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  1. wombat12m

    Round Britain and Ireland Two Handed race 2018

    Speng,the mocra rule is amended and tweaked most years to attempt to make it better.This year we have incorporated canting rigs,modified the way hulls are measured,changed the prop factors and changed the power factors for both length and sail area in an attempt to penalise larger boats. As to the question of righting moment,the benifit of it changes with the amount of wind there is.I think everyone seems to forget that relatively heavy cruiser/racer catamarans have enormous righting moment because of their weight once the breeze is up.Also lighter open bridge deck cats benefit in moderate conditions at the point that they hull fly. Tri's are not always favoured,therefore it is actually a hard thing to rate.
  2. wombat12m

    MTC 40

    If I was looking for a good boat for ocean cruising the Newick Echo 36 would be near the top of the list.Theres one for sail in France at the moment and looks in really good nick. They are strong boats that have stood the test of time and look beautiful. https://www.catamaran-4sale.com/pre-owned/for-sale-trimarans/abc-marine/transcat-48-newick-echo-2-36-1116 Good luck with the hunt. Also a Newick Native on same site that looks good,and a bit cheaper.
  3. wombat12m

    MTC 40

    There might be some confusion here.I dont think there are any of the Irens designed tris pictured above for sale .The last remaining one is in Millbrook uk and the keys only prized out of the hands of its owner if you killed him. There is a 40 footer designed by Nic Bailey called an MTC that is for sale in Brazil,is that the boat you mean? I have sailed on several Bailey designed boats and they are really beautiful and sail fantastically.
  4. wombat12m

    Round Britain and Ireland Two Handed race 2018

    Dazcats love the RBI race.The last three editions 2006,2010 and 2014 were all won by the 10m Dazcat trimaran Paradox. The race is a classic and has some reallly interesting open ocean and near coastal sailing with really changeable weather. Paradox
  5. The 2018 Round Britain and Ireland Two Handed race starts on the 3rd June.Is there anyone out there who fancies nearly 2000nm miles of punishment,pain and some awesome sailing around the British isles. At the moment there are 4 multis entered. Dazcat 10m Belladonna TS42 Bittersharp Dazcat 1195 Suenos Dazcat 1495 Hissy Fit (I think the Dazcat 1150 Bare Necessities is also entering). Are there any European boats that might be persuaded to enter(in the past there have been lots of enteries from Holland,Germany and France)? The race is split into 4 legs each with a 48 hr stopover. First leg Plymouth to Kinsale in Ireland(230 nm) second leg Kinsale to Barra(440 nm) third leg Barra to Lerwick(420 nm) fourth leg Lerwick to Lowestoft (470 nm) final leg Lowestoft to Plymouth (305 nm) More details at http://rwyc.org/rbandi/ BTW its also open to monohulls...about 15 entered already with an open 50 a class 40 and lots of cruiser racers.
  6. wombat12m

    Eric the reds new tri

    Looks like Eric La Rouge's new baby has hit the water. Looks good!
  7. wombat12m

    Caribbean 600

    Soma, regarding the delta between Elvis and Flow ..I have had a look at the numbers and they seem broadly correct.The main reasons for Elvis being quicker are: Elvis is 2383 kgs(or 15.7%) lighter than Flow, 800mm longer hulls, has 18sqm(or 10.7%) more main and 6 sqm(or 9.5%) more jib. Flow does however have 34sqm(or 8.9%0)more spinnaker are than Elvis, but spinnakers are relatively cheap in the mocra rating. Regards Wombat