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  1. Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    Everyone knows that the only rule that really matters is the rule of tonnage. Well, OK, avoiding hard shallow bits is a good idea too I suppose. FKT
  2. Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    Hmmmmm - just how is it that you happen to have a supply available? No, I *really* don't want to know. FKT
  3. Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    Ah, OK - nothing personal intended. Just that another forum I'm on, we've had arguments spanning *years* about the US health system, usually when a shop owner says how much his rates have been increased and how he can't carry it any more. Then the right wing types jump in saying it's the best system in the world yada yada. So I'm a bit trigger-happy on health system stuff especially WRT children. Disclosure - my first wife is a department head in one of Australia's biggest teaching hospitals for children so I've been exposed to this stuff for 40+ years. FKT
  4. Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    Suuuure they can - provided their parents have health insurance. Otherwise, not. The USA - only First World country that has a health system everyone else looks at in wonder - and makes sure they *never* emulate it. I think you currently rate somewhere around 32nd in rankings with an expenditure 2X the next most expensive country. FKT
  5. I thought the freaks on the Wharram were over in WA ATM.....
  6. Fast "safe" boat....

    Thanks I'll keep that in mind. Ditto if you want to use one in PoW Bay or Oyster Cove - I have 3 here so pretty much always one spare for visitors.... FKT
  7. Fast "safe" boat....

    Ever thought about playing 'Here come the clowns' at 120 dB as they go by? FKT
  8. Fast "safe" boat....

    Orange paint job by any chance? I recall him sitting on the public dock outside T42/Fish Frenzy for days. He claimed he had a 'special arrangement' with the ports people so was exempt from the rules that applied to everyone else. He said he was getting ready to sail to NZ - that was over 12 months ago. I think he's on a mooring in Cornelian Bay now. Don't think BJ is heading this far south. I recently acquired another mooring up in Prince of Wales Bay that's registered for a 14m boat and would take a bigger one for a while though - I decided having a PoW Bay mooring would be useful in the future. Now all I need is one in Port Arthur. FKT
  9. Could AI reliably identify likely shooters?

    Ironic coming from you, who'd trash the 1st, 4th & 5th for starters if he could get repeal of the 2nd through (or even if he couldn't). I don't give a rat's arse, I think the USA gun availability needs to be addressed for sure, but the hypocrisy is a bit breathtaking. It's funny how Jeremy Bentham is having the last laugh though. FKT
  10. Fast "safe" boat....

    Next time do what a friend of mine did. Tell them you're aground with your keel in a mud hole and can't move until the tide rises. Or hoist the 'Restricted in ability to manoeuvre' day shape in your rigging and tell them you're working on your rudder quadrant. They won't know what the day shape means and will likely go away embarrassed. Anyway if you're still anchored in Sydney Harbor (probably Pyrmont) the place is full of whiny self-entitled arseholes so what do you expect? I couldn't say that rowers were the worst but I'd have to think on it a bit to decide who trumped them. FKT
  11. Fast "safe" boat....

    You say that like you think there's some sort of problem. Fact is, we *like* it that way. It keeps the riff-raff in the Northern Hemisphere and not polluting our anchorages with their presence. FKT
  12. Yeah that's the one my friend's cousin has. It's probably fine for sailing on the Gippsland lakes. Limited areas and shoal so it's not like you can really go anywhere. FKT
  13. South Africa headed to economic implosion?

    I don't know enough about the back story for LA but as I said I grew up in Sydney and at one stage 30+ years back I was one of the people running the surface water database system with all the stream gauging records going back into the 1800's. That department had very competent engineers and scientists looking at projected water demand etc. Sydney's water supply is getting a bit marginal if there's another multi-year drought, I'd agree rationing will be back, but given enough political will & cheap energy it's something that can be managed. Except we're pissing away our cheap & reliable energy. OTOH the price of PV panels seems to have taken another hit and desal might well be one of those things that isn't totally time-dependent, so - I dunno. Fortunately these days I live in Tasmania and have my own water supply - 50 tonnes of it in a concrete tank under my house fed off of the house roof, and I still have 200+ square metres of workshop roof to use if I need it. FKT
  14. Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    Yes, I recall reading it in a Heinlein story more years ago than I care to contemplate. FKT
  15. South Africa headed to economic implosion?

    Well, speaking as a former Sydney resident, the Govt actually would have (and did) put in place a contingency for this in the form of a desalination plant. As it has turned out, *so far* it hasn't been necessary, but I really sincerely doubt any govt in Australia would have allowed a city to run out of water like the Day Zero scenario. And I have a very low regard for politicians, but they have a high regard for their hold on public office, so one can trust in their own self-interest. I suspect the people making the decisions in SA simply are untouchable and therefore weren't going to wear the consequences. Which is a failure of governance. Or - the city population has so far outstripped infrastructure that they're fucked and going to stay fucked. FKT