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  1. Totally lost...

    Hobie 33, yes yes yes i know its over 31 but its not as large as it feels. Can be trailer sailed and travel on the trailer anywhere. Fits a shoe string budget, ramp launch capable. Keel can retract and the mast can be raised and lowered easily as its a deck step. Boat is a wicked fast beer can as well as cruise friendly. No headroom is the downside. One in OKC for $9k. 31 ft or less (No, but close, feels smaller then 33) Budget: $15,000ish (+/-) (Yes) Location: WLIS (Hobie 33 will go there) Lively/fun sailor (able to beercan) (Yes, Like a dream) Solid, able to handle some light coastal ocean work (Yes, Like a dream) Simple systems & not a huge project (Yes) Some wishes: like the 80's model looks better than 70's, (1980s) would prefer more cockpit space than space below, (Big Yes) toilet not porta, (No) would prefer lighter displacement over heavy. (yes, is a ULDB) 8/10 My teacher said that is a good grade
  2. what was it?

    Cool thread, great paint on the old mace
  3. Chicken Chute

    did you order the samurai douse? god damn right i did
  4. Chicken Chute

    Myasasaur is a great boat, can not blame you for missing it. We repainted the mast and boom and bought a reaching strut for it. We are in the process of repainting the interior as well, it looks amazing down below. Added a new radio, speakers, vhf, cabin lights, wireless instruments, new mast lights, replaced all the noodles as well. Took the outboard out for full servicing, and replaced the lifelines. Boat is going north and having high bunks fabricated so the boat can be single point lifted. Side note, who sprayed the Vc PE on the bottom?
  5. Chicken Chute

    The blue one, Myasasaur
  6. Chicken Chute

    Jesus, wire luffs? What size boat would that be on? What kind of speeds did you hit in that kind of wind?
  7. Chicken Chute

    While we are on the subject on what sails are what. The Hot Yellow S2 kite, is that a PHRF or OD kite? Is there any difference in size between the two mains?
  8. Chicken Chute

    That’s amazing. Bet that thing was heavy as hell.
  9. Chicken Chute

    Jeez 2.2 Oz that’s nuts. Ever blow one up?
  10. Chicken Chute

    Thanks craig, did you guys ever put up the pink one?
  11. Chicken Chute

    I'm always down for a full send! I honestly was not sure if the boat needs a spinnaker like such since they get up and go so fast.
  12. Chicken Chute

    Hobie 33
  13. Chicken Chute

    Awesome shot! What was it blowing when this photo was taken?
  14. Chicken Chute

    Good point, the boat came with a 1.5 oz reaching kite that i have only had out of the bag once. Laid it out with the normal S2 and it really is not much smaller, just way heavier cloth.
  15. Chicken Chute

    Thanks for the video! Looking at adding an A kite down the road!