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  1. kwf937

    Top Speed: What's Your Number?

    85 on a renegade iceboat Take that dn sailors
  2. kwf937

    Worst place for a sailor in the USA

    On rocks.... worse place to be a sailor is on rocks
  3. kwf937

    Sailing to Kennebunkport, Maine

    I teach sailing at the arundel yacht club in kennebunkport, there can be some weird rollers at the mouth of the river at the wrong tide. Dimillos is walking distance from all the shops and everything and pretty easy to dock at There is some real current when the tides moving but not unmanageable.
  4. kwf937

    Custom short handed refit

    The g&s had a pulpit and pushpit for the taffrail
  5. I bought a custom one off called a "nelson 28" a few years ago on Ebay, then what was left of a g&s 27 called fearless for parts and are currently attempting to Frankenstein the two boats together to be an offshore shorthanded platform. If anyone have any thought or opinions on layout that would be greatly appreciated!! The boat is 28 feet long, weighs 4500# and appears to be glassed over cedar strip planking
  6. My buddy who's new into sailing just bought the boat on its 3rd relisting. It might not be a perfect boat but itll be a great first sailboat for a beginner fresh out of boat building college in Maine!
  7. But do you really want a Pearson 26 project?
  8. kwf937

    Iceboating Anarchy

    The problem i have with the dn class is its not a very good "one design", my 1976 heavy dn with a wood rig and boom built to the original plans with all the vintage hard where cant come close to competing with the modern boats, i personally think they should break the dns into two classes a original one design fleet and a modern development class with carbon rigs and all the other expensive stuff. id think that'd draw a lot more new people into the sport who don't want to drop thousands into a boat. But then again this is probably the reason i bought a renegade.
  9. kwf937

    Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    how many boats are expected to be at Sr bay next weekend?