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  1. caption contest

    photoshop of Rimas boat and Clean's beard
  2. Ugly New Boats - is it just me?

    So everyone is different. Whoda thought. One thing about capitalism is building doesn't continue without customers. You build what people want on a production basis (ignore custom builds) or you are taught what you are to like to fit in wherever it is you want to fit in. I happen to like overhangs and lovely sheers. Others like fat bums and double wheels. Its all fodder for the magazine grist mill. Pictures to look at. Opinions to build. Hate to spew. Life goes on.
  3. Front Page Mac 26 3ksb

    Port Credit.......says it all.
  4. Opinions on basic/cheap wind instruments ?

    Why not take that wet finger you keep putting in your boyfriend's ear and instead just hold it up in the air ...... amazing what you can learn.
  5. whats wrong with the electric version running off shore power or your generator or inverter ?
  6. 8 Bells for George Cuthbertson

    I must say I am disappointed in how few people posted to this thread . It must be that very few of the people that considered George a friend and a legacy read or post to SA. Perhaps that is how it should be. My best recollection of tribute to George, aside from Olin Stephens' stated appreciation for his work, was Andy Wiggers who when George turned up at his plant and reception phoned Andy to say he was there as Andy was away, he simply stated to reception " just give him the keys ".. We all felt that way about George.
  7. The Blue Blazers ain't got 'nuttin

    WTF ?????????????????
  8. 8 Bells for George Cuthbertson

    George's great regret was that one of his 61's never settled on Lake Ontario. He tried to get Bernie Herman to do a 61 at one time. Maybe Joli will visit the Lake in his honour one day. He would like that. His favourite design was the 43. Mark Ellis said that the 43 was as seminal to C&C as Saudade was to S&S. I can remember Olin Stephens asking after George back in the day. Fair winds George.
  9. Coolboats to admire

    thank you Kdh.........now off to google......cheers.
  10. Coolboats to admire

    Kdh.........what kind of dinghy is that ? how heavy is it ? How do you get it on and off the boat's bow ? I need to get a dinghy but don't want to drag one. thx.
  11. My newest project

    HP - 12C perhaps ?
  12. It depends on whether you are filling the butt ugly multi hull condo with Ikea cheap stuff or high end custom furniture. Dishwashers and grand pianos tend to impede motoring performance to the next mooring. Filling the media room with barca loungers for CNN intake 24/7 will affect motion. Ditch the sails as they are not used on these condos and you might improve motion.......for that matter ditch the mast as well.
  13. Wht havent' multihulls taken the world by storm

    Nice to see an interior design platform of condo proportions sailing the way it should and usually does....under power with humans inside in a/c drinking and waxing eloquent about the drapes and furniture. Ergo, butt butt butt ugly !
  14. Wht havent' multihulls taken the world by storm

    why bother discussing.......they are genetically butt ugly.......nothing can be done about it.......ugly ugly ugly........but lots of square footage for interior design.