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  1. Vantage475T

    Rocket 44 by Grainger

    I've just dropped these guys a line to see if there is any progress. I've had replies from Tony and Claude saying they are still progressing with making the moulds but expecting to get first boats sailing before the end of the year and still expecting it to be priced ready to sail at under $20k USD. Also the floats are rated at 397kg each and designed to lift the main hull so really it is a step change from the Weta.
  2. Vantage475T

    I14 training wheels

    toadboy - that's great I really appreciate that.
  3. Vantage475T

    I14 training wheels

    Is the angle of attack on the I14 rudder foil adjustable while scooting along? If so is it via a twisting control on the tiller? I don't suppose you have the approx dimensions of the rudder and daggerboard for the I14 and their weights do you? The daggerboard and rudder on my old ISO weigh a ton and I need to start looking for something to replace them once I finally manage to get the next step on my tri project underway which is replacing the ISO main hull. I am looking at reducing the 16ft length of my project down to 14ft and keeping it as a single hander and then just keep my Spitfire for double handed tooling about. I should be finishing a much larger outrigger to test on the iso lash up shortly if I can actually get some time away from work...
  4. Vantage475T

    I14 training wheels

    Hi Toadboy, Wondering if you managed to get any more sailing in and had any more feedback on how the I14 with training wheels sailed? Also, did you manage to get any video or more pics to share?
  5. Vantage475T

    I14 training wheels

    Certainly I found lashing the tramp in my bodged up riveted contraption added a huge amount of strength to it all. I found that the Iso was kept with the mast almost vertical for so much time that the average speeds went up massively as we weren't constantly being knocked sideways. The bit of drag from the float seemed negligible in comparison to the overall gain and safety and confidence gained from knowing there was almost no chance of going over.
  6. Vantage475T

    I14 training wheels

    Both projects are very interesting and I'm looking forward to any more info on them for sure. I need to fix my Spitfire this weekend (mate broke it last weekend) so me and my wife can get out and play and hopefully I'll get back to making some progress very shortly on the ISOProaMaran fix as well and get the other float lashed up fairly soon. Really need some time on te water - work is all getting a bit much again!
  7. Vantage475T

    I14 training wheels

    Sounds fab. Do you have a by Vids or pics of it in action? Always good to see something a bit "out there"!
  8. Vantage475T

    I14 training wheels

    Also used it with 2 floats and I will revisit that shortly. If you can trap out then the righting moment is still massive with only one side-either on the main Hull side with float supporting you or out on the outer beam of the float. Funnily enough I have been thinking about using my kites on this well. How did it work for you? What sort of size kite were you using? How was it attached?
  9. Vantage475T

    Kayak Sailing Anarchy

    I built a heavily modified CLC Sport Tandem and added their Mark 3 sailrig, a jib from an RS200 and added trampolines so my wife can sit out to try and keep it flat. It flies along and handles fantastically now we've balanced the rig. I'm hoping to make further mods this year to add longer leeboards or possibly make a central trunk for a daggerboard and then add a remote tiller so I can sail it single handed from the tramps. Couple of vid links here: First sail trying different rigs, no tramps and badly balanced so tacking was a nightmare but we were flying along: Above updated with jib and tramps and can now tack very easily. I'll update the tramp frames as they are just cobbled together from left over lumber and will also redo the crossbeams as the curvy shape looks nice but can catch the water. I'll flare the new ones up more out of the water s owe can cope with heavier chop. Here's one moving along reasonably well. Sitting with your arse below water evel makes 10 knots feel more like 20 - like thrashing a go-kart. Brilliant fun.
  10. Vantage475T

    I14 training wheels

    I did a similar thing with an old ISO dinghy adding an ally frame on with a much larger float. The attached image shows it in first iteration with one float only and the vertical struts were too long so the boat was too upright needed a couple of inches taking off. There are a couple of videos of us sailing it as a proa and it went like stink with the mast remaining completely vertical. We recorded just over 20 knots peak speed not even powered up but in a very gusty day day took off over wave and as welanded a bigger gust hit us and snapped the 70mm ally beams which went off like gunshots. Unfortunately we lost the GoPro in the accident which would have had some highly amusing video as we left the flaot behind only attached by a piece of bungee cord. A couple of random lower speed videos here: and I'm hoping to rebuild it and get both sides on to test a different float shape and just thrash it til it falls apart... The original rivetted bodge frame was actually stronger than the welded up frame as it had an extra 5mm x 20mm all bar rivetted on the underside so I'll do that again. I say crack in and do it - total laugh for peanuts. As for turtling it, my view was I'd likely have bigger issues than trying to right the boat as I've got serious long term neck and back issues so would be more concerned about getting to hospital than righting the boat....
  11. Vantage475T

    new trimaran under 20

    "RV64" and "French do it Better" - both of those designs are really fantastic - can you let us know what the sail plans are derived from or are they bespoke? Are outline plans available for either of them?
  12. Vantage475T

    Single-handed cruising options

    Have you considered the Wanderer as a more easily single handed and slightly smaller Wayfarer? They are a lot lighter than a Wayfarer and easily righted single handed but still have decent load carrying capacity. You could also look at the replacement 38kg steel centreboard: and a mast head float and they have outboard attachments so you can tick off a lot of the safety mitigation you are looking for. Not sure how many are around and prices but a retrofit steel centreboard would be possible on most small dinghies if you are prepared for a bit of work strengthening the slot?
  13. Tom are you still posting?

    Not seen you on here for a few weeks - hoping not due to fuckwits talking shit about you from the odd weather helm posts?

    Put some GPS data out and tell them to fuck off. You plainly know your boats and impress the fuck out of me with your videos pushing the boats. I've had some shit from people over my oddbod boats as well - there are some real dipshits on here who seem not to understand I started sail after multiple broken necks and backs from motorbike accidents and criticise me for adapting to that and not having as much experience or ability as them.

    I amongst many others find your stuff great, posting actual sailing videos and data not just crapping over people like a lot do on here.

    1. Tom Kirkman

      Tom Kirkman

      Thanks for the kind comments. No, I backed off on posting rather than argue with "paper sailors."  The very idea that they don't believe it's possible to sail a modern multi-hull to within 40 degrees of true wind is beyond hysterical. Plenty of MH sailors do it and there are plenty of boats out there today that will sail closer than that. I'd guess you also may have more actual sailing experience than many of the self styled "experts" on the forum.

      Rather than get into a forum argument I went back to working on the boat and trying to solve this odd problem. The board trunk, which I thought might be angled, isn't. So back to the drawing board. Now I'm going to look at the rudder again. It was something I built and added and while I don't think it's the issue, I don't remember having this issue prior to adding it, so...