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  1. Remapping South Florida after Irma

    Did the Germans bomb Pearl Harbour ? ................
  2. Toronto boat show 2018

    QED .... the holy trinity of SA ...... all now on ignore...... please don't cry little boys....... q qed
  3. Toronto boat show 2018

    ishmael / sloopjonb/basketcase.......the ugly three perverts that support stalking of young women.......eventually you three will be weinsteined and done for dinner.....keep hiding as anonymous scum......why don't you step up to the plate and identify yourselves you gutless perverts......
  4. Toronto boat show 2018

    you are a sick fuck stalker of young women.......if I knew who you were you would be in jail.......anyone that knows you should turn you in....
  5. Toronto boat show 2018

    fuck off.......time to watch Kansas City waste the Titans........that's football retard.......go back to masturbating.
  6. Toronto boat show 2018

    You really do have very little education Basket.......you appear to be a very simple doorknob.......you are pitiful and apparently a harmless tool ........ perhaps i should just ignore you. Btw, google Criminal Code Canada and look up stalking ..... it has nothing to do with Forums. It has to do with perverts like you parking outside a persons house and taking notes of what their daughter drives . You are a sick fuck.
  7. Toronto boat show 2018

    dear boy they won't try to find you......but ....... if i find you they say they will happily pull you in for a chat about intentions since your own post (they have the screen grab) shows you to be a stalker of young women........that is shameful Basketweave, even for the driver of a cheap piece of shit catamaran........are you visiting warming shelters yet ??
  8. Toronto boat show 2018

    My God you are full of hate Basketcase. Do you sleep at night or just put pins in dolls ? I thought you would like my new name as you gave it to me in prior hate filled screeds. Do I now have to change my name to FuckWit ? I have to wait 30 days to do that sadly, but I will happily, just to calm you down and reduce your reliance on your meds. I wish you nothing but health and happiness in 2018 as you continue your life as an unemployed wastrel stalker. Are you still parking outside my house? My neighbours are watching for you. They have a neighbourhood watch and would like to meet you for tea.
  9. Toronto boat show 2018

    But I will eventually.........
  10. Toronto boat show 2018

    Are the Water Rats Sailing club members going to be exhibiting at the Toronto Show ?
  11. C&C 27MkV

    i think thats a 24 and you mean outboard rudder ???
  12. Sports Marketing 101

    When you cut through all the horseshit, its all about the MONEY ........... nothing else. Lots of delusion but only MONEY is real.
  13. And these people are not members of the rcyc ....... and yes there is no interest amongst the impoverished middle class.......welcome to Canada.........
  14. With design/build. The CC Deed held by RCYC references design / build and development. It does not mention OD racing. The problem is there is so little money around for throw away race boats. Nobody wants to play anymore. Such is life. The good old days of real wealth are basically gone never to return, Trump or no Trump. How to rekindle? Joint ventures with designers and builders with go forward value ? Wait for the current Millenials to inherit and have families that need facilities not just big dinghies. Again this requires a modicum of wealth. People liked the 8 meter spectacle and nobody gave a crap about the Farr 40 spectacle. The NYYC Invitational seemed to work because the boats had a future after the spectacle. Maybe some of the designers and builders have an opinion ?
  15. Misogyny in sailing?

    its supposed to be in Toronto somewhere......don't know if east or west end at this point. I think its pretty small and self help and essentially unknown.