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  1. sweetaction1

    Beneteau 461 Oceanis

    I was enquiring about the 461, vintage 1997. I wish it was the 46.1
  2. sweetaction1

    Beneteau 461 Oceanis

    Anyone familiar with the 461. I am looking at purchasing one and want to know more about the performance of the boat.
  3. sweetaction1

    dorking out super hard

    We experience this on a smaller scale in the Niagara River. The river moves from south to north. On north wind days winds in the range of 12 -15 knots have no effect on the river for forming waves. The current where we windsurf is approximately 7 knots. This makes for some awesome flat water blasting. When the winds increase we get sections of standing waves.
  4. sweetaction1

    caption contest

    Ah finally a tiller that doubles as a one hitter.
  5. sweetaction1

    San Diego Beercans- Bad RC

    We just finished a great spring series of windward learn racing with a night of what we like to call reachy / reachy. A two lap parade around the marks. To top it off there was about a 100 ft bias to the line.
  6. sweetaction1

    How do you define Good Crew?

    One who says we must fly the spinnaker, and nothing matters but line honors. we do have fun even when we don't win
  7. sweetaction1

    sometimes you just suck - FP

    We had almost the same night here in port Colburn Ontario. Looking forward to a throw out.
  8. sweetaction1

    Origin of VMG as terminology

    Maybe he was referring to AnImal House,
  9. sweetaction1

    protest appeal

    This is true
  10. sweetaction1

    protest appeal

    Not at all, just wondering when it will be put to rest.
  11. sweetaction1

    protest appeal

    I was involved in a port starboard incident this past summer. I won the protest (starboard boat). The incident took place in July. Is there a time limit for the losing party to file an appeal.
  12. sweetaction1

    caption contest

    If we get the spinnaker unfurled we might just resurface
  13. sweetaction1

    Eds SC-33 Anarchy 3

    Welcome to the world of boats you have bashed for years. Maybe there is something to this Karma business. It does look like a nice boat though. You'll figure out how to make it go.
  14. sweetaction1

    caption contest

    It's not weed , it's my playoff beard!
  15. sweetaction1

    Installing tiller pilot

    Thanks for the input. Just ordered the Pelagic unit.