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  1. mass beatings, rape and murder

    It's a no-win regardless of how you look at it. WW2 pretty clearly demonstrated the extent an oppressor was prepared to go to but still not manage to completely cow the population. 10 for 1 massacres, slaughtering whole villages - no way we're going there and it still didn't work. Yet good intentions at the start could easily lead there. Things have gotten a lot worse WRT asymmetric warfare since then. I've got to the 'pox on the lot of them' point these days. If your country is a shit-hole, don't blame it on anyone except your fellow citizens. I'm not supporting outsiders fixing your problems for you, do it yourself. The Australian effort in the Solomon Islands is a rare exception where things worked out reasonably well - so far - but that was because the tribal fighting over the spoils between the Guadalcanal people and the Malaitans had gotten to the point where an outside party independent of both was welcomed - broadly - by all parties. Meli has it right, we could and should refuse to deal with governments & people who engage in systematic exploitation/abuse of women. There are places & groups of people I won't have anything to do with in any way. Where she loses the plot completely is talking about "the world" taking action. Never going to happen. Waste of time. The UN is even worse a joke, all you have to do is look at the countries on the Human Rights protection committee. FKT
  2. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    The TELEPORT people are done & moved onto other things. SV SEEKER - well, that boat isn't even wet yet. Might be a while in the finishing too. Ditto ARABELLA and a couple other build vlogs. Don't follow most of the others, wasn't even aware of their existence. Kind of lost interest in the RAN Sailing couple since they got to the Caribbean. Got no time at all for the DELOS or VAGABONDE people. FKT
  3. mass beatings, rape and murder

    The British managed it in places like Yemen between the 2 big wars. They simply bombed the tribal villages that got out of hand & went off raiding the other villages. After a while they'd trained the village leaders to come & complain to the British Resident instead of launching retaliation raids. Can't remember the book title but Freya Stark recorded this during her travels. Note the very, very large power imbalance and the collective punishment aspects. Meli would *never* agree with this as a policy though, any more than she would Australia forcibly removing Aboriginal children from abusive situations and adopting them out. Better to put them in another situation of abuse so as to preserve the cultural identity. Friend of mine's son was a doctor who spent a couple years working in those communities. What he tells isn't pretty. FKT
  4. mass beatings, rape and murder

    Is that where everyone links hands and sings 'Kumbaya My Lord'......? FKT
  5. mass beatings, rape and murder

    Will you get it through your head that THERE IS NO "THE WORLD"? There is no consensus. There isn't going to be any consensus. Agree that in many places women get the shitty end of the stick. Some places it's utterly part of the culture - pretty much every Islamic state comes to mind. Other places it's partially cultural - India & China. Western world Enlightenment countries, by & large at the margins. So you need to pick your targets a bit more selectively. I prefer to deal with issues here at home where we control the laws and can change them. You want to hope that things locally will improve once 'the world' cleans up it's act. There's a technical term for your belief system. 'Pollyanna thinking'. FKT
  6. mass beatings, rape and murder

    There is no "the world". What exists is a bunch of countries with radically different philosophies. A lot don't give a damn about your concerns. I don't give a damn about many of them and I'm another Australian. Happens I do care quite a lot about the abuse and repression of women though. As to whether sanctions caused the collapse of apartheid, debatable. Might by the same logic also led to the collapse of the Rhodesian Government and that worked out spectacularly well, didn't it? Zimbabwe doesn't even have its own currency these days. Can't feed its own population. Mashona abuse of the Matabele. Which is pretty typical of Africa all over really - tribalism over nation-state. If we stopped trading with India, how about China, too? What's your position on the 1 child policy and forced late term abortions? I'd start with doing something about problems right here in Australia - take a look at the sexual abuse of Aboriginal children by other Aboriginals in Roebourne and other remote communities. But no - we can't do that because of politics - couldn't admit that we really need to jail a lot more men and take the children permanently off of a lot more women and adopt them out. People like you would be howling 'genocide' all over again. So - propose something that has some chance of working and I'll consider it. Otherwise this is just another example of 'woe is me/them' on an internet forum and I'll treat it as a bit of light entertainment. FKT
  7. mass beatings, rape and murder

    I'm interested in things that work - I'm a scientist/engineer not a liberal arts type. So far what you propose won't work. As for trade as a (mis)use of power - go for it. See what happens next. Supplying the women with pistols and a free pass to shoot one man per year would be a lot more effective IMO. FKT
  8. mass beatings, rape and murder

    I meant ruthless *summary* execution none of this long-drawn trials etc. First you have to catch them so what's your position on re-colonisation then? FKT
  9. mass beatings, rape and murder

    Rape and murder in war has been happening just as long as war has been going on. Not that I don't care, I see no effective way of dealing with this situation. The few things that might have some effect, like forcible re-colonisation and ruthless execution of perpetrators, would have people like you screaming to the skies. BTW that's how the British terminated suttee when they ruled India. FKT
  10. mass beatings, rape and murder

    Yeah but they're absolutely first class at breaking things. FKT
  11. mass beatings, rape and murder

    You seem to forget that Saudi Arabia has the oil. The USA isn't going to piss of their great & good friend no matter how long they disenfranchise 50% of the population. FKT
  12. The big swinging dick problem

    I've added to my mooring empire down here. I think one of them has enough swing room for your boat if you get this far south. Friends of mine cleared into Bundaberg yesterday from New Caledonia. I think they'll be heading down to Brisbane shortly. They did Hobart-Nelson a couple years back. FKT
  13. The big swinging dick problem

    Of course you can. I've lived in Australia almost all my life and I've never been to a cricket match of any sort, ever. Haven't been to the footy (any variety) since I was 16. Organised gambling and big team sports (but I repeat myself) simply have no appeal to me. FKT
  14. The big swinging dick problem

    Sure - if you have bland taste buds. It's the dark chokkie Tim Tams or none around here.... FKT
  15. Have Torqueedo Outboards Come of Age Yet

    This. People far more skilled in building boat stuff than Dylan have tried this and failed. I actually can't see a lot of space on that hull to fit outboards anyway, not without some engineering to deal with the rudder issue. Also if only running on one engine at a draw of 25A/hour, you'll need 300W of solar at optimum to replace that in the same amount of time - ie 1 hour running equals 1 hour to recharge. The long days are not really that relevant - we have long days here in summer (not as long) and the solar gain in the early periods is bugger-all unless you align the panels to the sun, in which case it's a fraction more than bugger-all. The man making the 'Cruising the Cut' vlogs on YouTube has some figures on solar gain in England, it's not great and he has a *lot* more cabin top area to play with. I think a 250 amp 12V panel takes up about 1.2m x 0.5m of space. Probably need 4 of them. IMO it'd make far more sense to couple a 5HP 240V 3 phase motor to the existing prop shaft, hook it to a variable frequency drive and a big inverter. At least all that stuff would be out of the weather and driving a prop set well down in the water. I still wouldn't do it myself though because the energy density of current batteries sucks and so does the recharge time (ignoring lithium batteries) plus the need for a generator to actually recharge in a realistic time frame. FKT