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  1. You probably have no idea just how much amusement (and quiet derision) you lot cop for not being part of the metric system. I think the USA & Liberia are the only 2 countries left on the planet not using metric. I mainly hang out on a machinist's forum, this keeps coming up and when someone from the USA asks something like 'how big/small is that in <pick an archaic unit>' they get told to go & work it out for themselves because we're over it. FKT
  2. 19 seconds but I could have tolerated it longer if I'd turned the sound off first. FKT
  3. That's why, when I was doing big ship datalogging systems, we used Sun Microsystems servers then Intel boxes running Linux on an ethernet backbone. These days I'd use Linux or Mac OSX (NOT, note carefully, IOS, which I'll have nothing to do with for any purpose whatsoever). We never would run any version of Windows as a server - our systems had to run 24/7 for up to 3 months between planned downtime (port calls). I have quite a bit of stuff running happily in experimental setup on some Raspberry Pi computers. The weatherproofing & vibration tolerance is a concern though. I really don't get NMEA2K. It looks far too much like a bastardised version of 10Base2 thin-net for my liking. What we used to do was use Lantronix single port terminal servers plugged to the ethernet backbone and the serial data source (an analog data source was put through an A to D converter first). Marine electronics seems at least 20 years behind the times to me. Tablets are interesting as a display device but I'll probably use one running a VNC client to export the desktop from a server in a nice warm, dry spot in the cabin. FKT
  4. Except those ones are clearly galvanised steel, so don't and won't. Haven't looked at the ad but the rig wire is probably galvanised as well. Nothing at all wrong with that, it's far more forgiving than stainless but stretches a bit more. Not a problem for this sort of cruising boat. All that sort of gear is widely used on fishing boats and the like and has been for decades. I'm using galvanised wire and open barrel galvanised turnbuckles myself - *with* load test certificates, which I venture to comment that virtually NO yacht-bling components ever have. I know you can get stainless stuff with load test certs and stamped with a SWL figure because I used to buy them at work, but they sure aren't common. Though I will use solid thimbles if I can find them - around here they're almost impossible to come by though. OTOH I have a lathe so it's no real problem to turn up some bushes and insert them into the open thimble. FKT
  5. Make it China's problem. It is, after all, because they could have done something about it long before this. China can take over NK & run it in a civilised fashion, or the USA can use deep penetration tactical nukes on everything that looks like a military-nuclear site, with the backup of a much heavier strike if NK starts shelling SK. Right now it's a win-win for the Chinese. Probably stay a win-win because now NK *has* nukes, there's no way I can see that they'll surrender them without military force. Of course NK could and may well threaten to nuke China if China tries a takeover. That would serve them right for feeding the mad dog all these years. I'll sit here deep in the Southern Hemisphere and await developments..... FKT
  6. Tom was quite adamant that I not fully/finally ballast my hull until after I launched it. He said that provided I didn't move tankage about or vastly add to tankage capacity, it'd float close to its lines with the specified ballast, but as he had no control over fitout, timber mass, etc etc, no guarantees. I'm casting my ballast ATM in triangular cross section blocks to fit into the hollow keel spaces. I'll fit maybe 70% before launch and leave the last 30% for trim and bringing the hull to its lines. Then go sailing and be ready to move some fore/aft depending on how she sails. 60m of 10mm chain is going to weigh a bit. I won't mention that I have a metric shitload more diesel tankage than Tom specified..... If that had been my boat that Bob designed and it floated out of trim like that at launch, I'd have shrugged and started thinking on what we needed to do to simulate the loadout for cruising. I really cannot see what Proa et al are going on about. FKT
  7. Now that's *definitely* a matter of opinion, and the opinion of Australians was, those amendments were bad. You may differ and that's wonderful - you get one vote just the same as everyone else. As for marriage laws, who has proposed a referendum to amend these? Nobody. More is the pity. Personally I'd like to see something like the Californian (and some other states) procedure for Propositions put to the voting public concurrent with an election. But once again, politicians run a mile from any such suggestion because it puts a brake on their power. FKT
  8. Jeeezus, you're an idiot. All those places were, at worst, places to STOP PEOPLE ENTERING AUSTRALIAN TERRITORY. The people detained there could leave any time they chose, as long as their destination wasn't Australia. Seems we won't let some leave for NZ which I think is wrong, personally. I'd let them go anywhere they wanted, just record their biometrics/DNA and permanently ban them from entry to Australia regardless of passport. Now, what's the departure queue at Gitmo look like and how do people get out, again? FKT
  9. It has been almost impossible to get an amendment through via referendum because pretty much every amendment offered serves to give more power to the Federal Government. Not being a bunch of total idiots, we vote them down. The republic one was a classic case. I have zero allegiance to the UK or their Queen but the thing I like about the current setup is, there's a brake on what the Fed Govt can get up to. I like it like that. Come up with a republic proposal that keeps the ability to force the Govt to an election if things look like gridlock, I'll support it. But of course no political party is ever going to propose such a thing so - shrug. FWIW I wasn't the least embarrassed the republic vote went down. It was a puerile campaign with no substance. It deserved to fail and it did. The 'majority of people AND majority of states' hurdle to get over was designed to make things difficult. That's a feature, not a bug. FKT
  10. Shit, that's not much further than Sydney to Hobart or Hobart to Bluff NZ. Nobody thinks sailing that distance is anything special. FKT
  11. I don't care whether they wear tethers or not, just as long as they don't also own an EPIRB or PLB if they choose not to look after their own safety. Fortunately the youtube brigade seems to stay a long way away from Australia. Perhaps the arsehole reputation of our Border Farce has some upsides. FKT
  12. Yeah OK, I'll pay that. FKT
  13. Isn't that what scanners, colour laser printers & laminators are for? FKT
  14. You've got 120 seconds more tolerance than I do. I can't bring myself to even click on the link. FKT
  15. That's what I do here. Lie cheerfully and at every possible opportunity. I haven't filled out any online registration information truthfully for over 2 decades. I generally use a passport as ID because it has no address data on it. I have a driver's licence in one state and my vehicles registered in a different one, not linked to my DL. It takes work to pollute the databases but it's very satisfying. I spent a lot of time designing databases for money, now I like polluting them for fun. FKT