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  1. Super foiled configuration

    An individual I hold in high esteem suggested to me three or four years ago once foiling became a functional reality that the speeds were going to warrant a complete reimagining of what a sailboat can look like. He posited that the natural evolution would be towards what an ice boat or land yacht look like, steering in the front. The superfoiler has taken to the geometry, but the rudders remain aft. And the boat wants to dig. A T foil rudder on the bow perhaps...flame on.
  2. best 32-35 foot cruising cat

    True, but when you're sleeping aboard and you wake up to a dry cabin sole despite the rain, it's pretty nice. Also, in New England it means sailing in April and November is an option. And the photo in question is not her best angle with the dodger zipped in.
  3. Stiletto 23 Illusion

    Does anyone know the location of the Stiletto 23 "iIlusion". Last I heard she was somewhere on the Great Lakes. Asking for a friend.
  4. Smyth Wingsail via Jim Brown

    I was aboard
  5. Smyth Wingsail via Jim Brown

    It was quite something to see Jim Brown crawling around to th eleeward side of the wing while power reaching to get a better look. The old man and the sea indeed!
  6. best 32-35 foot cruising cat

    Merlin still has original rotating rig. Avalon had her carbon rotating rig replaced with a fixed aluminum one by her second owner. I heard Avalon was sold and in need of a major refit.
  7. best 32-35 foot cruising cat

  8. Smyth Wingsail via Jim Brown

    Sailplane. Yes.
  9. Smyth Wingsail via Jim Brown

    Wing masts are old news. I think the 360" degree rotation is where the innovation is. Formula 40'has been over 30 kts.
  10. best 32-35 foot cruising cat

  11. best 32-35 foot cruising cat

    Ill be bringing Clockwork, Bob's other boat that he gave to me after she was struck by lightning. Had her down there last year, took third with a the trampoline falling apart, a DNF in the distance race, and unfinished business. Merlin will be in NE waters for the foreseeable future.....
  12. best 32-35 foot cruising cat

    Maybe a little bit. Ida Lewis race, maybe the sail for hope (do they still do that?). Next season maybe a bit more.
  13. best 32-35 foot cruising cat

    Merlin is set to launch this week. When this groundbreaking boat was built in 1999 she was not finished to the level she deserved....we had to get her to a boat show so interior finish was less than perfect and a few things got rushed at the end. I am confident saying she is better than new, and I know cus I was there at the beginning! Thanks to an extensive refit done partly in Florida by Doug Fisher and his team at Ullman, and finished at Carbon Ocean Yachts in Bristol (well almost finished, deck hardware is going back on as I write). The improvements are to numerous to count. There is not a cooler boat on Narragansett Bay this summer......We call the new color "Rabid Parakeet yellow". I cannot wait for my little pocket cruiser/racer to splash. When Peter gets aboard he is going to be so happy that his creation finally has reached the place she was always meant to go. Hats off to Peter and to the late, great, Bob Buzzelli, my uncle, who had the vision to commission a boat that some us recognize as the precursor to boats like the G4. Fast, light, simple, enough accomadations to go "glamping" but not so much to compete with the hotel on shore.......Over 20 kts easy with a couple skilled sailors, 15 kts all day long with the wife and kids. More than one sailor who has stepped aboard her for the first time has commented, "this is the perfect boat". I agree!
  14. Smyth Wingsail via Jim Brown

    On the formula 40. Testing begins this week
  15. Randy Smyth fully rotating wing sail

    Fast Forward Composites or Tommy Gonzalez. Randy is an integral part of a team developing this, but it's not just him......