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  1. The Four Carbon Cutters project

    Stack height is all the more reason to raise the clew patches to keep the boom out of the cockpit
  2. The Four Carbon Cutters project

    Clew looks low on the third reef. Neat project.
  3. Pearson 10 Meter

    Single skin means that the hull is made of solid fiberglass like your boat. Cored boats have an outer layer of fiberglass ,, a core of balsa wood or foam and a final inside skin of fiberglass. Coring makes the panels stiffer for a given weight. Coring also introduces some different potential problems as well. Such as water getting into the core making the boat heavy and rotting the balsa. Some foams will absorb water too. All cored boats can also suffer delamination. HTH
  4. Irma

    https://www.ventusky.com/?p=21.7;-71.5;5&l=wind&t=20170907/08 If that wind speed isn't scary enough toggle over to Gusts on the left.
  5. Steel Boats

    I like this one and it is for sale right now. Only need to scrape another 400K. http://www.wyliedesigngroup.com/wylie_design_group/Steel_%26_Aluminum/Pages/Saga_-_65_Custom_Cruiser_files/Saga,%20Yachting%20Mag.pdf
  6. Metal Boats

    Thanks SemiSalt, I was guessing it would be over 50' myself but wasn't sure, hence the question. And yes performance can be a gray area. I have sailed on aluminum boats and think very highly of them and was curious about steel. There used to be a roughly 60 foot steel boat in Nassau, Bahamas named Amazon that I used to lust after
  7. Metal Boats

    Just wondering at what displacement, if ever, does steel become a viable building method for cruising boat with reasonably good sailing ability?
  8. Come West, the waters fine! I've been trapped on the coast the last couple of days. Fortunately the end is in sight and I will be able to set a kite tomorrow. Plan-B
  9. It is the last button to the right above your compass.
  10. Lost over 1000 places digging south last night. Fingers crossed it pays off later on today. Just didn't see another opportunity to get south in the near future. Plan-B
  11. Just winging it on Plan-B. Do have the options though.
  12. Game appears to be working for me, Plan-B
  13. Sail Care Warning

    They are butchers. I have seen many customers sails ruined by their Lemuaney (spl) process. They strip the resin out of the cloth, shrink the bolt ropes and dissolve all the glue in the sail. Sails end up stretchier than a rubber band. The quality of their repairs are questionable at best. Just stay away, really, just don't do it. Lots places will wash sails. Used to use Sailbrite quite a bit. They were good if a bit slow. Anyone in Chicago know if they still in business?
  14. Didn't see that one coming. Nicely done.
  15. Currently hitting the line around 4 AM unless things change much. Plan-B