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  1. Tom Keffer

    Adding VHF/AIS antenna to the radar pole?

    I used a boomerang like thingy from Seaview.
  2. Tom Keffer

    Tips For Being Rescued

    Well done, skipper! Beautiful story from a gifted writer. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Tom Keffer

    Offshore Nav station lighting

    I have the Lunasea chart lamp. I like it because of its extra long (19") neck. About $90 from Fisheries Supply.
  4. Tom Keffer

    Jack lines

    It's worth reading the report from the MAIB investigation into the death of Simon Spears:
  5. Tom Keffer

    Jack lines

    ... and for good reason.
  6. Tom Keffer

    Updating US Navigation Lights: LED, 2 Mile

    I agree. Their steaming /deck light is a bit flimsy, but their other products are excellent.
  7. Tom Keffer

    Winding Down - an end in sight

    Yes, Oregon is cheap, but cruising the Columbia gets old fast. I end up going north every year. Mooring in Oregon only makes sense if you want to live here.
  8. Tom Keffer

    Finngulf 44 Cruising

    I agree with the Sabres. Performance is similar and they are great looking boats. We came close to buying one, but preferred the J/42.
  9. Tom Keffer

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Great film! Looks like the son did it as a father's day and birthday present?
  10. Tom Keffer

    Finngulf 44 Cruising

    I don't blame you. Keep searching... There are lots of J/42s that do not have the crazing.
  11. Tom Keffer

    Finngulf 44 Cruising

    It was a problem for a few years before and after 2000, but not all boats were affected. Mine is a model year 2000, and has had no problems. One owner did a complete peel at great expense. While it fixed the problem, I sure wouldn't want that yard bill! The crazing could be an issue in New England if you store your boat outside over winter without a cover. Freeze / thaw could open up the cracks even more, although I haven't heard of that leading to any further problems. Otherwise, it is cosmetic. Expect it to be reflected in the price. -tk
  12. Tom Keffer

    Finngulf 44 Cruising

    Just remembered that Barry Dwyer is selling his J/42, Tribute. Unfortunately, she suffers from crazing.
  13. Tom Keffer

    Finngulf 44 Cruising

    That kind of sailing describes my life pretty well, except we tend to go north, instead of south. The J/42 has been perfect. Be sure to watch the J/4X owner's forum. Every once in a while a boat comes up for sale. Or, even better, join the group and announce your interest.
  14. Tom Keffer

    Finngulf 44 Cruising

    To the OP: what are you going to use the boat for? Pure cruising? A mix of cruising / racing? Coastal cruising? Passage-making? The J/42 is best as a racer / coastal cruiser. Very stiff boat, excellent at upwind, average downwind. They would not be my first-choice for an around-the-world trip, although they have done it. What are your plans??
  15. Well, that solves that mystery! There certainly isn't standing headroom now. I'm 6' 2" and spent two weeks on board during the Camden Classics series last summer. Afterwards, I was walking around like an osteoporosis victim. Thanks for contacting Jan.