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  1. comcrudesgru8

    SA Front Page has gone

    well, as for sailing, why does Mr Scot always sail such little boats ? Is he poor or is he afraid of big boats ? if he has no friends for crew, a well heeled businessman like him should be able to buy a bunch of professionals. He must be rich. Look at Clean......long gone with his riches and no doubt sailiing a 140 footer or some such. Damn but you Kali people are all rich .
  2. comcrudesgru8

    PFD Upgrade Time

    Ontario is considering laws that prohibit anyone going into/on the water unless wearing a CG / TC approved life vest. " Wearing " , please note. They are not amending the wording to exempt swimming pools or bathtubs or street potholes etc.. And our taxes pay these morons.
  3. comcrudesgru8

    Boating While High

    I see dead people...........
  4. comcrudesgru8

    Psychology of competitive sailing

    check out old copies of Mad Magazine.........
  5. comcrudesgru8

    Kiwi's AC tri foiler ???

    makes a dinosaur i cannot relate either......and i will spend no money on any aspect of it.......I do like chartering a 12 in Newport for the odd rabbit out of the hole race....your observation in respect of sailiing a twelve is "relate-able " ......
  6. comcrudesgru8

    Kiwi's AC tri foiler ???

    GEICO advert........
  7. comcrudesgru8

    "Sailing is Hell" on 7/5 FP

    and this is about sailing how? starboard hates port and vice versa ? idiots......go sailing at least once on your holiday without protesting someone.
  8. comcrudesgru8

    Just another complaint about Mr. Clean

    he really went batshit if you talked about him being a failed sense of humour in that regard........I wonder if he has gone back to the dark side ?
  9. comcrudesgru8

    North Korea agrees to denuclearization

    Canada has announced in a bid to get Nafta back on track and Trump/Trudeau bromance revival, that Canada will immediately task the Atomic Energy Commission with developing a fusion bomb and missle delivery system for Canadian use. NK is invited to Ottawa to discuss a partnership. Apparently Canada has useful beaches for Trump condo's as well. Concurrently CBC will be broadcasting Canadian Bacon, the great John Candy documentary as supportive of their decision. God Bless Canada.
  10. comcrudesgru8

    Why and how does LWL matter anymore?

    water lining someone on a glorious reach is all that really matters......the rest trivial persiflage.....
  11. comcrudesgru8

    O/T - Moving to Australia; Boston Suburbs to Sydney

    what are you sayin? speak clearly .........
  12. comcrudesgru8

    The world needs more 69, snowflake time

    This is what happens when you open a sport up to the great unwashed masses......peasant is as peasant does. Proper dress and an ascot would solve the problem. Plus a word with the peasant.....I think the word is "out" damn spot.
  13. comcrudesgru8

    Snowflakes and sailing

    bill clinton left the white house 16 million in debt from fighting protests....or so he says......any quasi court proceeding is corrupt.....court proceedings as well.....its human nature.
  14. comcrudesgru8

    Snowflakes and sailing

    what sports do you do ?
  15. comcrudesgru8

    video evidence

    looks like Canada's Cup racing will be a snoozer in IC37's .......