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    Melges 24 - Electronics package

    Keep your Vakaros. If you want speedo they are working on that option with the Airmar Smart sensor which is bluetooth. They have made it work. Now just working out what is needed to update the hardware after they are happy with testing.
  2. Iceman22

    Affordable GPS Speedometer

    The Vakaros Atlas is small and had compass and GPS speed plus heel and much more.
  3. Iceman22

    Velocitek Speed Puck

    I think we have two in stock. Shoot me an email -
  5. Iceman22

    Chicago Boat, RV and Sail Show

    There are many things wrong with the new set up but long hours might be the biggest. For example of something that works. My wife has a wedding show on Sunday from noon to 4pm. She is exhibiting so plans to be there from 11:00 until 5pm tops. She went to a show last weekend that was similar and we are hosting a Wedding Expo in our Boat Barn from 1pm until 4pm. We are shortening by an hour this year from last.
  6. We will be there to coach and give our secrets out. The boats are easy to sail. We have fixed the forestay in the class rules to enhance the simplicity of the boats. Sails will all be even too.
  7. Call Mark at KO Sailing.
  8. Sarasota YC is where we have 7 RS21's. Launching there too. Great club and excited to be there. Let us know if you need anymore information. 6 of the 12 RS21's just arrived at Lakewood YC in Houston today too. Final 6 will be there in about 2 weeks.
  9. Iceman22

    Test Sailing the RS 21

    Even Clint approves of the RS21. What's not to like.
  10. Iceman22

    Will It Fly?

    JimBowie - Great to hear. That is the plan. There still might be a pro event thrown in here or there but that will be announced. Like the Charleston Race Week Pro-Am. But the goal is interclub challenges and Corinthian sailing. Making sure everyone has fun and comes out learning something and wanting to come back for more.
  11. Iceman22

    Will It Fly?

    JimBowie, Thanks for starting the post. First this is the Premier Sailing League and there is no affiliation to RS Sailing other than they have chosen the RS21 as the platform to use. Yes, RS is supporting this venture where it can as it is a good idea. As for how it will shape is with PSL and their owners. They have hired Tucker Thompson to work his magic too and I think that is a great asset. There will be more news in the next couple weeks. Your suggestions of adding beer, taco-trucks and Mount Gay Rum girls is a great idea and something that should be considered. Full press release is here - The more ideas thrown around the better chance for some of them to stick. Looking forward to hearing more.
  12. Iceman22

    Cape 31 OD

    Do the sails have to be paneled? Looks like North so would make sense to keep costs down. Limiting instruments and learning from driving costs up that killed the C&C 30 would be good. Cost of the boat is the cheap part of sailing so keeping the running of the boat and Pro's down to a reasonable number is the important part. Hopefully they can be sailed with less than 8 people too. Looks fun to me.
  13. Iceman22

    Annapolis "Performance" Sailing - No More-ish!

    We too are sad to see APS go this route. As competitors we also sold to them. Our goals are always to support sailors but will never be able to compete or try to compete with the Amazon model which I think APS did a little. Giving away shipping kills a small business. Please understand this as they are eliminating the small margin items. For us air Sail22 we still plan to attend events and keep expanding our website which will go into high gear now as we are seeing increased orders which we are ready for. If you don't see something online just send us a note and we will do everything we can to support your sailing needs. We have a busy next couple months as we will be at Melges 24 NA's, J/111 Worlds, J/24 Nationals, V15 Nationals and J/70 NA's before we are in Annapolis for the boat show. Sincerely, Ed, Becky and the Sail22 Team.
  14. Iceman22

    Fareast 19R

    Check out the RS21. We have boats available for Charter at Annapolis NOOD. Chicago NOOD and Marblehead NOOD.
  15. Iceman22

    CRW 2019

    Sail22 will be there supporting anyone that needs help. We will be running the 8 RS21's and Chartering our J/70. Look for us at James Island YC starting this weekend and Patriots Point after that. Let us know if you want to test out the RS21. Later, Ed
  16. Iceman22

    RS 21 or Not?

    All good JimBowie. You are just getting the info out and making sure we are doing our job and updating the information. Keep it up. We work hard so you can sail. RS is a great company that really just wants to make sailing easier and more fun. Sail22 is the same way but we add to the upgrades and concierge side. It is making a great combo and with Racegeek supporting with their d10 and Spinlock with their Deckvests we have a great program going.
  17. Iceman22

    RS 21 or Not?

    Thanks Clean. Family with be there with me. Should be fun. Appreciate it. Let me know if we can get you out for a ride too.
  18. Iceman22

    RS 21 or Not?

    It sure where you get your info. St. Pete was cancelled due to some health issues that made us deside fo send the 6 Pack straight to Dago and buy us some time to do things right. We decided last minute that we might as well sail the two demo boats in St. Pete so we could also demo. It was great for that. We did have a breakdown on one boat that had a prototype part break. Early boat. All set now. San Diego was great. Couldn’t have been better. More footage coming. Charleston is next and we will have 9 boats and will be great. We are just starting to work on Annapolis which we will have the 6 Pack but we have a corporate charter come up on May 1 so we will have the other three boats there. Might get one or two back for Annapolis but it will be tight. So if you want to charter for Annapolis let us know. We are working on Chicago next. Lots of the delay was to get our system down for the 6 pack and now that we have that we are moving ahead with all events. Even have a team that wants to do all NOODs next year. We are full full speed ahead and taking orders too. For more info email me at #6PACKSAILING #ROCKUPANDRACE
  19. Iceman22

    RS 21 Update

    Since both boats are One Design it isn’t a big deal who is faster. But according to the USCG Academy who has J/70’s but demo’d a RS21 for a week, they say the 21 is faster upwind and downwind in above 8knots. Not sure if that is true but yes the 21 tacks quicker and plans quicker. We were doing 11+knots downwind on Saturday. J/70’s were sailing wing so most likely around 8 knots. 21 is more comfortable and fun which is the big win in my book.
  20. Iceman22

    Test Sailing the RS 21

    jgils is correct. Under the tiller is a pretty big storage hatch for easy to get to things like lunch, tools, beer, etc. For larger items there is a hatch just in front of the mast. A person can go below and there is a pulley system to store sails. Wear PFD's is suggested but plenty of room below.
  21. Iceman22

    Melges 24 vs Seascape 18

    Looking at the price of a VXOne at $36k with a trailer and sails you are really within $4k for much more of a boat. And the RS21 trailer is built by Triad and a very nice trailer. Seascape 18 is a pretty small boat so not that comparable. Let us know if you want to check out an RS21. We have a demo boat at our shop in Indiana. GPYC is looking to get a fleet.