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  1. PTSD and First Responders

    Thanks for the input......it is an ongoing concern .......
  2. PTSD and First Responders

    My guys are first responders in industrial steam blow accidents. They have seen steam cut a man in half. None have developed admitted PTSD. Are there signs they could be hiding? What kind of therapy is offered? Is it just talking or what ? Insurers don't want to know about it.
  3. good idea......like in NFL if you injure someone you are suspended until the injured person returns......quid pro quo as it were.........
  4. Entitlement

    i thought "spelt" was a type of grain....the frogs make bakery stuff with it......maybe i spelled it wrong........
  5. Things To Do In London

    i think Burton Wood lager is the last Welsh beer delivered to pubs in wooden kegs....that's my best recollection of Anglesey........
  6. Things To Do In London

    Sloop it must really hurt you now that it is out that you are a Jew hater and afraid to ID yourself. You make Brown Shirt threats of physical harm. You hate the light.
  7. Things To Do In London

    You really are an asshole Sloop. Your profile shows nothing. No name and no contact info. You have not PM'd me this info so you continue to hide. You brag in your posts that you know all about me but you don't have the guts to reveal yourself to me by PM or Christmas Card. You and Basketcase have defamed me for years now and continue to maintain your cowardly ways. You make Dubbinesque threats of physical harm whilst hiding in anonymity. Get your friend Basketcase to drop off a card to me as he physically stalks my home and my daughter to the point that the two of you if confronted react in the same way. I will eventually find both of you. Make it easy for me Sloop.....disclose who you are.....I won't tell anyone and would be happy to meet you face to face out there in the Socialist heaven of Green Party dictatorship. You must be a Green. Please stop hating Jews ...... Jesus was a Jew you know.
  8. Things To Do In London

    Who are you.......PM me details and I would gladly meet you........you thrive on anonymity and hide your hates, but I turned over your rock I guess......come out from hiding.
  9. Things To Do In London

    Israel's Holocaust Remembrance Day starts tonight.......even an anti Semite like you Sloop should be able to be gracious about that. Even name change Lada would be decent about that in Poland. Why do you hate Jews Sloop ? They also sail. Some live in BC probably around you. I bet some of your best friends are.....etc etc etc.
  10. Rad new Ran Fast40 for Niklas Zennstrom

    around the cans you also have to go upwind.......that full length chine will act like an old cca long keel and add drag but it sure as hell will keep it in a straight line... a tack will be fun to watch......in golf its called a snap hook...........
  11. Things To Do In London

    Arbeit Macht Frei ....... your work is to attack these people and get arrested ...... it will free you........
  12. Things To Do In London

    And the Polish have returned all the plunder they took from the Jews in the death camps.....yah sure.....that's why they passed a law making it a crime to even talk about it.
  13. where'd ya go?

    sure.......only minus five here today......no problem..........
  14. where'd ya go?

    My Lord I am so sorry to read how you were harmed during your youth and how it has destroyed your love of sailing and your fellow man. Might I at least comfort you by saying that in fact nothing has " killed the sport ". The sport is alive and well and functioning. Choose therapy or perhaps a greater quantity of booze might help your tragically fragile psychology. Be well dear boy.
  15. where'd ya go?

    you never could.......but they got it anyway.........
  16. where'd ya go?

    not at SGCC in Toronto.........they shitcanned the curling after 60 years.......the rocks are worth $600 each.......nice profit there.......apparently curlers are cheap freeloaders.......
  17. where'd ya go?

    Sail is this from your personal collection......thx for sharing at brkfst.....how do you guys explain curling given your observations above ? Its on prime time TV and clearly has advertisers that are not selling ice. Sailing in advertising has always been a format of the poseur. It showed somethiing beyond your ability to acquire and thus you wanted to acquire the product aligned with it. Its like beautiful perfume models.....the shit stinks on your ball and chain but the delusion lasts.
  18. Morning Cloud III

    he was a gay man......he earned everything......i used to have a boat called DogWatch.....lovely.
  19. Morning Cloud III

    The invoice for Caprice in 1971, a C&C43 Custom, was over $100,000 bucks. A detached house in the Beach area in Toronto in 1971 was perhaps $35,000. Do the math.
  20. If you could..?

    fort lauderdale.........largest selection of police services to search your cold nether parts............
  21. Sign 'O the Times

    Brooks Brothers.......they partnered with RCYC for a promotion last summer.
  22. Sign 'O the Times

    Ajax, thx for those examples of family based conservative inclusive sailiing.......they represent what I grew up with. BUT, the white linen suit chardonnay sipping crowd are exclusive to large motoryacht adverts, not sailiing. The closest we get to white is pants during SailPast with a blue blazer. I have yet to see a foiler at SailPast with a blue blazer person on board. I forget the point of this thread, but what the hell, I enjoyed the pics........thx again.
  23. Sign 'O the Times

    Not so. Older retired set are ignored. Its all about the penniless millenials waiting to inherit. All about flivvers and dinghies and foils and mutant speed having no relationship with yachting. The marketing adverts referenced above are never on sailboats, only large motorboats. I saw an ad for a Hinckley 50 left on the hard to rot by its owner because he had gone over to powerboats and the consequent poseur status that brings. Can you imagine leaving such a boat uncovered and rotting on the hard ? Its because of obscene wealth and lack of historical upbringing inherent to the nouveau. If you have an advert at hand showing the elderly as above noted, please post it or an url so we elderly can look at it and feel left out. Please and thank you.
  24. New Hinckley 53

    Tugboats......brilliant design......when sailing is done, ditch the mast and keel and put a tractor tire on the bow and you are in business......brilliant.
  25. Craigslist - Not mocking

    with a concordia the key spec is does it have the bespoke concordia boarding ladder ..... if not a replacement will cost you $5k to replace ......