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  1. The track and car are standard Harken mini. You'll also need to mini blocks with Becket's and two regular turning blocks. Not sure what is used on the sliding post. All in all about 6" travel up/down and 10" in/out
  2. I was going to suvvest the Fireball as fitting the bill but I'm biased... Many clubs used Fireballs as their junior/club boats until the professionally built wooden boats arrived and made all of the previous fiberglass boats junk. The class has come full circle and Kevlar/glass boats are the standard now. Ready to sail out of the box for about 17k USD Www.weathermarksailboats.com
  3. You need a separate luff wire to feed through the sleeve
  4. The club I sail out of is in an urban environment and the cliff dwellers in the apartment buildings routinely call 911 when they see a capsize. That triggers a response from the fire department's water resue crew, a fire truck, police car, paramedic supervisor and an ambulance. They road out of the harbour at warp factor ignoring the no wake signs. Last year a Fireball broke a mast and was under tow. Out they went to the channel entrance, saw everything was OK and returned to the harbour the same way they left. Their excuse was that they were responding to an emergency and so could ignore the wake control bouys. I'll cut them some slack on that but they had no excuse for returning like that. We had a full and frank exchange of views. Truth is the boys are bored and its a break in their firehouse routine so they joyride in their 90 horse RIB and get to turn on all the lights!
  5. Light air plagued both venues. Congrats to Debbie Kirkby and Gregg Fergusson who are the Canadian champs and to Xavier Broise and Tristan Robin who won the US title.
  6. The US Nationals and the Canadian Nationals will take place July 10-11 US Nationals will be hosted by the Pymatuning SC in Ohio http://www.fireball-international.ca/events/2013-us-national-championships/ The Canadian Championship will be at Lake Newell in Alberta http://www.fireball-international.ca/events/canadian-championship/
  7. The Fireball class had a high school building project where 6 or 7 boats were built as part of a shop program in Ohio/Pennsylvania. Tru-Value sponsored a trophy for a race what you built challenge