PinkSpinnaker

    Is the J/24 worth it?

    Please do show me where you can get a moore 24 for dirt cheap J24 prices.
  14. PinkSpinnaker

    what was it?

    Or what did it used to be?
  15. PinkSpinnaker

    Favourite Boat pic?