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  1. Junk on the trunk

    But there is more traditional approach...
  2. Junk on the trunk

    Fuck... Why?
  3. If you prefer fixed keel shallow draught proven, robust design: http://www.petersmith.net.nz/about/kiwiroa.php
  4. In that series http://www.yachtingworld.com/storm-sailing-techniques Skip is telling a lot about his boats, sailing philosophy and high latitude experiences. Definitely worth to see IMVHO.
  5. I've only seen Seal from some distance. But, assuming it's Hamish Laird boat, and reading his page it's the same philosophy - going anywhere seaworthy boat with possibility to running away from incoming ice /to shallow water or even beaching the boat/ capable to stand her ground and claw off the weather shore in pretty much everything the nature can throw in your face - on sails. I love the Skip's philosophy "keep it simple" "you can't break something you haven't got on board" - The keel of Pelagic Australis weights over 12 tons AFAIR and it's lifted by offroad truck winch /marine hydraulics is so complicated, expensive, unreliable, hard to fix, leaky, unnecessary... / Winch is standard, sealed and cheap. If it, brakes the second one, carefully packed is right on the shelf in the bosuns locker - it's some 8 bolts and 4 cables to change it underway. If it also brakes you can put the tackle line to anchor winch, and when you run out of power there is that big grinder powered winch right after mast you can see on the photo to make your crew fit and happy
  6. http://www.pelagic.co.uk/yachts/overview.asp Tony Castro, designer, has got upscaled and downscaled versions of Pelagic Australis in his portfolio - 56' 63' original 74' and 82'. Pelagic Australis is my dream boat, I'm still drooling after the privilege to raft with Pelagic's and visit them in 2016.
  7. Original Pelagic /and bigger sister too/ isn't a centerboarder but swinging keel boat. Both boats got heavy ballasted keels with only small part of lead in hull for trimming purposes.
  8. In Croatia /and onboard Croatia registered vessel/ possession of a skippers licence is a legal requirement, and one person should also have a VHF licence. There is an official list of recognised licences which is published by the authorities you can view the list here
  9. My newest project

    You'll be drinking vodka, me pure grain alcohol Sounds fair?
  10. My newest project

    +1 I like the crawling part! Let's make it a race to the summit!
  11. My newest project

    OK Ed. As I told you, drink a little bit of something just before a shot... We can drink pure 95% alcohol. Fuck the taste! Welcome the effectiveness and cost effectiveness!
  12. My newest project

    I am surprised too
  13. My newest project

    Thanks Bob, as I told Ed today - circumnavigation is inevitable
  14. My newest project

    We definitely need more time and more vodka... fuck! We didn't drink any vodka actually... Sailing Anarchy chapter Warsaw is going to visit Słubice Thanks for the company Ed!