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  1. comcrudesgru8

    North Korea agrees to denuclearization

    Canada has announced in a bid to get Nafta back on track and Trump/Trudeau bromance revival, that Canada will immediately task the Atomic Energy Commission with developing a fusion bomb and missle delivery system for Canadian use. NK is invited to Ottawa to discuss a partnership. Apparently Canada has useful beaches for Trump condo's as well. Concurrently CBC will be broadcasting Canadian Bacon, the great John Candy documentary as supportive of their decision. God Bless Canada.
  2. comcrudesgru8

    Second US Team

    fake news started by scooter who hopes to use the pac money for new sails.......snaggey told me......hamilton anarchy lives....
  3. comcrudesgru8

    What is a Libertarian?

    i have had Basketcase stalk my home and my daughter. He and SloopjonB stalk my every post. I want to meet them and give them love but they hide. They brag they know all about me but they won't come and visit me to discuss it. I can't visit them as i know nothing about them. Stalkers are sick fucks ....... sorry to hear you have the same problems Bent.
  4. comcrudesgru8

    Sign 'O the Times

    Brooks Brothers.......they partnered with RCYC for a promotion last summer.
  5. comcrudesgru8

    Sign 'O the Times

    Ajax, thx for those examples of family based conservative inclusive sailiing.......they represent what I grew up with. BUT, the white linen suit chardonnay sipping crowd are exclusive to large motoryacht adverts, not sailiing. The closest we get to white is pants during SailPast with a blue blazer. I have yet to see a foiler at SailPast with a blue blazer person on board. I forget the point of this thread, but what the hell, I enjoyed the pics........thx again.
  6. comcrudesgru8

    Sign 'O the Times

    Not so. Older retired set are ignored. Its all about the penniless millenials waiting to inherit. All about flivvers and dinghies and foils and mutant speed having no relationship with yachting. The marketing adverts referenced above are never on sailboats, only large motorboats. I saw an ad for a Hinckley 50 left on the hard to rot by its owner because he had gone over to powerboats and the consequent poseur status that brings. Can you imagine leaving such a boat uncovered and rotting on the hard ? Its because of obscene wealth and lack of historical upbringing inherent to the nouveau. If you have an advert at hand showing the elderly as above noted, please post it or an url so we elderly can look at it and feel left out. Please and thank you.
  7. comcrudesgru8

    New Hinckley 53

    Tugboats......brilliant design......when sailing is done, ditch the mast and keel and put a tractor tire on the bow and you are in business......brilliant.
  8. comcrudesgru8

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    with a concordia the key spec is does it have the bespoke concordia boarding ladder ..... if not a replacement will cost you $5k to replace ......
  9. comcrudesgru8

    New Hinckley 53

    I would love to see a Perry redesign or concept opinion. What has to be remembered is that America is obscenely wealthy. The wealth is available to vast numbers of people that not only didn't learn cursive writing in school, they also never were taught any sense of history. They cannot begin to understand the majesty of a " J " and will sadly never develop a taste for beauty . They think speed and foils and twin wheels and great beam and blunt bows are beautiful and they have the money to pay for the build. Hinckley clearly realizes this and his mining the bank accounts.
  10. comcrudesgru8

    New Hinckley 53

    Get rid of the bowsprit and put a nice big tractor tire on the bow and you have a great tug boat......multi use is the in thing.
  11. comcrudesgru8

    Coolboats to admire

    QED.......sad predictable creatures.......stalkers.......haters.......empty creatures.....c'est ca.
  12. comcrudesgru8

    Coolboats to admire

    Sloop and Basketcase........ QED........empty shells that love to hate someone they don't even know........
  13. comcrudesgru8

    Coolboats to admire

    I shall do .... thx .... btw my rating is from Basketcase who went negative on my every post retroactively when i caught him in a post admitting to stalking my house and my daughter when he posted details of her car parked in my driveway ....... that's why its Anarchy ...... I got a warning from Scooter for protesting that post ...... I feel sorry for that fellow.....cheers
  14. comcrudesgru8

    Coolboats to admire

    Damn, but those are you sell them ? ( Don't worry about Ed and adverts....taste of a goat anyway).......
  15. comcrudesgru8

    Coolboats to admire

    very that free hand / free brush or from pencil sketch or photo ?