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  1. Twitter should disable Trump's account for a day. He's violated their ToS so many times it's well within their policies to do so. Now that would be fucking hilarious.
  2. DustyDreamer

    Noam Chomsky

    Just as a general note... if one is going to be critical of Chomsky beyond ad homonym attacks, it's going to require actual mental effort. Like you might have to read some of his writing, do some research, read related material... all that kind of stuff. And given that the man, at 91, could very probably wipe the floor intellectually with anybody on this forum... well, I'd guess it's a loosing proposition. We should probably stick to flinging poo.
  3. A free and open (substitute medium of choice here) is the enemy of authoritarians everywhere. The republicans would love to kill Twitter and any related platforms especially if that means the crazy in the WH is slightly less visible. More control means more opportunities to shape the narrative...
  4. DustyDreamer

    Noam Chomsky

    We're allowed to disagree, right? You're just terribly terribly wrong on Chomsky and Anarchism. In my humble opinion.
  5. DustyDreamer

    Rich Mitch

    His wife Elaine Chao's father James gave them "between $5 and $25 million" as a gift after Mitch negotiated on behalf of China, including most-favored nation status which was a massive boon to the Chao's family company, greatly increasing the family's wealth... and of course, Mitch was well-compensated for that.
  6. DustyDreamer

    Noam Chomsky

    You are incredibly ignorant. Possibly an idiot, but mostly... just ignorant. Carry on.
  7. DustyDreamer


    And the more liberal.
  8. I guess the good news is that there appears to be a certain amount of natural selection in play. Beware, though: the stupid really is contagious now.
  9. DustyDreamer


    Apparently you lack the nuance to finish reading the sentence, but hey man, no worries.
  10. DustyDreamer


    The problem with the "this capitalism is not the real capitalism" argument is the obvious counter that in practical terms capitalism inevitably leads to regulatory capture and corporate influence over all aspects of government. IOW, it's inherent to the system that this shit happens. The same argument is used to counter why socialism is bad. The arguments are not really wrong so much as lacking nuance, but what can you do...
  11. DustyDreamer


    Oh yes it most certainly is. Capitalism is inherently rigged. Employ any and all means to accumulate capital, not least putting government to work for your interests. Otherwise... it would be socialism. Edit: ie putting communal interests above private by means of regulation.
  12. DustyDreamer


    Fuck off minion.
  13. DustyDreamer


    Primarily that if you feed homeless people you will have a homeless problem, apparently. Wouldn't want them dirty homeless beggars congregatin 'round downtown now. Secondarily (I've observed) a desire to keep the populace in line with the corporation-approved food supply chain under the guise of "food safety" so as not to disrupt profits. Soon as ya got people feedin' themselves all hell will break loose! Might even lower my dividends!
  14. DustyDreamer


    Good, so you're not taking a stand on the specifics of implementation, which is the sticking point for a lot of folks raised in the Red Scare era. I'm good with that. Capitalism needs to die.