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  1. sweetaction1

    Beneteau 461 Oceanis

    I was enquiring about the 461, vintage 1997. I wish it was the 46.1
  2. sweetaction1

    Beneteau 461 Oceanis

    Anyone familiar with the 461. I am looking at purchasing one and want to know more about the performance of the boat.
  3. sweetaction1

    dorking out super hard

    We experience this on a smaller scale in the Niagara River. The river moves from south to north. On north wind days winds in the range of 12 -15 knots have no effect on the river for forming waves. The current where we windsurf is approximately 7 knots. This makes for some awesome flat water blasting. When the winds increase we get sections of standing waves.
  4. sweetaction1

    caption contest

    Ah finally a tiller that doubles as a one hitter.